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  1. Hello everybody, Thansk for the nice comments guys! Yep, today it's the last update about the contsruction of this project. The windscreen wipers, antenna and the lower grill and air horns are now made, painted and the Wipers and antenna are attached to the cabin. With the undergrill and the air horns i am still working on it with the Molotow Chrome marker. For the air horns, i modified the parts from the latest 1/24 FLC-kit, the tubes have been reused, on which I have made 2 new front housings, which are made on a 1/25 scale. The delicate job of wipers...... The antenna what i made from a 0.4mm metal wire..... And the delicate work of the lower grill, which is now silver painted and placed loosely on the bumper for the looks..... Yes gentlemen, just the last few things and then it's done with this one. Hermann.
  2. Great project and very well executed, you got me with the water bottle, briljant detail! Hahahaha, yep... that's why I have a laminate floor, almost everything has been found back so far but you have to listen carefully where the part ends up.😄 Hermann
  3. Absolutely fabulous, the build, the tires and afcourse....the colours! Hermann.
  4. Good to be back, the modeule looks awesome. you have cut out the windows very precisely, great job. Hermann.
  5. Thansk for the nice and enthusiastic comments guys! Hermann.
  6. Hello gents, Today I will show you the progress of the chassis. To start with, I made the plug connections for the wiring of the rear brakes from small, very small and very very small parts. I had to be careful in terms of space, because the battery box fits very short on the rear axle, and therefore there is little space. Whatever the case, it all worked out well in the end. After this detail job i sprayed the whole chassis in a black primer. This black primer is a good base for the dark grey colour, what will be used after the wiring is attached. Let's go see the pictures ...😉 Then the rods for the electronic height adjustment of the air suspension that keep the chassis at the correct height when weight of the trailer is added. And the whole chassis in the black primer ...... That suddenly looks very different, instead of the white styrene. The next job is installing the wiring. That was it for today. Hermann.
  7. Great work, if this one is your first truck, than i already look forward for the 2nd one. Hermann.
  8. You did a great job Brian! De details are awesome and look real. The different tires, rims and the 3th axle with the small wheels, are great details on this truck, and especially shows that this is a workhorse. I also find the tipper with the dents very convincing, all in all a great model! Hermann.
  9. Hello gents, First of all, thanks for the nice comments guys! The small lights, steps, and the 3 license plates are also attached, I still doubted about the lights, but I finally i decided to attach them in the openings of the bumper .... luckily. As far as the colors are concerned, I decided to spray the silver band on it, a completely black bumper gave such a big black spot under the cabin, and the bumper fell away due to its black color, so at the end, it became to a lot of masking. The silver comes back to the tanks, and with this I found the whole more consistent. The final judgment is up to you. 😉 And with the paintjob.... Yes, gentlemen, now that the bumper is attached, I believe that the sun visor actually does not really fit to this model, i had this just fitting, but found it in terms of looks more detrimental than doing well, this completely personal of course. Good gentlemen, now i have to make the lower grill, an antenna and 2 windscreen wipers, and then it's done with this "retro" Freightliner. See you next round! And as last, a nice "retro" photo. Hermann.
  10. Great build and paintjob. Hermann.
  11. Awesome build, especially the paintjob and the choosen colours make it excellent. Hermann.
  12. Great model and very nice colour scheme. Hermann.
  13. Great outcome Geoffrey. You put a lot of work in this scratch build cabine, but the result is awesome. Hermann.
  14. Wonderfull rig, the colour scheme is awesome. Hermann.
  15. Good start Vince, looking for more. Nice to see small scale modeling. Hermann.
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