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  1. I can not do that kind of magic. One earlier 4 door project of mine raised the same idea to discussion and I watched some youtube videos of casting. Over my skills for sure. Thanks for asking though ๐Ÿ˜.
  2. Yeah for sure! I doupt, that there was no Pontiac taxicars in Finland back in those days. Some US cars, like Ramblers and Dodge Darts maybe, Plymouth Valiant too, but nothing this kind of vehicle. Mostly Peugeot, Volga, Mercedes etc.
  3. Thanks! Yesterday I got the interior painted. Nothing fancy there, mixed three different paint colours the get that light brown tone done... dark brown, white and some golden paint too. Light gray carpet on the floor. I took the floor shifter off and added a column shifter instead. This Taxi has a automatic gearbox. The 389cid 2bbl engine will have blue paint, but the rest of the chassis will be dark gray, as there's a stiff antirust threatment underneath the body.
  4. Oh jeah this is something I'm going to follow. There's a handfull of job for you. Good luck and lot's of something we Finns call "SISU". That's like "not to ever give up no matter what".
  5. It was built many years ago, and I can't find the thread anymore, but if you allow I put 3 photos here in your thread. This model is made to look like my 1:1 Audi, that I had for 14 years. Nowadays it has a new owner, and it's been built as a vintage rally car. When I sold it, the odo showed over 450tkm on it, still pulling strong with 185 hp stock under the hood.
  6. I dig this build, as 80'ies Audis are my soft spot. A few years ago I built this kit too, only thing though I converted it to '85 200 quattro. I cut the whole body from the nose to the tail in half to make it a bit wider and so on. Also 5 syl. turbo engine and 4wd axles are there. Keep on modelling, tuning version should be fun to watch when finished. I like that Benetton multi colour steering wheel a lot!
  7. Thanks everyone. That is a funny coinsidence Peter L. , that we build the same AMT '62 Pontiac Catalina at the same time to so different direction. Your Pontiac will look very cooool.
  8. No major development here, but Pontiac got a new layer of paint and I started to make it look like a finnish Taxi in 1962.
  9. Very nice build of that awful kit. I picked that kit some years ago for my boy for his first project, didn't get it done even with my help. Yours looks very good indeed.
  10. Hi bisc63, that Bonneville would had surely been such a cool ride, sorry you didn't get it. My project got it's first paint to show all the dings and scratches on the body. My white tamiya primer can was empty, so I had to use some market matt white spray, not a very good stuff, but it dries fast.
  11. This time I will try to get things done the easy way, as I won't rise the roof of the 2d ht, just making the window openings a bit higher and enlargening the rear window. Let's see how it goes... The driver side windows are still untouched.
  12. Such a beauty. That paint surely shows all the curves of that body.
  13. Thanks everybody! I didn't put any dirt on it, because I thought this racer is ready for the next race or season, all washed and painted and fixed. Also the wrinkles in the body are easier to see this way.
  14. This racer is now ready and can be seen in the NASCAR section. Thank you!
  15. Hello. This build up can be seen On The Workbench. Here is some photos of the Finnish modeller's finished model.
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