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  1. Yep,,,I've used one for years
  2. 👍👍 Two thumbs up
  3. That's what I tried yesterday but the frame was so twisted from the factory it wouldn't line up.So I clamped it up on a flat piece of wood & put it in my dehydrator to flatten it out.Today I'll retry taping it to glass. Thanks
  4. I'm building a Tony Nancy 22jr dragster chassis for a Dodge Revellion project.I'm sure everyone knows how spindly this chassis is.I need suggestions on how to square/clamp this thing up.I appreciate an suggestions. * If I have this posted in the wrong forum please move it.
  5. Excellent build.I have one of these I've been working on for 2 yrs.This may get me motivated to finish mine.
  6. I'm an old van guy from the 70's so I think it's really cool👍
  7. Nice job ???,,,This is the best use of this body I've ever seen.I always thought Boyd's proportions were way off.
  8. I'd like to get one,but I'm a little afraid to preorder because it's been delayed several times.
  9. Best awb Nova I've seen.It generally looks too cartoonish,this one looks correct??
  10. Those Mr Unswitchables are tough to build.
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