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  1. I did one earlier this spring. I agree about a lot of fragile parts. Fun build but frustrating at times.
  2. I ordered some kits several weeks ago with the 40% off, 5 kits total shipping was less than $16 and arrived quickly. Went to local Hobby Lobby and found Ford snow plow and Autocar dump on the shelves that were not on web page and I had never seen either one of on the shelf. I cruised this weeks internet add and noticed Cat dozer and Landrover kit that were not in previous sale flyer and not in store.
  3. I built this as I would envision a 1980 Las Vegas Metro Search and Rescue truck would look like. The kit is Revell 1/25 scale Jeep Honcho with a topper I bought on EBAY.
  4. Thanks I have sent email to both to see if they have sets to fit the tires I have. Will advise
  5. I am happy with the tires I am looking for rims, possibly after market resin or 3D printed
  6. I am building the kit as a rescue vehicle and would like more industrial looking rim to use with the kit supplied tires. The tires are wide and I think I should use 6 bolt pattern rims Any ideas on rims that would work. As a side note Revell did not have any chrome parts, bumpers, grill and mirrors all white.
  7. I went to my local Hobby Lobby in Henderson, Nevada. The store was very crowded and I happen to find the store manager to open paint display. When I went to check out all the registers were maned and the lines went back to the nest to last isle before rear wall. Took 30 minutes to check out. No holes in kit section.
  8. I have been looking for a more modern Ford pick up in 1/24 or 1/25 for a project. I found reference to a 1/24 Meng Ford F350 but seem to be out of stock most places. Was there a problem with the kit or didn't sell ?? Thanks for input in advance
  9. This is a Lindberg model of a Landing Ship Tank in 1/245 scale. My father in law was a Coast Guard LT. was assigned to the ship from the time of launch September 1944 till the end of 1945 when the ship arrived at Pearl Harbor.
  10. This is an IXO 1/43 scale Berliet TB 15 tractor with lowboy trailer.
  11. As I remember Cat dozer and Autocar dump $29.95, 4X4 pick up $19.95 Coke themes $19.95 BUT the shelves are price naked no the kits so the kits might be on the wrong shelf.
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