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  1. Yes rigs like this Run the Highway everyday. Not all of them but Most of the one's I've seen on the Highway have been pulling a Spread axel Step-Deck Trailer. If you ever have the chance to go to a BIG RIG SHOW you will see some Custom Stretch Big Rigs that will Blow Your Mind. You being from TEXAS there should be some shows somewhere close to you. If you have a chance to go don't pass it up. …"You Take Care My Friend"... …."Skip"..............................
  2. "JIM KAMPMAN" and Anybody Else Who Might Be Able to Help Me...……...... I'm in the middle of building a 1:18th Scale BOB GLIDDEN THUNDERBOLT..... I'm Having a Big Problem Finding the Bob Glidden Decals for a 1:18th Scale. I went ahead and placed the Red Stripes on myself. I'm looking for 3-EACH DECALS or STICKERS with white stars on a Blue Background so I can do the hood and the sides of the Front fenders. I've looked everywhere for American Flag Decals or Stickers big enough I could cut the Star Section out of three individual Flags to make the Hood and both sides of the front fenders. All the other product Decals I have and can use Decals I have found for Bob Glidden's Name. Any Idea's or where I may be able to find something Will you or anyone who reads this can help me out I'd Appreciate it......… Take Care My Friends"... …."Skip".....................….
  3. CUSTOM MADE 1:64TH DCP STRRRRETCHED PETERBILT...… I got this "Pete" off of E-Bay. I shortened the Chassis. It was a tri-Drive I removed a drive axle made a new Show Plate, added White lettered Tires, Large Chrome Storage Locker, removed the Strrretched Sleeper, Lowered it, and re-located it on the Chassis to Suit the changes made to Chassis Length. Added new Fuel Tanks, Lockers, Texas Front Bumper, and touched-up painted it. Didn't come out to bad considering what it looked like when I bought it and all the Changes I made to it...............
  4. Built this from a "JADA JUST TRUCK 1:32ND Scale PETERBILT..... Made the Super Sleeper from a piece of Plexiglass I bought at a Yard Sale for 50-Cent. The Large Stacks are pipe bars from a "Wind Chime"...… Large Chrome Locker across back of sleeper was made from a scrap piece of 2.5 X 2.5 X .25 THICK Alum Angle.... I wet sanded it them Buffed It Out...……..
  5. …"HELLO"... Thank You for the Welcome Aboard. I Custom Build a little bit of everything from DCP 1:64th Scale SEMI TRACTOR TRAILERS to the BRUDER 1:16th Scale MACK's usually building a Trailer to suit the project at hand. Right now I'm Building a 1:18th Scale 1964 FAIRLANE THUNDERBOLT into a "Altered Wheel Base" {AWB} THUNDERBOLT AFX DRAG CAR. It requires Re-Locating the Front A-Frames and Undercarriage and also Re-Locating the Rear End and Leaf Spring Locations . The Front Wheel Well Openings must be Re-Located from the Stock Location in both front fenders to Match the Re-Location of the Front Wheels where they have been moved forward. Both Left and right Rear Quarter Panel Wheel Well Openings Also have to be re-located forward to Match the Re-Location of the Rear Wheels where they have been moved forward. As everybody probably already knows the "MID 1960's "Altered Wheelbase" "AWB" DRAG CARS were the Beginning of the "FUNNY CAR". Anything I am working on or post pictures of don't hesitate to ask any questions. I have No Secret's to Hide Building Die-Cast. I'll post some pictures of this THUNDERBOLT when I get it together where it starts to look like something other than a bunch of Sawed-Up "JUNK".... :O) …….. …"Take Care My Friend's"... …"Thank You Once Again For The Welcome'... …."Skip".......................
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