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  1. I just got this kit but its missing the front and rear glass. Anyone have a set they are not going to use?
  2. Actually, I built this kit too and noticed they lettered the wrong side. They lettered the inside if the tire.
  3. if the Sprint car stuff falls through, i'd be interested. i am local too.
  4. I have interest in this. Is there anything specific you are looking for? I have quite of few.
  5. I have these parts if modbldr does not.
  6. I bought this Baja Bronco new (sealed). Im in the middle of building it right now and noticed that no top was in the box. Anyone else come across this problem? I noticed the sealed body says correct baja bronco body.
  7. Fun fact, Kelsey Hays bought a place called Motor Wheel which produced rims in Lansing Michigan, same as the Oldsmobiles.
  8. Toledo store had two International and 6 Kenworth trucks, a large stack of 69 daytonas and 72 GTO's. I grabbed one of each of them. They also had the 50 ford police car and about a dozen tankers.
  9. Looks like the Meng dually fenders that scenes unlimited makes and sells are available for purchase again. I bought my set so have at it guys.
  10. thanks guys, this really helps me out. i'l have to get some tamiya tape.
  11. I was thinking the silver should be first but with the black on top, in theory the black would have a good chance of settling under the tape. I was thinking of getting that liquid masking film to use as coverage to avoid any bleed through. any thoughts on that?
  12. I have done a few two tone paint job with success. I am wanting my next one to b perfect. I use Tamiya paints. I want to paint a car black (top) and silver (bottom). i have 3M fine line tape and Green 3M 2 inch masking tape. What color is suggested to paint first? i am trying to have no bleed through anywhere. Any suggestions to accomplish this?
  13. Have very large ziploc bags. Probably like 3 gallon. I have one for each of the following, rims, tires, axles/suspension, interior, body, underhood, glass, chassis. I also have very small bags for complete unbuilt engines and all parts for it plus instructions.
  14. I am going to be building a resin kit for the first time. It will have a doner kit so the main resin is the body. I just want to know if there is anything special i have to do. Sanding, prep, anything. I plan to use tamiya paint on the body and testor enamals on the rest.
  15. I bought a Italeri Peterbilt 377A/E kit. i was told it is missing a front rim. once i got looking at kit i kind of question if it is or not. I see 4 chrome rims for the rear, 2 chrome front rims, and 1 grey molded rim (looks like a front) that is of the tree. what is that gray rim for? i believe all the inner rears are all accounted for.
  16. Just a FYI for everyone on the tailgate issue. Email Round2, they know of the issue and have a list they will put you on to get the correct one sent to you once available.
  17. Thanks for you input. i have used Italian red on what plastic before and it, to me, looks a lot brighter than this.. that is why I asked. I realize that the caps are not always right but the caps on Italian red and Bright red look the same.
  18. I have decals to do the car pictured. my question is the red i should use. I use Tamiya paints. i have Itailian red and Bright red. Thoughts?
  19. Has anyone found this at any stores yet? It is scheduled to be out this month. The Scout was scheduled out in November and i found that at HL in August.
  20. I have visited multiple stores looking for specificly the chase elliott kit. Hard to find. i have found 19 however. Hamburg NY-2 Mansfield OH-10 Toledo OH-2 Columbus south OH-5 However i found none at the following stores. Niagara falls NY Buffalo NY Dunkirk NY Erie PA Sandusky OH I did get other kits at these stores. I dont understand how ollies operates but it seems unorganized as far as inventory.
  21. What a difference a weekend makes. I just left there and i only found 2 elliott cars. They did have 15 harvick kits.
  22. That's not the kit box right height is it? I love the way it looks. Want to do the same to mine.
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