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  1. Kids today...

    Here is another one for kids today.....
  2. Freightliner FLA (fsba) 1/25

    And we continue! Perry, Andre, Brian and Richard, thanks for the comments! Thank you Richard, i do my best to achive that.. Yep gents, today i show you the progress on the cabin what is intended for Koos. Here also a lot of work and the cabin don't leave the table until it's good and smooth. Today i show you the rivetting of this cabin, first of all, the tool and the box with 300 rivets...........yep, i counted them. Than the rivetting it self..... The cabin was completely sanded, and therefore the edges of the storage compartments have to be made again. For this I made a mold and glued it to the cabin with wood glue , wood glue is a good temporary hold, does not affect the plastic, is easy to remove and clean when the job is done. Then the result of many hours of a patient job, the grill....... And finally, all loose parts for Koos, neatly in a bag. He is very eager to start with this truck. so at this moment, this cabin has the priority, and it would be fun to finnish both this duo build at the same time. Thats all folks! See you next round! Hermann
  3. BRBO 2019 Mack R

    Nice Mack with a nice colour, just a work horse, i like this kind of builds. Hermann.
  4. 1/87 Autocar with Sealand container

    Nice rig, and with this scale you can make a nice dio indeed. Hermann.
  5. 1/87 GMC Crackerbox A&H Truck Lines

    Very nice, i like it also. Hermann.
  6. Freightliner FLB 1/25 AMT conversion

    Thank you guys, for the nice comments and welcoming this FLB! Yes Chucky, the additional air spring set that is included in the last 1/24 FLD kit is suitable for this scale, "if " you cut off the cross bars of the airsprings, because these are too wide. The normal airsuspension set with the big air sacks are too big for this 1/25 scale. This additional airspring set is intended for another Freightliner conversion. The rivets will be made with a Punch & Die set, i have to smasch every single rivet out of a 0,25mm thick styrene strip. At some pictures you can see the first rivets in the front of the cabine. How it looks after all is done, you can see in my FLA FSBA 1/25 topic. Then just 2 more pictures, this shows that the rivets, and some things were cast here that no longer belong to this version, are all sanded away from the rear, and later will be renewed by new rivets. For this rivetting I have some good reference pictures. And on the other side i drill a hole, put a brass tube for a light housing, so that this later becomes a nice light. Ok guys, thats it for today, and see you next time. Hermann.
  7. Movin’ On Kenworth Restoration

    A hell of a job to strip and clean everything, but the progress on first pictures looking good. Hermann.
  8. 1/43 1971 Peterbilt 359 Watkins Motor Lines

    Looking really good, the red color of your chassis looks good. Hermann.
  9. 1/87 FL COE Western cow chow power 🐮

    Very nice project Vince, and i'm very surprised how detailed this truck is in this small scale. Apart from that, I find it very admirable that you can still put more details into it. Keep up the good work! Hermann.
  10. Hi guys, I have to admit I couldn't wait any longer, but today i start a new topic of an another AMT Freightliner conversion. The inspiration came from Hanks Truck Pictures and i really liked to build this one.... Source; Hank Truck Pictures. It will be the smaller cabin version and the chassis will approach the real version as much as possible. The source for the chassis info comes from the auction site; Purple Wave. Here you find a lot of detail pictures of the chassis, engine, interior and other stuff from this and many other Freightliners, and afcourse also other trucks. OK, we start to modify the chassis into an air suspension on the rear axles. For this I use the Peterbilt air suspension, and cut it from the peterbilt chassis, sand it to the right thickness, and attach them on the Freightliner chassis. The trusses of the kit will be used, these wide crossbeams from the AMT kit are narrowed and reused for this chassis. After a lot of sanding and gluing, scratching extra crossbeams and air reservoirs, this is the result. Then the next job is to modify the exhaust tower, the tilt-pump for the cabin comes again on this tower, and on the other side a small tower on which the connections of trailer cables will be attached. Then the conversion of the cabin. I know this FLB cabin is also available in resin, but making it myself is more fun for me to do. First of all, we start with the sides with the wheel arches and the front grill. Than the headlighjts and the grill..... And glue the wheel arches on the cabine and cut the foot steps out. The outer headlights are deepened because they are in the curve of side of the cabin. As everybody can see, all the rivetting will be renewed, just like with the other Freighjtliner. Than at last, the steps under the door and a rubber around the small window door. This small window is also modified because it has to be a little wider and more straight instead of the old Freightliners. The floor plate and the interior will be completely scratchbuild, because this is a much newer type. Seats will be used from the Peterbilt or Freightliner FLD kit, i'm not sure yet but I'll look at that later. Ok guys, thats it for today. See you later! Hermann.
  11. Redo of Aurora's '53 Ford F800 and Bay City power shovel

    Absolutely beautiful! For me, the rims are really stand out, perfect build in this small scale. Hermann.
  12. Freightliner COE

    Nice truck, i also like the colour scheme. Hermann.
  13. White Road Boss

    Great build of a great truck. Nice dio also. Hermann.
  14. MB New Actros Lowliner

    Thank you Tom! Hi gents, today i show you the progress of the cab. The last small details inside this cab are, some bookxs and a small box in the storage compartments of the inner roof, that i made before, small black curtains and a magazine in the storage compartment of the passenger door. And in the dark.... And the outside so far. The wiring of the lighting runs on the inside of the window interior post, to the bottom plate. From here, the wiring will later run along the chassis, and end up on the trailer connection bar. The external power supply can then be connected on these trailer couplings. Behind the windscreen you see the camera of the automatic brake assistant, or in other words, the ABA. With this system, this truck can brake itself on a dime, even fully loaded. This safety feature is a common in all the New Actros trucks. Well, gentlemen, this was it for today and see you next round! Source Hermann.
  15. Freightliner FLA (fsba) 1/25

    Hello gents! Yes Richard, i've got the the reissue and exchanged the Freightliner emblems already, thanks for the comment Today i show you the small progress on this Freighjtliner. First of all i modified the tiltpump for the cabine and put it on place on the exhaust tower. Than it's time for the grill and the small upper grill above the main one. First i had to modifie the hinges for the cabine, because i make this grill exactly like the reference pictures i have. With this conversion, the tilt support will be slightly higher placed, and that is why I made the tilt supports myself to the new situation. Then the grill itself, the grill grid is made out of 0.25mm x 0.5 mm styrene strips and glued them one by one. Than with a self made tool, i cut the smaller parts for the grill grid and glued them on the first strips, to get the real looks for this Freightliner grill. And how it looks on the cabine.... Looks totally different than the original parts of the kit. The duplicate is for Uncle Koos his Freightliner. I hope you find this an interesting update., see you next update! Hermann.