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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the additional models. I have so few from the 30's, I'll put them on my wishlist because I know someone is checking it this time of year. I do have have one of those Grand Sport Corvettes, I completely forgot I had it. I suppose I could make a resin copy of the engine. Bubba, I'm some what familiar with your town. I use to race at Nelson Ledges in the 70's, always stayed at the Warren Motor Lodge. That is the car I'm building. Track looks great now, but it was pretty rough back then, especially when it rained: mud everywhere. Sure do miss it.
  2. Thanks guys. I'll get the 1/25 engine from VCG, and I think I have that 37 Ford on a wish list on Model Round Up. Is it the Boyd Smoothster. It's going into a 1968 SCCA Corvette race car.
  3. I've been looking for a good 1/24 scale SBC engine, but can only find it in 1/25 scale. Probably couldn't swap out a chassis, but smaller parts like engines or wheels might work. I found the engines I need at VCG Resin, along with some other parts. It would sure save me a lot of aggravation if swapping will work. Any one doing that? .
  4. Very nicely done. This is an example of the race cars I still love to this day. Phil, you're inspiring me to get back to my workbench. If you have an interest in these old cars (which you apparently do) you may be interested it this site I found years ago. It's called 'Tam's Old Race Car Site' http://www.tamsoldracecarsite.net/ It's gotten a lot bigger over the years. Hundreds, if not thousands of photos.
  5. Well, yeah! that's a fact. I'm hopping for some good results with the new paint. Once I see that I'll probably be a convert. Rant away Dave. I actually learned a lot today. I spent a few hours going over several 'Paint' threads. I'm certainly not alone. I appreciate all the help, and will take all the advice shared. Thanks all.
  6. Oh man Dave your killing me! Just hit my cheapskate button.😁 Just so happens I have a nearly full can of Rust-oleum 2X Gloss Apple Red that was destine for the hazardous waste site next month. Thanks for the suggestion. I ordered some MCW enamel to try, with my limited experience I need to eliminate as many variables as I can. I took too big a bite of the sandwich with that Duplicolor experiment, and feel properly humbled. I will definitely try the rust-oleum once I gain some confidence with the airbrush.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Where to begin? You are right about just shooting the Duplicolor from the can, and will probably do so going forward This one had a nozzle I couldn't get clear so I thought 'why not'. I didn't thin it with anything, just used it as is. I used Duplicolor primer, and I sprayed at varying distances. When I got close it went on wet, but the spray pattern was like 3/8-1/2" stripes, still not very smooth, and I couldn't get a even application. Of course, a lot of this is just my complete lack of experience with an airbrush. I'm going to buy some actual hobby lacquer, and see if I get better results. Probably should learn to paint before experimenting. I suppose the cheapskate in me thought I could mix the Duplicolor and make my own custom colors, but I guess I was really getting ahead of myself.😄 I'm going to try the MCW line of enamels and lacquers. I would like to apply the Donn Yost method I got from his DVD. Now that Testor will be more and more difficult to find, I want to use a paint that will be around awhile: I hope. Sorry for the totally novice question about the Duplicolor. I've got 400 spoons, and will continue to practice.
  8. I've searched everywhere for and answer without any luck, so I'll just ask. A little background. I've sprayed Duplicolor from the can and got pretty good results. Then I noticed that some where decanting the rattle cans, and airbrushing it. So I tried it. That stuff goes on bone dry, and dusty. I'm using an Iwata Eclipses, with a .3 needle(thinking of going to the .5), at different pressures between 20 and 30 psi. I tried adding a bit more thinner, and it covers better, but still dry. I've been in and out of this hobby mostly because I've developed a real dislike for painting, but I'm back to try it again. If I could paint, I'd be having a great time building the 50 some odd models I've collected. Small collection I know, but more that enough for now. I bought Donns DVD, and will give the enamel a try, but holy BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH that stuff is expensive. In the mean time there must be a way to get this Duplicolor to go on right. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bill
  9. Thanks guys for this information. I'm going to try them all. I have some small diameter stainless steel wire I'll try making rings with. I'll order the photo etched parts, and metal rings later today. Thanks again
  10. That is a beautiful car, and really great craftsmanship.
  11. This is my first model car in more years than I can remember. It's a Minicraft TR3A snap kit that I want to turn into a production race car. Was moving along well until I got to making the gauges. I have my dash with the required holes, and the gauge decals, but I don't have a good idea on how to make the bezels. Any ideas on this would be really helpful.
  12. I'm retired, living in Ohio. I've worked as a mechanic, in customer service, and as a programmer. It always stuck me as odd that the job I liked the least (programming) paid the most, and the one I liked the most (mechanic) paid the least. I was active in SCCA club racing in the 70's so my interest are in sport/racing type cars, although I would put hot rods in there as well. It's been a very long time since I've done any modeling, but was pretty good at buying a nice supply of them over the years. I'm unfortunately cursed with the inability to just build anything out of the box, and always end up in the dark underbelly of 'scratch building' . On the up side I don't believe in wasting a lot of time re-inventing the wheel, and will seek out those with experience. My first project was to be a simple one. I have a TR3 snap kit that I wanted to build as a curbside SCCA production racer. The only thing I have left out of the box now is the body, and the under tray. I flared the fenders, put in a new interior, bought some mini lite looking wheels, but then I got stuck on what I hope will have some simple solutions. Been reading the forum, finding some great tips and models. Bill
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