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  1. Hello everyone, For an ongoing scratch project, a Fuso Super Great Airport Catering truck, I added a Toyota Hiace service bus from the Jal group. This is a Toyota Hiace from Aoshima in 1/24. Ultimately, this is a normal standard bus with the very thin vinyl Jal stickers from miniatuurreclame.nl Hope you like this one, enjoy watching. Hermann.
  2. Ah Richard, that isa part of the air system, a dryer or something. Thank you Kilrathy. Yes guys, today a small update. In the meantime I ordered vinyl stickers from miniature Reclame.nl. These are very thin stickers, where the letters are separate, so no transparency between the letters. This benefits the quality and simulates reality very well. To make this project more fun or interesting, I added a JAL service bus. This is a Toyota Hiace from Aoshima, and I made this as a standard rental bus, where these advertising stickers are also made at miniatuurreclame.nl I hope you all like this addition to this project. Hermann.
  3. Thank you guys, for your comments and compliments! Yeah, just the last few time consuming things, and then it will be shown in the galery. I'm waiting for the 2nd set of IFTA permits from Jerry, the sheet I have only had single decals, not double ones, so I ordered this set again. Hermann.
  4. Nice project Brian, and with the idea at last picture, it looks awesome to me. Hermann.
  5. Great build with a lot of beautiful details. And yeah, it is interesting to put the 2 builds in 1 topic, I did this before with 2 Actros trucks, it saved me also time, and could I use this for building time. For us, it is interesting to see the differences and similarities between these 2 builds. Hermann
  6. That is a very nice project JT, hope you will start soon. Hermann.
  7. Very nice build! So, now we all step in and head to Woodstock.? Hermann.
  8. Thank you for the nice comments, compliments and liking this "common" Toyota guys!? Hermann.
  9. A really great outcome, love the small details! Hermann.
  10. Thank you JT! Yeah guys, after a long absence, i continued with this FLB, there are still small things to be done before we can make the final pictures. In the main time I worked on the decals and the mirrors. The brackets for the mirrors are attached and now I only have to attach the mirrors which can be adjusted and the frames can be totally flipped to the cab. The handle bars are now also partly present, and I only need to make 2 hand bars at the rear fenders, and 2 small ones above the storage compartment on each side of the cab. But first things first....after a lot of decal work and some little striping, the cab starts to get a different look. Yeah guys, now I have to bring this one to the finish line! Hermann.
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