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  1. Good point, I thought about it awhile ago but put it off.Thanks
  2. The braided lines are beading thread and the fuel supply line is aluminum beading wire both from the craft section. Thanks and good luck getting that '70 going.
  3. Getting close to finishing this.
  4. Update: Body painted using Testors Colors by Boyd Chezoom Teal and Testors enamel clear. Interior tub finished, radiator core support and firewall detailed. Currently working on final body detail, should be wrapping this up soon.
  5. I was wondering what you used for textured paint to simulate the vinyl top?
  6. Update: Cowl hood finished, working on chassis, interior and engine detailing.
  7. So sad,he was an amazing builder.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. The wheels are slot car wheels I got from a guy on here named Vince in the trader section.
  9. Updated photos. Got the 700" Big Block together and wired. Installed front/rear suspension and mounted brakes/wheels and tires. Mounted engine and working on hood, interior,etc.
  10. When painting resin parts are there any special prep steps needed as I'm having an issue with the paint(enamel) not adhering well. On some parts after allowing adequate dry time the paint is easily removed if touched.
  11. From what I can gather it's a Nascar intake.
  12. Some minor progress on the build. Shaved the Impala emblems , opened up the rear wheelwells and painted the interior tub and chassis-my first attempt with an airbrush! I got the big block from BNL resins with split dominators on a tunnel ram.
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