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  1. Having a hard time finding engine photos of a current NHRA super stock Tbolt engine. Everything I see on Google is either NHRA stock or as built. Mainly trying to see what they;re doing as far as the intake, as I think they're using basically a fabricated short tunnel ram like the Hemi guys use.
  2. Thanks for the great photos and info guys.
  3. Much improved! Anything different with the Molotow pen?
  4. The rear wheels are slot car wheels I got from a guy on here. The wheelie bars are from Scale Concepts that I got from Ted's Modeling Marketplace.
  5. I built one as a pro street about twenty years ago. I used the chassis from a Revell Matt Hay '87 T-Bird. What chassis are you using under yours? I'm using a resin tubbed chassis. Wanted to keep the build like a Super Stock.
  6. Starting to build a Ford Thunderbolt big tire car. Want to build it as a current NHRA Super Stock car with 14x32 tires, cage, current engine,etc. 95% of the Thunderbolts I see built are basically 60's versions, so I thought I would do something different. Any photos of builds or info would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the nice words guys!
  8. Nice work Disconovaman. Yeah, the Boyd's paints are very nice.
  9. Good point, I thought about it awhile ago but put it off.Thanks
  10. The braided lines are beading thread and the fuel supply line is aluminum beading wire both from the craft section. Thanks and good luck getting that '70 going.
  11. Getting close to finishing this.
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