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  1. Looks really good. I love the interior color...I may have to use that on an upcoming build.
  2. Looking awesome! I think something along the lines of this would fit perfectly into what you're building. http://www.clearlyscale.com/product/gm-lsx454-supercharged-ls9-v8-engine-transmission-set
  3. Finished up my second build a few weeks ago...Revell '67 Corvette built as a road race car. I know the body isn't 100% accurate, and I didn't take any steps to correct it. Built box-stock except for wheels/tires and decals.
  4. I'm looking for a 1/25 scale child car seat that I can put in a project build I'm working on...anyone have a source?
  5. Display, store, sell...what do you all do with your built kits? I know there are some that I will display, but the wife and I agree that it'd be best to just display them in my office. Haven't decided what I will do with the ones that I don't want to display.
  6. Very nice! I currently have the same kit taking a bath to strip the paint. Got it from a friend who did a terrible job painting it. This gives me inspiration to get it built!
  7. Looking for a hood from the Revell Charger SRT8 kit...the "uptown" Superbee for a project I'm working on. I don't have a very big collection of spare parts, so I don't have a lot to trade, but I'm willing to purchase.
  8. Maybe it's sitting high because there's no engine!
  9. I have an old model I built when I was a kid soaking in brake fluid as I type this...it's been in for about 24 hours, and the plastic is the same as it was when it went in.
  10. Spitfire

    37 Ford

    Nice, I like the color scheme. That looks like a neat kit.
  11. It's from the Revell 32 Sedan hot rod kit.
  12. Yeah, I need to acquire some junk bodies to practice on...I'm worried about making it better instead of worse.
  13. This is my second build in about 17 years, so I'm pretty rusty, but I chose a '32 Sedan for the project. Building box stock with a flathead V8. Wheels are from a '32 street rod Monogram kit. My primary focus is improving my paint skills and honing my assembly skills without diving into any major modifications...just trying to achieve a clean build. Paint has some imperfections and isn't glass-smooth, but I'm happy with it, especially considering it's just Rustoleum rattle-can.
  14. Love it! I wish I would have snagged one of these up before they went out of production and started going for $100+ on ebay...I keep hoping they'll bring it back.
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