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  1. First of all, thank you for the nice comments and interest in this project guys! Yes Peter, you are absolutely right, but it didn't pay attention to it....."yet", later i was just checking which tires fit this truck the most, and I ended up with the Italeri truck tires. At the first i thought the AMT tires from the Freightliner kit would do the job, but I was still not satisfied, then the Kenworth tires from the Papa Truck, and still not really wow. With these tires that I have mounted now I think it is the best fit with this truck. Ok guys, the first part of the wiring is done.... Then the warning plates on the Under Ride Protection bar and I painted the rubber at the end of the big step in a rubber looking paint, which is done with Revell black-anthracite nr.9. Then the new tires, which I think it will fit this truck the most. As you all can see, the scissor lift is also in a black gloss paint and is already mounted on the chassis. It is not a spectacular update, but slowly this Fuso will grow. That's it for today and see you next round! Source Hermann.
  2. The first pop looks great, and with these awesome colors it really fit the truck. A really great and sweet looking truck. Hermann.
  3. Nice build James. Too bad that you didn't take some more pictures. Hermann.
  4. Completely clean or not, the result is awesome, the conversion to a day cab, the details and especially the paint job, I really love the colors. You did a great job.....again Brian! Hermann.
  5. Hello everyone, Today the next paint job on the support legs. For this Fuso, the support legs had to be yellow with red outrigger pads. After I removed all the masking material, I put the rubber tubes, connected to cocktail sticks to stretch the opening of the tubes, in hot water to make them soft and stretchable. Now it's very easy to connect the tubes to the bras wires. After cooling off, these tubes will be sitting tight around the brass wire. Then attach the warning flashers on the small supports of the support legs. These transparent parts are painted with Tamiya Clear orange. The exhaust pot with the first part of the exhaust-pipe that is made of 4mm aluminum tube. And the rear.... Well guys, the next job is the wiring job. That's it for today and see you next round! Hermann.
  6. Thank you guys! Well chucky, at the moment I waiting for the cab decals from Jerry, and for this cab i wanted to have a common "American" color from that period of time, and have some freedom with colors and not pin myself to corporate colors. Hermann.
  7. Thank you for these kind words, I appreciate this ! Hermann.
  8. Awesome and very detailed builds! Thank you for showing. Hermann
  9. Very nice rig, the trailer make it all complete. Hermann.
  10. A very nice and beautiful Kenny what you presenting here. Great paint job, love the colors. Hermann.
  11. Great rig Tom and the color scheme looks great! Hermann.
  12. Really nice project, and the color scheme is awesome. The damages on the bumper is a very nice detail. Hermann.
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