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  1. Anyone have anything on the table this fall/winter? I'd like to get more pics from members so the video I make isin't 45 seconds long lol .
  2. Here are some various decal sheets I found online. Some inspiration.
  3. Those are fantastic! Great work. Actually, that is exactly what I am looking for. I'd like to see and also show everyone's custom gulf livery. Those are great examples and should help open the door to everyone that all types of vehicles are accepted! It is limitless! Keep them coming everyone!
  4. UNREAL as always. Love the Labonte's!
  5. No problem at all. I personally love seeing WIPs so, yeah lets see them too. When I create the video, I will make that of complete builds in most cases, unless something comes in scratchbuilt ish and needs to be shown to everyone.
  6. vamach1 - Excellent. Great builds and thanks for getting the ball rolling!
  7. I really don't want it to end, take your time no rush. And also, if you post pics in this thread, just please let me know if I have permission to add them to my "gulf" video in my yt channel so everyone else can see these amazing pieces of work!
  8. Hi everyone! I've started a GULF challenge / community build. I know some of ya'll have a spare model to throw a gulf livery at! I just wanna see everyones custom GULF paint jobs. On my yt channel, I'd like to make a video with all the builds, like a slideshow for all to see. (with builders permission of course). For more info, check out my yt video and let me know what you think. Thanks everyone.
  9. Thanks a lot you guys! Yeah, the decals don't match the box at all.Complete different colours, etc. Only way to make it work is pull out a trusty pack of crayola crayons on go from there. Hopefully you guys get yours built but watch out for the decals! Protect them somehow as they are impossible to find again. Your comments are much appreciated!
  10. I love it when the model turns out better than the real car. ^^^^ . Great job!
  11. Your builds are spectacular! I've always loved all the Terry cars he has driven and correct if Im wrong but it seems you have a love for Terry too. Lol. All good, I just admire all the variations of Kellogg's hes driven and perhaps we share that passion. I build my cars too body first and IF it turns out mint I continue with the chassis. No one ever looks in there. As a child although it was the opposite. I'd build chassis after chassis and failed on every body I tried so i switched the process up and started with the body... As a child tho.. Great work as always and I can't wait to see the remaining 100 more!
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