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  1. That's absolutely perfect, if I had that I'd throw out the television, and look at that instead.....
  2. I really like the way it turned out, a lot of work, excellent results,! Looks like a fun kit, a favorite subject for me.....
  3. I really like this work you've done, I love these old Ford's, been watching it from up here in Michigan...!
  4. Ballroad

    40 ford

    I really like how this looks it's dead on. We have a local wrecking yard that's been here since at least from the 50's, and has really been left untouched except for fencing and keep out signs. Your car reminds me of some of the cars in this yard. It in Quinnesec Michigan. Describe your process, I like the windows too. This is motivating me......
  5. I appreciate all the response from the group on my questions, no doubt, some excellent workmanship... .
  6. I would like to duplicate the club coupe, only make it a 1950. I thought since the convertible body has the windshield separate it would make it a little easier...the club coupe has better line's to it.....
  7. Has anyone ever combined part's of the two kits to make a 1950 Tudor? I know there is different gas openings ,trunk hinges rear license / trunk trim. How about using the roof from a 49 and plunking it on the 50 convertible body? I'm getting going on modeling as we.moved into a different house... I have the convertible kit already...... thanks....
  8. I picked up the same kit a Hobbytown store last summer, marked down, how is it as kit goes, never did one of these...
  9. How did you mimic the block details pistons, ECT ECT??? I like it a lot,
  10. Wow, that's really, really, cool, what are you using for the casting medium,??
  11. Thanks for sticking up for me, jez, your right, come on, its only a model truck. I was just having fun with it. I like it and that's really what matters....
  12. Thanks for the comments, I'm still new at this as I just started again this summer, although I built some to offset my model train's, and old radio work. I've been bittyby the Volkswagen bug just received the VW panel van ( yagermiester?) Looks like a fun build Revell Germany, Amazon, came from Hong Kong! Unbelievable! Got it in record time, will post more on this.... thanks
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