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  1. Ok thanks for that photo, now it is cristal clear to me. Very cool detail on a vehicle, I think.
  2. Okay you are getting on. Are you sure you want those A-pillars to be brownish too like the rest of the roof? Just a humble question...
  3. Very good work and such a hot looking Porsche, both of them 1:1 and 1:24. Very tidy decals also you've made.
  4. Thanks Mike! Today I got the windshield and the rear window cut and placed. Not perfect, but those windows are the best ones I've done so far in my model car body conversions. No glue, just small bits of plastic to give support inside the window frame. I'm also trying to fix the front blincker problem with plastic pieces and some putty. Those corners were shaped quite wrong earlier, and now I'm struggling to get them somehow to look better. I should have done this before painting the body, but I thought they would do fine. Let's see how it goes. Got the Longchamp brochure today, that I bought from ebay. It presents the GTS version with the wheel opening flares etc. Oh what a car, I'd take one immediatly into my garage. Only 420 were made, all versions inclueded.
  5. I have never had much interest of show cars, but looking at your precise build I must admire your skills. Coming along nicely, keep up the good work and those sharp photos.
  6. Thanks Dann! Today I got the grill and the bumpers chromed and the little grills (louvers) installed and painted black. I needed to make the interior tub higher so it reaches to the side windows. Next thing to do is to fight with the new windows and make new front blinckers.
  7. Woooah not the easiest nose job. I made the whole grill new, because the earlier one was a bit too narrow for this body. Total 15 pieces in one grill! The front fenders tend to go wider where they should be more straight, but that's something I can't fix anymore. Therefore the front blinckers will be slightly out of 1:1 shape. Maybe it's no big deal.
  8. Well that's as simple kit as it can be. You gonna build it box stock or make all kind of extras to it? My friend drives rally with Scoda Favorit (other cars too). What a cool litle racer.
  9. Today I mixed matte white, brown and a drop of yellow paint and got the interior change its colour from dark red wine to this light cream tone. The head lights are going to be four round ones instead of two big rectangle shape lences as earlier was.
  10. My "De Tomato" got some paint. First it was Tamiya red, but the tone was too orange, so I sprayed two coats of Motip red and now I think it's red enough. The interior has to be painted in different colour too. That red wine tone doesn't match at all with that bright red body.
  11. Found it, the T-bird kit that gave the body for this De Tomaso and the rest of it was used to build that Galaxie as vintage Nascar.
  12. I'm really waiting to see this 4 door sedan done and ready to be seen painted and finished. There's something special in 4 door models that has made me to do several this kind of conversions too. Some good, some less good but anyhow, good luck to you on this project. Looking very sharp this far.
  13. David, after so many years this model was made, I'm not sure which kit T-bird was. I think though, that I used all parts but the body in this Ford Galaxie, also the 27 decals. McDonalds? Jimmy Spencer? But as said, not quite sure. The chassis for De Tomaso is taken and made shorter from 90's Chevy Impala police kit, interior tub too but it's mostly scratch. I often mix parts and make my own. Wheels from a Mopar etc. Rear axle from E-type Jag. >Ismo<
  14. Thanks David, if you have the time and interest, you can find the building topic from this Finnish Car Modelling Association site by clicking this link http://www.fcma.fi/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=10168 Lots of discussion in finnish but some good photos too. Please, have a look. In the photo above you can see some original red T-bird plastic behind the rear wheel. >Ismo<
  15. Thanks everybody! Today's task was to make the bumpers. I took the earlier shown bumper frame off, it was too thick. Now there is only those narrow one piece bumpers instead, made of parts trees. Also the thin window posts are glued, but them being so thin I'm sure they will brake and dissappear many times while messing around.
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