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  1. Hello modellers! Today i'd like to introduce you all a Mercedes Benz NG 2032 with a 20ft tank container, what i build in 2005. The base is a Revell 1/25 kit from the early 80s and i made a complete modefication of this standard tractor. First i had to change the roof to a higher roof, instead of the flat roof from the kit. As you can see, the cabine is reduced to a half sleeper, the chassis changed to a 6x4/2, the engine modefied from a V8 to a V10 and some extra details on and inside the cabine. The trailer is a CNC kit and is modefied to a Pacton trailer, the rims are 3D printed and as last but not least, the tank container is 100% scratchbuild. The tank is water tight and can really be filled and emptied. First i will show you some pictures of the building proces and at the end, afcourse the complete rig. I hope you find this an interesting vintage rig from the late 70s. Hermann.
  2. The M972 Flatbed/w Excavator

    And another Top job what you presenting here! You're weathering skills are fabulous and well executed. I love your style of modeling. Hermann.
  3. Great build and nice paint job. For a first big rig build it looks very good. Hermann.
  4. International Paystar 5000 Cement Mixer

    Very nice build, and i love the colours. Great job! Hermann.
  5. TAT 2018 TMC Peterbilt with Mercury bunk house

    Great Pete Kerry, also the colours are well choosen. Hermann.
  6. Trailer with loaded steel coil

    Perfect, absolute perfect work what u showing here, even the bend in the step of the ladder and weathering, looks very real to me. Top job! Hermann.
  7. 2010 Mitsubishi FUSO 'Super-Great FU' Reefer

    Great truck and a great model. I like these Aoshima kits, beautiful models in a very good quality. The busses are also very awesome, especially the last one. Thank you for sharing. Hermann.
  8. MB Actros MP2, MP3 Lowliner

    Darren and Anders, thank you for the nice comments! Hermann.
  9. MB Eurocab 2544 with 20" Flat Rack Container

    Bruce and TJ, thanks for the enthusiastic reactions! Hermann.
  10. MB Actros 2544 Sideloader with Reefer container

    Thank you for the nice comments guys and liking this model! Hermann
  11. MB Eurocab 1424 Volume Transporter

    Hello gents, thanks for the nice comments. Pat, your Dutch is perfect! Hermann.
  12. Goodwrench Chevrolet Lumina 1/10

    Hello Nascar fans! Maybye it's a nice idea to share my nascar in scale 1/10 what is made out of brass and a sheet of tin. I made this model about 20 or 22 years ago, when soldering with metal was still an experimental phase for me. At that time we, in the Netherlands, could still follow nascar by the tv channel Eurosport, but after a couple of years Nascar was gone behind a payed channel. That was also the time i get enthusiastic for this kind of motorsport and therefore i bought some monogram nascar kits. After a few kits i want to give it a try to make big scale models with metal, and the first one was this nascar from the big legend. As an example I took a monogram kit in scale 1/25, and have this one pumped up to the scale 1/10. Everything is made out of metal, also the whole body. The engine can be disassembled in parts, crankcase, valve covers, manifolds and air filter. Also the axlesand tyres can be dissembled in parts because everything is fixed with bolts and nuts. The tyres and rims are bought in that time and the advertising stickers were ordered in America through a modeling and die cast store in the Netherlands. For this model i used a lot of materials for finnishing, because there were no parts available in this scale, and the internet was at a very low level at that time, computers were then still a luxury . I hope that you can appreciate this model, even though it was a first shot with metal, everything is hand made and therefore may not be completely accurate. Hermann.
  13. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    or mountain view!
  14. Marmon coe Topsleeper

    Hello everybody, Thanks for theenthusiastic comments gentlemen! Today i show some progress on this Marmon. The Topsleeper is done now, except the blue paint afcourse hahahah. Everything is closed put some curtains in it and put the sleeper in the primer. After this i was looking again to the engine. The radiator has to be modefied, but it was a digfficult situation with the pipes for the aircleaner and turbo. After some investigation of the pictures i have, i didn't see an airclaener on the side of the chassis. With this straight truck there is no aircleaner on the chassis, so i had to make this in another way for the air supply. This time i choose the situation of the Freightliner, get some parts from the kit i needed, duplicate the parts with styrene and the problem has been solved. On the web i found some pictures of a Freightliner chassis with a cummins engine for sale, and this was the exact situation that i have now on this model. Also the colours of the radiator and airbox are shown, so that i can paint everything in the right colours or in any case a good approach. Than after waiting for the Punch & Die for delivery, for making the rivets, i started with the first cabine part. I took the size of the rivets from the AMT Freightliner and saw that these rivets are 0,6mm and from rivet to rivet the distance was 3mm. First i show u the tools for this detail work.... And the result of the first rivets what i smashed out of 0,25mm thick styrene.... Ok guys, the start has been made, and that's how I first finish all the cabin parts, before i glue all the cabine parts together. To be continued! Hermann.
  15. MB New Actros Lowliner

    Thank u guys, for the nice comments! Im not a truck driver, far from that hahahaha, but i get the info from the internet, and from a guy who works in the factory of Mercedes Benz in Worth. He is also a modeler on a modelling forum in Germany and has a lot of valuable information. Drawings that i get from him are for personal use, because this is actually factory property, but we have a good relationship of trust so that i'm able to use them for my Mercedes models. Hermann.