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  1. Beautiful and flawless, the choise of colours is wonderful. Hermann.
  2. Wow, that is really a nice one, both as a model and as a scale model, in both cases you hardly see them. Beautifully set in scene. Hermann.
  3. Look great, i like also the small details like the broken rear window. Hermann.
  4. Nice subject and a very nice model, i like it. Hermann.
  5. Hello guys, Thank you for all the nice comments and interest guys! For the viewers, thanks for the interest! In the meantime, now the FLA is almost finished, I made here also some progress. The most time consuming work, is the rivet job all around the cabin. For the moment, the rear wall is almost done with the new rivets, only the upper row on the upper side of the wall has to be completed. This time i use 0.5mm rivets instead of 0.6mm, i noticed already that the 0.5mm is more in scale with this 1/25 cabin. Also the hole for the light in the rear wall is widened because it was a little too small, and for the detail i made a housing ring out of polished aluminum. I started already with smoothen the right side of the cabine and start the first rivets in the upper part. The door of the storage cupboard is placed further to the rear, as well as the aeration cover in the upper part. With superglue I filled up the seam of the old aerator and sanded it smooth, put some putty on to be sure it is really smooth. The wheel arches is given a little more body in the upper section, right has to be sanded and left is already done. The chassis is also shortened with 15mm and the location of the battery determined from reference photos. The larger tanks that were in the first instance for the FLA, are now used for this FLB. I ordered a metal front axle from KFS and it will be used with this FLB chassis. And the progress so far. To be continued. Hermann.
  6. Today i show you a small update but, mayby a interesting one. After a lot of detailed work, the mirrors are now ready. First neatly chrome the mirrors with a molotow chrome marker, and the mirrors themselves with pieces of BMF. Then i glued the supports on the doors with a little bit of Bison Kit, because this glue is really wonderful for this kind of details, and then i put the small brass pins into the holes of the supports, without gluing them. And then....... Yes, never no problems with accidentally knocking off the mirrors, with a stupid movement, or with transport to and from a modelshow. And a picture just for fun. Ok guys, what remains now are the bumper, the wipers and the air horns. To be continued. Hermann.
  7. The trailer look awesome, very nice weathering, not too much and not too little, just perfect. Hermann.
  8. Very nice build and great pictures! Hermann.
  9. Nice build, i also like the colour. Hermann.
  10. I've followed your topic and the end result is beautiful, just like the real one. Great job! In your Topic you mention M&R Wheels, maybe you can provide the whole link, because it is hard to find it. Hermann.
  11. Beautiful model Jürgen, your models and details are always of a high standard. Hermann.
  12. Great Pete, the decals and the choise of colours are also awesome. Hermann.
  13. And we continue! For this cabine i had to renew the steps, the old ones are a little too small in lenght. Things like this just happen when you don't have much info, but it's not a limitation. This also applies to the sky, after watching some other pictures of other Marmons, i found out that they all have turbo's. For this Marmon i changed the engine also to a turbo version and saw that the space for the exhaust pipe was much better in this way. Ok, than make the bends and made them wit a piece of a sprue and make the ribs with 0,25mm x 0,5mm styrene strips. Then make a new airfilter and attach this to the chassis an painted already the airpipe. The batterybox is part of another kit and attach this to the right spot, what i saw on the real Magnavan. And afcourse the steps for this cabine. I made them in one piece, so that the attaching will be more easy. Than the metal parts for the steps..... and with a tape i attached them on the cabine for the looks. With bare metal foil i made the chrome details on the cabine. Thats all folks, see you next round. Hermann.
  14. Yes Vince, i used the Molotow Chrome pen, but didn't use any clear coats. In many forums i read that it is very hard to get a good clear coat on this chrome, without the chrome reacting to the clear coat. On the other hand, i think it don't need a clear coat because on my other finished models, it stays nice and shiny chrome at a long time. Today the progress of the small details on the cab. For the mirrors, i used the mirrors from the kit and modified them, made out of round styrene 2 new brackets for the mirrors and modified the supports like it is on the real Freightliner, and whit this modification i have a better glue contact with the cabin. The brass shafts will be cut later, and the upper- and the lower side will be attached in the supports on the cabine, just put the brass pins inside the holes of the supports that are already glued on the cabine. Then detailing the steps with a mesh of CTM and cut out these steps for a better detail, painted the small door windows black, attach the handle bars on the cabine and on the inside of the fenders and for a better look, I have re-edited the chrome edges under the door. Next job are the wipers, the bumper and the small grill above the bumper. To be continued. Hermann.
  15. Yep, and 2 blue fingers. lol Ok guys, the brass connectors of the trailer cables, and the grill are now also completed. On the grill I have glued the 66 pieces of small styrene strips, 0,5mm x 0.5 mm x 10 mm , to the main strips of the grill. After this job i made the grill chrome with a chrome marker and added a CTM Freightliner emblem , what was first blackened, and then later the paint, on the higher surface, was scratched away. And an overall picture so far .... Ok guys, thats it for today is till the next round! Hermann.
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