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  1. Great detail on this. Looking good!
  2. No, the body has nothing to do with the chassis on a tube chassis car.
  3. Looking good! What was the problem with the previous chassis?
  4. Amazing work and nicely documented. I'm curious as to the Sherline lathe/mill, was it fairly easy to learn to use?
  5. Thanks for the kind words. Interior is done except for shifter (having to make a modern Long style manual shifter). Still working on the paint.
  6. Check out Ted's Modeling Marketplace. They have most of the major suppliers of detail parts in one location.
  7. Great build Claude and thanks for the info on some of the materials used.
  8. Got some color on it. Debating on whether to paint the cage body color or gloss black
  9. The rollcage minimum spec is 1 5/8" diameter not 1 3/4" as you mentioned and it's the most common . I've used .080 styrene even though it's a little oversized for 1 5/8" it's easier to work with.
  10. Got some work done on the chassis and started on the rollcage.
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