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  1. Thanks everybody! Those wipers are now done, silver paint as the real car had.
  2. Outstanding work. I've built some twin turbo engines too to my models, but oh boy your set up looks so real. And the whole model looks really great.
  3. Hello. This time I show you my latest model, built by using AMT '66 Nova Pro Street kit. The roof and the rear section are scratch built. The wipers could have been painted silver, I' ll do it later... The real 1:1 car was built and driven by Aulis Hämeenkorpi here in Finland late '80ies and early '90ies. Street leagal and fast race car.
  4. Alan, you mentioned several countries, where modellers are exited when following your ambitious build. You can now add atleast one modeller from Finland, as I today spotted your build and read it through instantly. So fantastic job so far. I also like to make quite big conversions with my kits, so it's fun to see your work. Keep it on!
  5. Thanks everybody. The summer is too hot to get much modelling done, but still I got the power barn painted like it was in the real car back in the days. Red and blue, quite different style.
  6. I got the rear end sorted out, and I laid a new coat of red paint. Also the axles were easy to assemble, so my Nova is now stanging on all fours.
  7. Thanks Kit, it's Under Glass already. Just keep scrolling the list downwards.
  8. Hi Alan, those chrome blisters are made of Evergeen plastic by exacto knife and filing. And thanks everybody, Aulis is one highly talented car builder and it's fun to copy his cars into smaller scale.
  9. Well I will take a few steps back on this wagon. I haven't notice that the rear bumper should be located much lower. Also I have to make the back lights longer than before. The area behind the rear wheels should go straight and not upwards. I have stripped the red paint off and continue from there.
  10. Yes that's the one, well spotted. In that picture Nova may have been painted light blue, but later it became bright red after major overhaul.
  11. Thanks everybody, today I sprayed the primer on it to find all the little spots that need attention.
  12. Yep. More modifications done. I went through my tire/wheel stock and those are usable.
  13. Tervehdys. This time I'm building a replica of streetlegal drag car from the late '80ies / early '90ies in Finland, built and driven by Aulis Hämeenkorpi. I started with the common AMT Pro Street '66 Nova kit 1:25. At first I checked if there was any dimension difference between the STW and other body styles... same. Then off goes the roof. I made the A-posts a bit longer, as the roof might sit higher on the STW. The curiosity in this particular vehicle is that it was a 2 door (3 if tail gate counts). Originally it was a 4 (5) door STW though.
  14. Thanks everybody, I got this Aulis's Rod ready to Under Glass.
  15. Today I got finished this '32 Rod replica of the real car, that was built in Finland by Aulis Hämeenkorpi, (www.Auliz.fi) Chevy engine 409 cid, Muncie 21 trans. and Quick Change rear with 9" Ford axles. I chopped the roof and tilted the A-posts slightly backwards. I made a new fire wall, valve covers, air cleaner, axle supporters, towing gear, exhaust pipes and many other scratch made parts. I also opened the grill by scribing the strings apart from each other. Thanks for watching, feel free to comment.
  16. Getting closer to finish this Rod. I got the head lights fixed and plug wires are there too. I made a new air filter kit to match the valve covers. I also opened the grill by scratching every narrow string apart from each other. It can be seen through now.
  17. I spray painted the body, but it didn't work as planned. Terrible result, waited it to get dry and sandpapered it down. I mixed light Revell paint with white to get even more light gray. Then brush painted the body, not perfect but much better than the first spray coat. The body parts are just put on the frame, nothing is in place yet.
  18. Thanks Wayne, glad to hear. I'm still working on my '32 replica. I got the wheels assembled, then made a new air filter setup and some new support rods for the front axle. I also put new front shock absorbers, the were up side down in the kit, old style I guess.
  19. Thanks everybody. Today my '32 409 hopped on his wheels. I got the quick change rear end put together and made also the supporters ready to be installed. I put the engine as back and low I could. There is a new wall between the cabin and the engine bay.
  20. I'm building a 1:25 replica of one fine '32 Ford 5w Coupe, that was built in Finland many years ago. The mighty 409 cid engine got self made valve covers and I chopped the roof too. I tilted the A-posts backwards a bit so there's no need to cut the roof.
  21. Very beautiful Buick. All is said above, I just keep admiring your model.
  22. Going forward with this '55. i got the interior painted, just black and a bit aluminium on the inner skins of the doors. The roll cage is orange. I made a simple race seat to the drivers side. The plug wires got installed, and when I get the radiator hoses bent, the engine compartment is done.
  23. Thanks everybody. Snake, the front end is from this AMT kit, I just made some small changes. I got the roll cage in, and the self made valve covers too. The my own made radiator was a tight fit, but it's there finally. The rear wheels need some bolts, the engine needs the distributor. The radiator needs them hoses. I don't know, what kind of exhaust pipes the real car had, but I'll put some sort of pipes under it.
  24. There's photos in the web on the owners page, but I don't want to post them anywhere. If you put on google Auliz.fi you will find lots of photos of his great street and race cars. Also this '55. Today I put orange paint on white primer (first I put light gray to cover those bondos) the orange didn't make perfect but I think it's ok. Also two coats of clear varnish.
  25. This '55 was a real street/strip car in Finland in the '80ies. It had a SBC 355 engine with TH400 trans. Raced with limited money it was built by the driver from used and salvage parts, but it was very fast. I've built many old finnish street/strip car models, and for sure this won't be the last one.
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