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  1. That^^^^^is looking slick!.....😎👍
  2. Some 265 small blocks were painted yellow by GM......
  3. I have a Monogram BiG Deuce kit from '63 that's molded in red.... And also a BiG T.... From ???? '62....
  4. Poor thing sounds sick....😟
  5. I'm trying to figure out how to mount the chopped tall T body on the exterminator chassis....
  6. Where in Italy are you from????..... I was born in a little town called Arpino.....
  7. Yep! What them^^^^^guys said..... 😎👍
  8. Deuces

    1971 Duster

    Looks fantabulous!!!!!..... 😎👍
  9. The Starliner looks pretty cool with the teardrop scoop.....😎👍
  10. Deuces

    RPM Act

    My kind of thread... 😀😈😇
  11. Really????.... I gotta drive for an hour to get too the closest one...😡
  12. No biggie.....😎👍
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