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  1. Hi, thanks! Hi, thanks. I've put suspensions and you don't see them. Hi, thanks. I was thinking about a single sliding door, and a big window, on both sides. I don't like visibile hinges showing on sides, like the rear double doors. But I want to build the sliding system first, then I'll decide.
  2. I've tried some test fitting with campagnolo wheels and tires, and I've noticed a lot of misalignment: Interiors need some serious work… I'll start adding some side skirts to give the body proper rigidity: Trying to make a sort of support for supplementary lights: See you next time!
  3. Hi, another quick update. I've used some leather vinyl sheet to wrap the seats, and sanded them, to give it a worn look. I'll dry brush them with some silver: I've also cutted the console under the dashboard, so I could see the engine! The underside ready for the chassis, this will be the final base color: Next chapter, I got mini hinges (6x8mm closed) and micro magnets (2x1x1mm) in the mail:
  4. Hi, thanks a lot for the input! I didn't know about a T3 model kit, and westfalia too... In that way it could be placed at the end of the build, you need precise dimensions to fit the door. The problem is that the van with all the openings isn't very solid, and fittings aren't as good as the t3. I'll see what I can do:
  5. Hi. Looks like a tool I saw at a hardware store, it was a sort of electric saw but with sandpaper instead of the chain, but it was big, to be used with 2 hands. I have a set of little files, they work good, and various sandpaper sticks, but I want to recycle my old electric OralB toothbrush, cut the brushes and glue some sandpaper on it. Some friends told me it's very useful for model cars and with regular surfaces.
  6. Hello. Another quick update, I've installed the large fenders: And removed the windscreen wipers, which I'll scratchbuild, and tried to remake the grills with a hot needle (needs refinement): I've also removed front door panels: Ready to prime the underside: I used vallejo primer and distilled water, 1 drop of it every 10 of primer: Sorry for the noob question, but are these circular signs to be sandpapered? I've found a lot on the underside: Thanks.
  7. Just wood planks didn't look good, so I tried this: It was hard to fit, but I really like how it came out, 1mm square sticks between balsa wood: Ciao!
  8. Hi Steamboat, thanks a lot for the pictures, they are very useful. I'm trying to figure out how to realize one hook of the 3... For this one, I'll just build a shape to slide over that line: For the upper one, under the roof top, I'l build this rail with 2 square styrene sticks, to let the door hook slide in and move out when opening (van has large fenders): Here's the problem, the hook/sliding system should stay under the door step, holding the door panel, but sliding also: And yes, you're right about bad fittings... My body isn't very rigid atm because of the cuts, but looks like I'll need a lot of work to make the inside good looking, especially the doorstep area. Meanwhile I found out the color scheme and the paints came home today... I can't believe it was a custom factory one! And the trailer ramps are mounted: I have a balsa wood sheet, 1mm thickness, which in real life is 1 perfect inch (1mm = 1/25 inch). Could they work with that scheme? I've also bought some double diamond texture ABS sheet: Ciao!
  9. Hi guys. I've bought this kit to try to build an "all open" custom van, with carpeted interiors, and a custom trailer based on the metal one I have, which is way too heavy: And here's the copy, just with a little more room for the wheels: And here are the fenders, I've glued two sheets of heavy paper, and sanded it. I wanna finish it like raw metal, without painting: With the twin wheels: Current state: I've found the right plastic rod, so I can hook up the ramps like they were supposed to be: Next step, external hinges like these ones, which will be sanded and replaced with working ones: And build a rail to let the door slide out, also because I'm installing the wide fenders kit: If you have any input or link for the sliding door, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm still undecided on what to put on the trailer, a ford car or two bikes:
  10. Thanks, I gave it a read, very interesting! I think I'll open all my kits just to be sure everything is in order.
  11. Learnig and building, of course! But being a novice I wouldn't like to start with some rare or valuable kit, for me they are all beautiful, but I would touch the "best ones" after at least 6-7 other cars, enough to get comfortable (I hope) with paint and modifications.
  12. Hi, what do you mean with stash away? Sorry, Google translates in "hide"... Do you think I should put it on the shelf for the first moment along with trailers kits? The Lil Red was too cheap to say no, I think it was 7$... I'm collecting references for the cars atm, and I'm excited like a child! There are plenty of great wip threads here, and youtube tutorials... It will be a hot weekend, I need to study a lot! Thanks all for your precious help, see you! Ciao
  13. HI, the seller had that kit too... I was very tempted to buy that, but I'm not really into race boats... I preferred the other two because I have an idea about a fishing/hunting diorama in the bayou swamps...
  14. I've already bought a ford econoline phantom van, used to learn how to open doors/panels from the body and then build the hinges. It will be my first build. I'm still in contact with the seller, I told him to drop me a line whenever he may want to sell other lots.
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