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  1. Thank you very much everyone for your kind words. Yesterday the owner/driver of the real car got the little Anglia and took it home. I really hope he likes it as much as he said with a big smile on his face.
  2. Well I started to put the old decals on the body. They are very brittle and it takes a long time soaking them in warm water to get the back paper to slide off. The nr. 19 decals are a bit yellowish, and it shows even better as the paint is pure white. No sun shine here now to get them white again... I noticed that the wheels are not silver in the race version, so I'll strip the paint and the chrome dishes off.
  3. Thanks everybody. There's nothing special with this wankel engine. I cut off the bottom of the half engine that was in the kit. Then I searched my scrap box for a useable piece of plastic, shaped it with my Dremel, glued it in the engine bay. Then I started to study pics of the real Cosmo engine and piece by piece made and assembled them on the engine block. I think what you can't see, doesn't matter when the model is finished. The engine block got the original oil pan underneath, the clutch bellhousing and the transmission were modified a little to match the driveshaft. Today I got the white paint sprayed and the wheels are now silver tone.
  4. Antti Kivinummi, a finnish drag racer has had this Anglia ca. 20 years. I got the 1/25 Revell kit Anglia Street Rod gasser, chopped roof, wide rear fenders, made a tube chassis, BBC 490 cid, PG trans, 9" rear end, four links, coilovers, disc brakes, roll cage, headers, intake, lift off bonnet, scoop, gas tank, rear wheels, wheelie bars, all the decals etc. Lots of fun and challenging scratch work for weeks.
  5. Thanks, the metal engine Cosmo looks great. I just like making parts out of Evergeen plastic.
  6. Hasegawa is a new kit manufacturer to me, but what a perfect fit on the parts. No need to clean anything, just cut loose and put together. That could sound boring to me, I'm used to fix and adjust and make my own parts in every model I build. Well also this time I couldn't resist some scratch building. I want to make a Mazda Wankel engine under the hood, since Hasegawa didn't do it. No cursides on my shelf.
  7. What a beauty! Looks very sharp and clean build. Orange and white works everytime on everything and those decorations are very pretty.
  8. Thanks everybody. this one was a fun but a tricky to build. I already finished the new version of this same car, as it nowadays exists here in Finland. The owner contacted me and asked if I would build his car as a model. I did and now it's in his house. it's a curbside model.
  9. Ok this pickup was stalled for a long time, but I finally got it done. Twin blower 426 Hemi will bring your pizza to you quick and still hot. Some lemonade coming along too.
  10. Under 8 sec. quarter mile, almost street legal in Finland late 1980 early 1990 was the 1:1 car. This model is as close as I could copy it. The real car still exists, the new owner has made some modifications to it, but not too much. This is a AMT kit Richard Petty with big tire openings etc. I had a big job to make it look like this. All the decals are self made too. The red/black stripes are painted.
  11. I put today the sponsor texts, the mirrors, doorhandles, lights and some other stuff too. The rear side windows got their ventilation holes drilled. The next thing to do is to fabricate the seat belts, and do some painting to the interior floor (I took the seat, the shifter and the hand brake lever off so I could do some changes to the floor and the rear of the cockpit and then I put all back in). And the PORSU text doesn't excist yet. I think 95 % is done here, so my schedule is on time.
  12. I made some modifications to the rear bumper to look more like the 1:1 Porsu.
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