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  1. I just got this kit but its missing the front and rear glass. Anyone have a set they are not going to use?
  2. Actually, I built this kit too and noticed they lettered the wrong side. They lettered the inside if the tire.
  3. if the Sprint car stuff falls through, i'd be interested. i am local too.
  4. I bought this Baja Bronco new (sealed). Im in the middle of building it right now and noticed that no top was in the box. Anyone else come across this problem? I noticed the sealed body says correct baja bronco body.
  5. Fun fact, Kelsey Hays bought a place called Motor Wheel which produced rims in Lansing Michigan, same as the Oldsmobiles.
  6. Toledo store had two International and 6 Kenworth trucks, a large stack of 69 daytonas and 72 GTO's. I grabbed one of each of them. They also had the 50 ford police car and about a dozen tankers.
  7. Looks like the Meng dually fenders that scenes unlimited makes and sells are available for purchase again. I bought my set so have at it guys.
  8. thanks guys, this really helps me out. i'l have to get some tamiya tape.
  9. I was thinking the silver should be first but with the black on top, in theory the black would have a good chance of settling under the tape. I was thinking of getting that liquid masking film to use as coverage to avoid any bleed through. any thoughts on that?
  10. I have done a few two tone paint job with success. I am wanting my next one to b perfect. I use Tamiya paints. I want to paint a car black (top) and silver (bottom). i have 3M fine line tape and Green 3M 2 inch masking tape. What color is suggested to paint first? i am trying to have no bleed through anywhere. Any suggestions to accomplish this?
  11. Have very large ziploc bags. Probably like 3 gallon. I have one for each of the following, rims, tires, axles/suspension, interior, body, underhood, glass, chassis. I also have very small bags for complete unbuilt engines and all parts for it plus instructions.
  12. I am going to be building a resin kit for the first time. It will have a doner kit so the main resin is the body. I just want to know if there is anything special i have to do. Sanding, prep, anything. I plan to use tamiya paint on the body and testor enamals on the rest.
  13. I bought a Italeri Peterbilt 377A/E kit. i was told it is missing a front rim. once i got looking at kit i kind of question if it is or not. I see 4 chrome rims for the rear, 2 chrome front rims, and 1 grey molded rim (looks like a front) that is of the tree. what is that gray rim for? i believe all the inner rears are all accounted for.
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