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  1. NASA Pete 1/25

    Jarda, This is excellent! I'm really enjoying watching the progress on this project. I was wondering about the black primer and then I realised what you meant by it. The white plastic is opaque and if you paint it white the light shines through, so you loose all the definition and detail and it looks odd. Thanks for posting.
  2. GMC B-7000

    This is superb, a great looking truck, very well built and detailed
  3. New Brush Truck Started

    That is impressive, excellent work so far.
  4. Mack Western 700 series questions

    Weren't the engines painted grey after the gold?
  5. KW W-900 {snap}

    This is a superb looking truck. The colour scheme is just perfect!
  6. Grandpoppa K-Wopper 123

    That is impressive!! Excellent build and paint work, I really like it.
  7. Mack RM Oil Field Truck

    Very Impressive build! The weathering is perfect, it makes it look real.
  8. KW Snap W-900 {mud flaps}

    This is an excellent build, I really like it.
  9. 2015 Featherlite-ish transporter w/Lonestar

    Very clean build! Excellent work.
  10. AMT Kenworth W-900

    I like this. Excellent build!
  11. Western Star

    This looks great. The paint is perfect.
  12. This is excellent work. Very impressive.
  13. 1956 Ford cabover

    Excellent work so far!
  14. Hi Falutin' idea

    I remember reading about the Kenworth with the V12 Hall Scott, I think it was a topic on the ATHS forum. Anyway if I remember rightly the truck was the only one fitted with this engine and it was by special request from the owner. It was used to haul a tanker trailer over the mountains in the western states. The owner apparently wanted a truck that would fly up the grades?? The hood was made an extra 12" long to accommodate the engine. Apparently the truck caught fire and was a complete right off. I saved some photos for a possible project in the future. The first photo shows the owner at the wheel. I believe the guy leaning against the truck was the Hall Scott Field Service Engineer and the guy in the suit well may be the Hall Scott sales rep, or Kenworth representative. Who knows?
  15. Kurt, Those trucks are very impressive. My favourite one is the very first photo that you posted of the Kenworth W9 in green. That is excellent.