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  1. Fujimi RX3 in progress.....

    Love the wheels, what are they? My friends dad actually found an RX3 a few years back as a barn find. It was a pretty cool little car and surprisingly clean for its age at the time. Pretty similar color too, light blue.
  2. Gravity Colors...anybody bought from them lately?

    I'm still waiting after about 2 months. Sent many emails and got zero responses. I eventually filed a complaint with Paypal a little over a week ago. My order changed from "Processing" to "On Hold" the next day so he obviously got the message. Unfortunately his poor business practices didn't end there, he still has not refunded my money. I have tried to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and make things right multiple times, but nothing changed. I speculate the problem is simply stock. I believe he only keeps the most common colors in his inventory. This would explain why some people get orders filled in a respectable amount of time, yet myself and others do not. For reasons unknown to me he advertises on his site a ton of different colors that he could in theory "get". Unfortunately it seems like if you order one of these colors you simply get bumped into the "processing" pile until he feels like he has enough people to make this color "profitable". This poor business practice will eventually be the end of Gravity USA. There's a reason why the 2 Gravitys split up, ones an honest company and the other was dumped for poor business practices, which he still practices. At this point I've written off Gravity USA as a loss and who knows if even Paypal can right this wrong.
  3. Gravity Colors...anybody bought from them lately?

    My order (pretty big) is still "processing" after more than a month. Sent multiple emails with no response. Pretty disappointing since I hear its good stuff and the color selection is great. Interestingly enough he must have time to update his website with new colors but no time to actually "process" those orders or even answer emails. Im giving my order another week, before I pull the plug on it. I placed an order with Splash and I had it in days. I couldn't be happier with them, I was shocked when I opened the package and found MORE than I ordered. I can't wait to spray some down tomorrow. I just wish I would have known about Splash sooner. I know where my next orders will be placed.
  4. Is this Hobby Design quality or recast?

    I bought these wheels from eBay, so depending on the input from others I may be led to believe these are a cheaply recasted set of wheels. The more I work with them the worse they look.
  5. Is this Hobby Design quality or recast?

  6. I just bought a set of wheels for a Z4 GT3 project I'm working on from Hobby Design. I've never used anything from them so I'm not familiar with their quality. There is a ton of flash on the wheels and I am uncovering air bubbles as I am trying to clean them up. Parts of the wheels are not even round (Luckly the backside of the wheels) My 2nd concern is with the valve stems. They are cast directly to a chuck of resin so I can only imagine how fun those are going to be to remove. Is this normal? I feel like I should have just went with the original wheels in the kit and made my own valve stems, at least those one are round....