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  1. Thanks Ian! I'll get back into it shortly. Jim
  2. Looking great Ian. An interesting very personal project. I need closer pics though, my eyes are old. Keep into it Jim
  3. Sorry mate if I was vague, I assumed you would already know about it. When the Revell deal folded up, Atlantis models acquired the molds for the 1.25 and 1.16 Dragsters and Funny cars. They have recently been been looking at the viability of releasing a Vega funny car kit in 1.16 and approached Chuck to do the decal design. Some other guys are doing tyre samples. There is talk about a chassis kit also. There's a stack more to it but everything I've heard is 2nd, 3rd and 4th hand information so could all be hot air. I'll just wait and see. Jim
  4. Thanks Dragcarz! I appreciate your kind words, been working a fair bit so modelling time has suffered a tad. Hey Chris! Thanks for checking it out and your positive words. I'm a big fan of 1.16 scale builds. The Atlantis gossip in the last week was interesting, I hope it develops further. I followed your army vega build and I quite often go back to see how you did certain things. It still impresses me and I think I notice something new each time. This one wont be may be as fine in the detail but together a little quicker than your build I hope! Jim
  5. Thanks Tim. I haven't been back to the bench in days but I'm busting to get back into it. Jim
  6. I've been still doing a bit on this build but it seems slow the last couple days. Refined the barrel valve, ran cables for fuel shut off and parachute. Mounted the brake cylinder and ran a steel line from .020" wire. Ran port nozzle hoses and port distribution block. Just used the kit black hose which does look a touch large but I'm not redoing anything on this one. Thanks for looking Jim
  7. Nothing revolutionary in this update, just painting little plastic parts and sticking them on. Made a chute release handle and started the fuel shut off lever then run cables for both. Thanks for looking Jim
  8. Thanks Sflam and GoatGuy, I appreciate your kind words. I've had a heap of 'normal' work to do lately so the funny car isn't getting as much love as I'd like but I've still been able to knock over some more. Got wheel studs and nuts done for the rear, the size is metric M1 x 5mm. I just drilled the brake hats using the wheel as a guide. Got a start on steering arms and radius rods. I measured the kit arms by mistake ( they don't fit this model and found out the hard way) so instead trial fitted each to see how far different to make them. Then cut the kit arms leaving a little of the original arm and joint. After this I cut .080" aluminium tube the the length needed and glued the joints in the tube. I think they look much better. Then trial fitted before painting the ends. I also drilled the ends to use nuts and screws. Metric M1 again. The pictures are of different arms at different stages so I hope it makes sense. A length of the .080" tube replaced the steering box shaft as well. Thanks for looking Jim
  9. Saw this on FB the other day. Super cool job man! Jim
  10. Loving the detail, man that shifter is off the hook! Very cool. Jim
  11. Thanks Mustang! I've been into it a bit so another update isn't far off. Jim
  12. Glad it clicked a gear for you! Being an engine and carb guy day to day means quite a few tools that cross over to models! Jim
  13. Thanks Don. Your picture doesn't come up but I know what you mean. Jim
  14. I haven't been back to the lathe yet to finish the remaining wheels but haven't been without results. I fitted the engine oil lines, filters and fuel tank, then made a supply line to the fuel pump. I made a fuel tank hold down strap from a coke can and tried bead rolling. It came up just ok but I'll keep it on there otherwise this build will take years. Because I changed the ride height the seat needed modifying for drive shaft clearance. You can see the relief in the front of the seat and I pushed the base up also. I didn't like the kit drive tube much so found two aluminum tubes that would telescope and fitted those. Thanks for looking. Jim
  15. Thanks Roadrunner and DPNM, I really appreciate the kind words. DPNM the kit isn't 'off' as such but when built has a very high ride height. If you look at reference pics of funny cars from this time, they sat pretty high but these kits build up really high! I'm not usually someone who builds for historical accuracy but more about building what I think looks good. For that reason this kit will sit as low as it can which will definitely be lower than the real deal ever was. I'll post some pics of the areas I've changed so you can compare to your kit. The rear end mounts, the cage drop and the rear body mount are the start. After that the front body mount and seat need fixing.
  16. Thanks Tim! I've followed your builds for years and builders like yourself inspire me to go to greater lengths Jim
  17. Thanks Sflam. It's about time for another update and thanks for looking guys. Jim
  18. It is a rough kit when in the box. You did wonders! Jim
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