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  1. Thanks everybody, also the owner of the real Valvoline-Barracuda was very pleased when he came to see this model.
  2. Hello, a quick build, AMT Laurel&Hardy model kit with great figures. But these gents were just meant to sit tight in the front bench under the roof, so I made some adjustments. Now Mr. Hardy has a plaster on his foot, while Mr. Laurel is trying to get their Ford running. I left some kit parts unused to make things look more simple, brush painted the body and made the chrome dull. I would have put older wooden style rims on it to look older style, if I had any. I like the faces of them figures, they really have recogniseable chracter on them. Great little kit, fun to build.
  3. I wanted to give this funny kit some extra flavour, so Ollie got his foot put in plaster, as seen in one of their marvelous films. Ollies jacket looks quite wet, perhaps he met a bucket of water too. Ford is ok, but I'd rather put some "wooden spoke" rims to it, but don't have any. Maybe some weathering too, as this duos vehicles were never like new looking.
  4. This car is a replica of a Finnish drag race car. 1/4 mile best 9.51 sec. and 234 km/h top speed. (Miami Vice Racing). Chevy BB 461 cid 650hp, 2sp Powerglide, Ford 9". Model is made by using MPC '69 Barracuda body, lots of scratch building and kit bashing involved. Spray painted, self made decals. No 3d printed or after market parts.
  5. Next step is to put the decals on. I'm making all the decals too.
  6. Thanks John and Luke, I really really like this kind of building. I get no kicks if trying to build straight from the box. Those few box stock models just stay stalled in the cabin... Today I sprayed the primer and white coat on the body.
  7. Thanks Stephen. I just asked the owner of the real car, what colour should the cabin floor be...? All black interior, he said. Oh well, here it goes. Atleast the shifter can be shiny. And all black paint hides that over size tubing, kinda.
  8. Roll cage made of parts trees. I know it's a bit thick but I can live with that. And it's not exact what a real car would have in PET and SPET class. I made also the race stool, gauges etc. Maybe next time there will be paint over the body too. Three colours, white, red and blue.
  9. I'm glad you like the start of this project, thanks. Here is some progress in the engine bay.
  10. I started a new project, it's a replica of a Finnish drag race car. The kit I'm using is MPC '69 Barracuda. The body, bumpers and the glass ware might be the only parts I'm using from the kit, everything else is taken elsewhere or made by me.
  11. Thanks everybody! Those wipers are now done, silver paint as the real car had.
  12. Outstanding work. I've built some twin turbo engines too to my models, but oh boy your set up looks so real. And the whole model looks really great.
  13. Hello. This time I show you my latest model, built by using AMT '66 Nova Pro Street kit. The roof and the rear section are scratch built. The wipers could have been painted silver, I' ll do it later... The real 1:1 car was built and driven by Aulis Hämeenkorpi here in Finland late '80ies and early '90ies. Street leagal and fast race car.
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