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  1. On 11/29/2019 at 11:18 AM, GeeBee said:

    Another one added to the stash, another Revell model that is near impossible to find, thanks to my good friend Shay O'Dowd (Dublin Boy)who put out the feelers and actually found someone in the U.S that had one (Kerry Ingram) and was willing to sell it on.


    I don't even know if I bought that kit...... I'll have to check out my stash..... ??

  2. It took 6 weeks to get mine after I ordered it.... That was my first new car at age 28.... I lucked out when I got mine.... It was equipped the speakers, antenna and wire harness behind the dash plate... All I had to do was install a factory stereo that I got from a buddy of mine for 10 bucks.... ?

  3. 17 hours ago, Hmann68 said:

    Nice looking 5.0! I bought a brand new one with a manual in 1988 at age 18. Beat the heck outta it lol!!

    Me too!... I ordered mine black with no air? or stereo... $10,400.00 with A plan.... 

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