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  1. I used the live chat because I have had an order pending from March, I have no idea what happened but after contacting with the live chat they found my order and sent it out the next day. So anyone waiting for an order for a long time should contact them threw the chat and not email.
  2. I had (notice I said had) very good luck with Gravity up until March of this year. I have an order still pending from March and still nothing even after sending at least 10 or more emails. To bad because I really like his products and would like to be able to do more business with him in the future, but I don't see how that can happen. What I don't understand is I have been hearing about people getting orders now but a lot of people have been waiting for months like myself. How are these new orders getting out while others are not?
  3. Splash Paints LLC Order

    Just want to give Sam a public thank you. I was having an issue with how the paint was laying down and so I sent him a email and his response was in minutes. He even offered to send me a free bottle of thinner if I needed it. Nice to have vendors that care about customers, a first class guy.
  4. I don't care about a gift card, I would just like to get my paint that has been on order 4 months. I don't understand how some people are ordering paint and now getting it in a week or so and yet others have been waiting for months. I wish he would respond to what is going on like he did early this year. I have ordered from him many times over the last several years and had great service until this last order.
  5. I wonder why he is doing orders when he still has orders outstanding. I am waiting for a order I put in March, I have emailed him many times but he doen't respond.
  6. Mike, was this Gravity in USA?
  7. I see that Gravity Colors posted that they are taking orders again starting June 1, are people getting orders that have been on order for awhile? I'm still waiting for a order from March and like everyone else I've sent e-mails and have never heard a word back. I really would like to support Matt because he was always good to me in the past, but its getting harder to be a supporter. I still say he has the best paint for our hobby although Splash Paints are very good also, but for me he lacks the colors I need the most.
  8. If and I mean if they are taking orders again then why have they not finished shipping out all the orders they have. The web sight said they stopped orders until they get caught up.
  9. Wow my order was placed in March and still have not received it, and I've sent an email last week and have heard nothing. I'm surprised you were able to order paint because his web sight says that they are not taking orders right now until they catch up. Glad you got your order, I just got my order from Splash today and it only took 3 days.
  10. Splash Paints LLC Order

    I ordered my paints on Sunday and got them today (Wed), great service.
  11. I sent Splash a email question on Saturday and got a reply about 2 hrs later which impressed me as I thought maybe Monday I would hear back. I then placed an order on Sunday and later that day got a shipping number and on Monday looked up and found its been shipped. I am sure he is trying real hard to win some people over to his paints but putting orders together on Sunday is pretty cool. I have been a big fan of Gravity but like a lot of people I have an order pending for several months, to bad because I really like his paints. I can't wait to get the paints to try them out, I hope they are as good as Gravity. I always liked Zero Paints but they are a really hot paint and when Gravity came along they totally turned me on as their paint laid down very smooth and they are not as hot.