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  1. Also a nice one. Or this sushi truck...... source: scale model Hermann
  2. Great model of a great subject. I like the sci-fi or sci-fi post apocalyptic art, of this genre Simon Stålenhag is one of my favorite artist. His art contains various hover vehicles, mixed with normal retro vehicles. I always find it fun and interesting to see these types of vehicles. Hope to see more of it. Hermann.
  3. I'm always impressed by your high standard builds Jürgen. This one also contributes to this, and again a beautiful combi which is made with the greatest precision. Hermann.
  4. And another diamond Charles. I'm really touched by the firehoses, they really look real. Hermann.
  5. Nice job, I really like to see these old tractors, new or weathered. Hermann.
  6. Really nice job of an old Hollywood icon. Hermann.
  7. Flawless! Only 1 advice, take nice outdoor photos with a nice background and you would think this is a real one. Great job. Hermann.
  8. Nice subject and out of the ordinary. I hope to see more of that. Hermann.
  9. Absolutely fabulous, you really catched the era. Are these decals under a clear coat, or is this really special paint? Hermann.
  10. A very nice outcome of a nice kit. I Know these kits and when I look at your Suzuki, I realize I have the same kit, only as a panel truck. On the load box there are all the holes and shapes for the flags and vending glass, and as an additional in this kit, there are small plates to cover all this stuff for a panel conversion. So the base is exactly the same as the food truck.....funny. Besides this, do you have also the other food trucks, it is a really nice to have the whole collection together. Hermann.
  11. Great work, the coca cola vending machine also looks very convincing. Hermann.
  12. I checked this topic Dan, I did't know this car, but very nice to see that you made this "outsider". Thank you TJ. Thank you for stopping by and liking this Toyota Jürgen. I'm really looking forward for your next sratch build, the 1936 MAN F 4 truck. Hermann.
  13. That is indeed a beautiful model. It takes a lot of time to do this, especially if you want to make this as realistic as possible. In this case, you have absolutely succeeded.👍 Hermann.
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