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  1. slotbaker added a post in a topic Got some slot Cars   

    Would love to see them.

    Can you show the chassis as well?

  2. slotbaker added a post in a topic Putty that can be shaped, then machined?   

    How about an air drying modeling clay?
    That's just one... there are others that may suit as well.
  3. slotbaker added a post in a topic Minor pet peeve...   

    Maybe cost to tool up? An extra mould would be needed for separate wiper/s.

    It's clearly not a technical issue, because making moulds for wipers has been possible for a long time.

    S'pose they could make a generic wiper that could be adapted to all similar applications.
    That could slightly reduce the cost of the body mould, by eliminating that detail.

    It does seem a bit wierd, because many slot cars (mainly 1/32) have separate wipers.
    And they get broken off during racing.
  4. slotbaker added a post in a topic Aquitania Cunard Line Ship Question   

    Yeah, the Mauretania is quite a bit different in the hull as well. So cancel that suggestion.

    There is a nice looking Aquitania model on ebay at the moment.
    Looks nice, but too big for me at 800mm long.
    Looks like the seller got the photo's mixed up, as there are some of the Lusitania there as well.
  5. slotbaker added a post in a topic Aquitania Cunard Line Ship Question   

    I've got the Triang (missing masts), and have been looking a long time for a larger one without luck.
    My father served in the Royal Navy on her during the war, and would love to get a better version.

    If you're keen, you could also check out an Airfix kit of the RMS Mauretania.

    Photo from

    It's also a 4 stacker, and could be converted to the Aquitania.
  6. slotbaker added a post in a topic Cannonball Run CBP 2012   

    Alligator skin...

  7. slotbaker added a post in a topic Got some slot Cars   

    Neeto.... any chance of shots of the chassis?

  8. slotbaker added a post in a topic Has anyone built any of Academy's 1/24 sports cars or world cars?   

    I've only had experience with one of the Academy sports car kits; The Ferrari 250LM with copyright 1980 on it.

    It's a curbside model with one piece body, no engine, and minimal interior details.
    But, what is there looks pretty good, with quality mouldings having good detail, little flash and very few sinks.

    I've got the same kit that was put out later (1986) by SUNNY.

    The mouldings in both kits look to have come out of the same moulds.

    Here is the Academy box art;

    and this is the SUNNY;

    I like the Sunny, as it showes different liveries for the real car.

    The body for each kit;

    Sunny on left, Academy on the right.


    Sunny on left, Academy on the right.
    Hard to see the details with black mouldings.

    Interior, chrome and glass still sealed;

    Sunny on left, Academy on the right.

    Decal sheets;

    Sunny on left, Academy on the right.
    Decals are same artwork, but with some slight differences in colours, and paper they are printed on, but the Academy is much better quality.

    There are photo etched head light rims in both kits.

    I didn't take photo of the tyres, but they are the regular pliable black moulded type we are used to, and good tread detail but no sidewall detail because that comes with the decal sheet.

    Axles are straight steel rod for both front and back.

    I can try and take closer shots if anyone is interested.

    Hope this is of interest.

  9. slotbaker added a post in a topic Micromark promotion code   

    The current promo is for $4.95 set price shipping & handling to mainland 48 USA only, ends March 27.
  10. slotbaker added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    Dan Gurney info please, BSCC '61 Impala & '63 Galaxie
    Hi all, I'm interested in building 2 cars that Dan the man raced in the 60's and I'm trying to find info on body colours, and livery.

    The Impala entered in 2 events in 1961 @ Sivlerstone in May, DNF (broken wheel) in car #37, and July, DNS (due to protest by Jaguar) in car #48.

    The Galaxie was only entered in 1 event in 1963 @ Oulton Park, where car #84 took Pole, Fastest Lap, and won the race.

    I've done a bit of searching and only found 1 small b&w photo of each.

    I'd appreciate any info, and/or photo's that anyone would like to share.


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  11. slotbaker added a post in a topic 63 Galaxie...done   

    Nice re-build, it looks magic.

    $375+.. That'll be a good price.
  12. slotbaker added a post in a topic Dan Gurney Scale Race Cars Forum   

    Phil, thanks, that would be good.
    Sounds like a fun event. Hope you shhare some piccies somwhere.
    I didn't know that Monogram did a Gurney 63 Galaxie.
    I know of the white 63 Fred Lorenzen #28, red 65 Gurney #121.

    Looking good Steve.
    Nice collection of Dan's cars.
    I think the #2067 is listed as Guards Red, and I was just thinking that they may have just got a factory Wimbledon white then squirt the red on the roof.

    I was hoping that the roof was a metalic red, and thinking of Tamiya TS-18 Metallic Rec (but looks a bit light) over the Tamiya TS-26 Pure White.
    So still trying to get my head around which ones are best.

  13. slotbaker added a post in a topic Dan Gurney Scale Race Cars Forum   

    I'm collecting info to put Dan's 60's Galaxies together, and trying to identify the right colors for the 66 #121 Harvest Motors Riverside winner.
    At this stage, I'm thinking it's Guards Red over Wimbledon white. I first thought it might be Rangoon Red, but not sure.
    Can anyone confirm or correct me on this?

  14. slotbaker added a post in a topic Dan Gurney Scale Race Cars Forum   

    Nice... what scale are they?

  15. slotbaker added a post in a topic Best computer printer detail?   

    For anyone interested in Tampo (Tampon) printing, it works like this;
    An image of the print is etched into a cliche (flat steel or plastic plate) that is mounted in the press. The etch is about 0.1mm deep.
    Steel cliches for high volume.

    A squeegie pushes ink back and forth once accross the cliche, leaving the etched image full of ink.

    Better describe what the tampon is before the next step.
    It is a soft and very pliable rubber shape that is held in the top part of the press above the cliche. The shape and size depends on the size of the image, and the shape of the article being printed. To give you an idea of what it feels like. Have you ever been lying on your back, and had a naked female partner leaning over you? Well, you would have experienced 2 tampons.
    The tampons are designed to be very pliable to be able to print onto curved surfaces.

    Anyway, the press lowers the tampon down onto the cliche, and the surface tension on the air side of the ink is greater than that of the cliche, and the ink 'sticks' to the tampon.
    The press raises the tampon taking the ink, and an automated slide moves the work piece in over the cliche.
    The press lowers the tampon onto the work piece and the surface tension on the air side of the ink is greater which now makes the ink stay on the job.

    The ink used on better quality models would be a 2 pack low temp bake to get the best adhesion. Lower quality prints would be air dry.

    All of this gives one colour.
    The process takes about 2 to 4 seconds.

    For every colour, a different cliche is required, and a progressive printing line would be used.

    The real cleaver part of this process is generating an image in the flat cliche that ends up correctly proportioned on a curved surface. Then add the complications of multi coloured images.

    Have a close look at a curved, multi-colour print to see how accurate the detail is, then think how the image would look if was flattened out. Pretty amazing stuff.