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  1. Thanks everyone. This roof of mine is a left over from '65 Chevelle wagon. I built a 2door street/drag Malibu with no roof earlier and now I try to mate it with this Mustang. I cut an inch off of the roof front section.
  2. I agree, those wheels are awesome. After my furious search I managed to find the missing fourth wheel. Sometime in the past it had lost some of the lip, so I filed another wheel to match it and put them in front. The rear wheels will that way have more lip and a bit wider tires too. Where those wheels came to my parts box, I have no clue. Maybe I bought them from a show room sales table. But what on earth did happen to the the roof of this poor Mustang? And why is there a mysterious long roof lying behind that abused body shell?
  3. I know, '67 Shelby is an icon among muscle cars. That can't stop me from making some changes to it's appearance or drive train, as good looking classic as it really is. AMT Shelby GT350 has been sitting in the box for many years. Usually I have a pretty clear image in my head, what to do to the model I'm starting to work with, but this time I have just a fade of idea. First I started by cutting the nose and gluing some plastic too to it. Let's see how it goes later. I found some fine wheels too, but sadly only three of them.
  4. Thanks everybody! The wind shield frame is very simple. I measured and cut from a plastic sheet a piece, cut the glass shaped center off, applyed Molotow chrome on it, added two small pieces in the side posts and the glued it to the roof. And put the glass on it ofcourse. Nothing fancy, could have used more energy to it, but it works this way too. The song is stunning! I heard it first time, had to build this model and now the intro is on my phone as the ringtone too! I may be hypnotized!
  5. And now this Black Betty is "Under Glass", thank you everyone.
  6. Ok I call this one done. Started as '39 Chevy body shell I converted it to look more like '35 Dodge. I spotted this cool car from a music video, Spiderbait band performing their earthmoving version of an old song - Black Betty. There is a build off story "on the workbench". I got some good photos of the 1:1 car from a bud from AUS (thanks again Cool Hand). Sorry there's no spark plug wires. I've run out of orange wire, but later I will add them too. I think my model captured the spirit of "Black Betty" quite well, or what do you think?
  7. The engine got some chrome, headers and I started to look for the head light lences. Those are a bit too large, but that is an easy fix. I also replaced the radiator supporter rods with two thinner ones.
  8. Well the engine just got some paint, because I didn't put any cover on it while painting the body shell, lazy me. I will paint the valve covees and stuff with aluminium and chrome later. The engine block can stay black, I think.
  9. Okay I painted Black Betty again. This time first gray primer, then metallic black. It was too grayish, so I sprayed shiny black on it. That covered all the metallic effect, so I sprayed very lightly that metallic black again. Then a few coats of clear varnish. The dash and the steering wheel is there. Also the seats. The side boards will be painted later. Also I will change those two tubes that are supporting the radiator. They are too thick now.
  10. Hey thanks everyone, I really appreciate your kind comments. I've been looking my build closely. The paint didn't make me happy, so I sanded it matte. I will put fresh paint on it, but not with a brush. Got the radiator and the hoses installed. I wonder, why there is two hoses going up to the radiator? Well I put the other one go down to the engine. Also the rear axle found it's place. I'm waiting the magazine I bought to arrive, hoping there's a picture of the interior. The A-pillars in the pic are not ready.
  11. Sorry for the double video, the first one doesn't start from the beginning. I can't figure out how to delete it. The second video starts from the very first note though. I added more black paint, brushed it to the body shell and now it´s darker. I also fixed the front fender fail. i didn't realize the crack until applyed paint on it. After the paint has dried I will put clear lacquer on it and hopefully smooth some of those brush marks left on the surface.
  12. Thanks! Tom is learning finnish! Today I did some final touches to the body shell and then I mixed some paint. Red, blue, black and gold. I brushed it to the body and hmmmm I'm not sure if it's dark enough. The rag top is made of plastic sheets and green bondo. It's not ready yet either.
  13. I also enjoy watching the development of the chassis. I´d check the rotation direction on the tires. Hopefully you have enough steering angle for the front wheels, being a drift car. Very cool build so far.
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