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  1. Wonderfull, what catches me is the rusted rim, i did that also on my 20ft container trailer, it's an awesome detail.😎 Also good that you have taken outdoor pictures, gives the weathering the realistic look it deserves. Hermann.
  2. Great and clean model and i really love the color scheme.😎 Hermann.
  3. Thank you for the nice comment Pat. Then you can give me some lessons for how to make a dio.😊 Hermann.
  4. Hello everyone, Thanks for the nice comments guys! Yep, today another progress and a few new insights regarding certain details. Fisrt of all, i renewed the sbrackets of the the air tanks, and attach the grey air tanks. After this job i modified the cabine supports what is attached to the chassis. With some detail pictures from Purple Wave Auctions, I had a clear view of what these supports looked like. These supports are 2 mm higher, which means that 2 mm must be removed from the cabin. The red arrows are from the FLB and the yellow are the from another FLA conversion. Here you can see the difference in height. The front axle is now also attached and i used the brake drums from the Revell Marmon kit, what is actually a Peterbilt. I also use the engine from this kit, and modifie this one into a newer version of the Cummins for the FLB. The new insight with regard to the FLA FSBA is that this time I cut the storage compartments out of the side walls. The doors of the storage compartments are at the same level as the door frame around the doors. With these photos you can also see that the rivet work is in full swing. Later I will glue the door frames with 1mm x 0.5 mm styrene strips into the cutted holes. And the rivetting on the front, here I just have to attach the rivets on the top and bottom of the windshield and then the front is done. Then a handy tip, at the doors it was not completely smooth, with the closing of the seam. Now that the rivets are done, sanding is a difficult job .......or not? I glued a piece of a waterproof sandpaper on a 1mm thick styrene piece, let it hardened and made a mini sanding pad in this way. In this way, you can make any shape you want and with the 1mm thickness you dont have to worry for bending the piece. If you want to really be sure, you can make it 2mm thick.😉 Now it was a easy job to sand the part what was filled with Tamiya putty, without damaging the rivets and an even surface. The result.......absolutely smooth! Ok guys, that was it for today and see you next time. Hermann.
  5. Very nice project, and i like the modifications and details. Hermann.
  6. You may be right, I am not sure exactly how the situation was at that time. Indeed, and often the decals at Revell are more extensive and, in my opinion, also nicer. In some cases the Revell kits are also priced more competitively than those from Italeri, at least in our region . Hermann.
  7. In my opinion, I find it unbelievable that this old Revell trailer fom the 80's has been re-released. Source What I also find a bit strange is that this trailer was originally a 1/25 scale, and now with this re-issue, as a 1/24 get sold. This scale 1/25 was intended for the 1/25 European trucks, like the Revell Volvo Globetrotter and the Mercedes Benz 1628, both also from the 80's. Anyway, the modified examples that I see here in this topic look a lot better than the old-fashioned axle spread, which we no longer have here in Europe for ages. Hermann.
  8. Despite the setbacks and in my opinion, not the most beautiful KW, you show us here a very well built model. Hermann.
  9. James, DJ, Andre and Geoffrey, thanks for the nice compliments and liking this euro truck. Hermann.
  10. Tom and Chris, thanks for the nice comments and liking this model. Hermann.
  11. Sorry for the late replay Pat, but the rain cover is from the CTM Freightliner PE set. Hermann.
  12. Hello everyone, Now the Lowliner is finished, it's time to continue with the other projects. Today i kick off with this one! Since the cabin was made a few years ago, and I didn't know at that time it would be a cairport catering truck, I now had to revise the roof a bit. This means that i had to cut a hole in the roof and make a roofwindow above the driverseat. This window is for the driver to see, if he dont touch the cateringbox to the fusalage of the airplane. The transparent part is from a roof hatch out of an Actros MP1, MP2 or a MP3 kit. And a strip on the side of the roof, I'm not really sure what this strip is for, but later there must be a ladder attached on the driver side of the cabin, so I think this is for standing. And the start of the front leaf springs of the front axle, the steering pump is from a Actros kit. To be continued. Hermann
  13. The first thing that came to mind was, WOW! Hermann.
  14. Nice prologue to a nice photo reportage of a successful model! Hermann.
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