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  1. Zero clear is great stuff, also try Splash Paints 2k
  2. Tamiya USA web sight has then listed as coming soon.
  3. All I can say is go as big as you can afford, and fit on your bench. There have been a couple times that I wish I had gone bigger, not usually because of part size but a few times I've run into problems when I start using multiple fixtures on the table (like angle attachment and rotary table and vise) and then maybe using a slitting saw..... Now most of the time the smallest table is fine for our hobby, but I'm building mostly 1/12 Tamiya and MFH kits.
  4. Shipping is not to bad, remember most of the products are made of aluminum
  5. I have to agree with everyone, Sherline is the way to go. I love my Sherline mill and lathe I tried an import lathe my friend has and for the small parts we need to make I just didn't get the same feel as I do with Sherline. I know they cost more but well worth it, one last thing if you can, get them with the DRO option, worth every penny (for me anyway).
  6. Wow, stunning work. I would like to see a forum on machining. I bought a lathe and mill last year and I see what you guys do and it just blows me away, I have such a long way to go.
  7. A lot of the top teams were asking NHRA to go back to more of a factory production car like they used before Bill built his V8 Vega. But NHRA was not listening to them and this is what we ended up with. The cost of running these cars is way to high and unless they have major factory support you will never be able to compete. So NHRA now says you can run any brand body with any brand engine so they can say "see we have Ford and Dodge cars running" I know one private team that bought a Dart has run a couple races with a Chevy engine, I'm not sure if the Elite Mustang is a Ford or Chevy engine. I know this sounds light sour grapes but NHRA has never been a fan of Mopar, just look what they have done to them for 50 years. My opinion anyway.
  8. A major problem the Dodge teams had was the new rules put a cap on rpm. They used the Chevy motor max power rpm as the standard which put a hurt on the hemi motor. The dodge teams advantage was the engine makes more hp at higher revs. The cost to develop a hole new engine was out of the question for so few cars and no other class running these motors. Also from what I heard the new fuel injection systems was tested with KB racing and around the Chevy engine, and these are sealed systems so all cars run the same one. This is why KB won every race at first when the new rules came out.
  9. Codi, I am just starting to learn machining and was wondering did you use a magnetic polisher on the valve cover?
  10. I was a Gravity guy but now Splash is my go to paint. Sam is a good guy to do business with.
  11. Mr Surfacer 1500 is the best for me also. Stynelrez is nice stuff also, just a pain to clean airbrush
  12. great news. Now if we could get the Sox & Martin Duster and Butch Leal's Duster
  13. Mike,

    I see you talked about the Thumper Chassis build. I have heard about this in the past and cannot find it on line. Do you have a link to it?




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