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  1. I have interest in this. Is there anything specific you are looking for? I have quite of few.
  2. I bought this Baja Bronco new (sealed). Im in the middle of building it right now and noticed that no top was in the box. Anyone else come across this problem? I noticed the sealed body says correct baja bronco body.
  3. Fun fact, Kelsey Hays bought a place called Motor Wheel which produced rims in Lansing Michigan, same as the Oldsmobiles.
  4. Toledo store had two International and 6 Kenworth trucks, a large stack of 69 daytonas and 72 GTO's. I grabbed one of each of them. They also had the 50 ford police car and about a dozen tankers.
  5. Looks like the Meng dually fenders that scenes unlimited makes and sells are available for purchase again. I bought my set so have at it guys.
  6. I may have one coming, will know for sure in a few days. I will update once i find out.
  7. I am miss the crossmember part number 20 from my 69 camaro kit. Any issue of the kit should work
  8. I have 2 sealed kits and one parts kit. Kinda reluctant to open a sealed on. Might have decals in the parts kit.
  9. I have one from the modified stocker hauler and or the diamond in the rough kit. Sealed bags
  10. thanks guys, this really helps me out. i'l have to get some tamiya tape.
  11. I was thinking the silver should be first but with the black on top, in theory the black would have a good chance of settling under the tape. I was thinking of getting that liquid masking film to use as coverage to avoid any bleed through. any thoughts on that?
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