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  1. This is an IXO 1/43 scale Berliet TB 15 tractor with lowboy trailer.


    As I remember Cat dozer and Autocar dump $29.95, 4X4 pick up $19.95 Coke themes $19.95 BUT the shelves are price naked no the kits so the kits might be on the wrong shelf.


    I was in a Walmart in Henderson, Nevada today and near the toy sections was free standing display of AMT model kits. I saw Autocar dump, Cat dozer, several Coke themed models , the jeep with cannon from Godzilla movie and 4X4 Ford pick up. No paints or other supplies I would guess this is a seasonal display only.
  4. I found this 1/43 Ford wrecker on Ebay from France. Looks like made for company in South America.
  5. I purchased these kits many years ago. When I move to Nevada I left them with a friend to buy but he decided he would not be able to put them together so he shipped them to me.
  6. Sir you are correct. If I listed it as a 351 with the packaging saying 281 I would also get people questioning why I did. Can not win either way I still like the truck. This was ordered by a French (?) company form China so who knows how much research was done.
  7. A 1/43 scale Peterbilt 281 log truck. The most interesting think is the plastic display case was glued to the 2 1/2 foot by 2 foot poster.
  8. A Dallas and Mavis B series Mack with lowboy and Cat tractor load. I used this photo for First Gear to produce a 1/25 scale diecast model.
  9. The Hobby Gear comes in sets. I had some problems with the red paint can nozzle and did not catch the results.
  10. I am building this as a squad truck from the 1965 might look. The cab and box have not been glued to the frame yet. I has problems with the soft plastic stub axles and had to drill out rear axle and insert a rod. The tools are from Hobby Boss. I am ordering west cost style rear view mirrors and the top light is to new so will go with 2 domes and siren in between. The ladders are from AMT kit and are to big will find some shorter ones.
  11. Thanks; The box shows the chrome trim so I was trying to figure out if I missed something
  12. I am working on one of these trucks and I noticed you do not have any chrome trim on the doors and hood. I looked over the instructions for the model and it does not show the chrome. Did you leave the trim off ? I am I missing something in the instructions for the chrome? Thanks Roy
  13. To bad they used the old box art showing the floatation front tires. I picked up the new kit last week so I knew in advance the floats would not be in the kit. Found several suitable after market floats to use.
  14. Try this place all sorts of mode tractor equipment www.dakotahtoyparts.com
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