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  1. Here's another follower. I have a soft spot on these VWs, as I had '79 VW Derby 1300LS many years when I was still young. Briigth yellow with same yellow alloys, GTI flares, tuff suspension etc. Some day I will make a model of it, even if I have to scratch build it.
  2. The ignition wires and hood scoop glued. The exhaus pipes are still loose, they will be more level when they can be installed. Also I put some Molotow chrome to the steelies.
  3. Thanks everybody, Today I painted the engine. Not sure what colour the air cleaners will be.
  4. So I wasn't happy with the engine sitting too high and too front, so I made some changes placing the engine as far back and low as possible. I also turned the twin turbos facing each other and tilted them a bit downwards. Now the inlet from the intercooler can run over them. I was a bit hasty earlier and cut the hood open, but now everything fits under it without any scoop or hump. I will try to close the hood hole someday. Large exhaust pipes peek through the front fenders. More to come, stay tuned.
  5. Thanks everybody, some progress here but I'm not sure what kind of wheels would be cool on this. Wide painted steelies or something more shiny...? There's big drag slicks and narrow front runners under it. Somehow I see this like a low budget street racer built in a modest back yard carage. We'll see how it goes.
  6. Hi everybody, I got in my hands a previously built Caddy Eldorado, took it apart and soaked it into paint remover. I'm using the chassis of '64 Pontiac GTO. The engine comes from the parts box, twin turbos are self made.
  7. Maybe the first 55 I've seen in white paint, and it really looks good and sharp. Great detailing everywhere, a joy to look closely.
  8. Hello, this time I show you my latest model. There's a story to follow at the Workbench, if interested. It started as a police toy car, friction operated. A pile of available parts came from 635csi and 750i kits, and some scratch building was also needed. The wheels are Plymouth Cuda steelies. I'm still waiting for the 745i emblem to the trunk lid to arrive from RU, but the mail is veeeery slow/stalled for the reasons we all know. Thanks for watching, comments are ofcourse welcome.
  9. Ok now I call this premium class German vehicle ready to go Under The Glass. Maybe I could work even more with it, but the spring weather drags me outside of the house, and I think it's decent enough to put among the other models.
  10. Oh man, you Anton surely don't cross the fence where it sits the lowest. The suspension in this kit really is great and it deserves to be seen.
  11. Headlights, blinckers and some other small stuff still missing. And then it's done.
  12. Oh man, that's the way to do it! Could not have been made any better than that.
  13. I'd go this way, if I could. I don't have a full kit and this kind of wheels, so I can only dream... Maybe the gold tone wheels would be a good choise too.
  14. And then I didn't like that crispy green colour. So I repainted the body, this time much more lame tone. I think it's better this way. But will this be the final colour, nobody knows.
  15. Thanks again everyone. Today I painted the body with Tamiya spray. Two thin coats and the several wet coats. Only one noticeable spot on the driver side fender, no big problem. Now I'll let it dry, meanwhile I can put some wires to the engine bay etc.
  16. Thanks you all. The glass matter is a question still, I have one 635csi wind screen I'll try on this, but maybe make a new one out of clear plastic as all the other windows too. Today the body got the first primer to show all the dents and scratches. Not too bad, minor putty fix and maybe tomorrow new paint on it.
  17. Very good looking kit you have there, great parts to work with. I use 635csi parts on my project 745i, but I don't know what manufacturer they are originally, some are Fujimi and some are Tamiya for sure. The low stance suits well on 635csi, and with no chrome it will look superb.
  18. Here's one in ebay to start with.
  19. More stuff into the power barn.
  20. When I put the turbo charger and an intercooler in the power barn, this BMW can wear the 745i badge in the trunk lid.
  21. Now I have installed BMW 750i interior with some shaping to the dash to look more like e23 style.
  22. Thanks. The story behind this BMW police toy is very thin. I got the body and a pile of 635/750 parts. No windows for this body. The chassis was a friction operating and it only said "Made in Macao", nothing else. Anton, I will keep your kind offer in mind.
  23. Something different now. I got my hands on this ex-police car toy, and after the body was cut in half and made less wide, it started to look quite good. Then I cut the hood open. The interior is taken from BMW 750 kit, with some mods. The chassis is from BMW 635 CSi kit, and it was also made a bit longer. The 6 cyl engine is also from 635 CSi kit. It will have a turbo installed like the top of the line e23 745i had.
  24. I give you one pic, because it's not my own real car. He's got two sets of wheels and I could choose which ones I put under the model. Also the real car now has Hoosier rear tires.
  25. Hi you all. Lindberg Olds 442 2d ht got some modifications to become a replica of a Finnish street race car, 4door Cutlass. Engine SBC, TH350, 9" rear. I scratch made some parts to the engine bay, interior is two tone with racing bucket seats. Wheels are taken from '66 Pro Street Nova, just made some modifications to them. Lots of self made decals in the rear window. Tamiya white spray paint.
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