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  1. Wunderbare Mustangs, Dominik! Ich mag die alten Fastbacks!
  2. I finally got my Christmas shopping done and gifts wrapped. Well, for now. Until I think of something else lol
  3. My dad chipped a tooth working on a truck. Alright, here’s some context: Dad is a diesel mechanic. He works on big rigs and trailers. He also carries a maglite in his mouth when he works instead of using a headlamp. Well, he wanted to roll under a truck (using a creeper) with the maglite in his mouth, but the truck’s frame said a very hard “no”. Apparently, Dad did not know that the maglite would not clear the frame. He was working overtime, not a regular shift - which also doesn’t help the situation. Hey, coulda been worse, though. Since this unfortunate event took place, Mom said that she’s getting him a hat with a built-in headlamp for Christmas 😁
  4. I saw the Christmas movie thread, and thought It’d be neat to start a song thread, too. Covers, originals, alternative versions, you name it. For me, it’s just not Christmas until I hear Christmas Eve/Sarajevo by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. That, Lemmy, Dave, and Billy’s version of Run Rudolph Run, and MCR’s All I Want For Christmas Is You cover are definitely favorites. And, of course, all the Christmas classics, too. So, what are your favorite Christmas songs? Which ones really get you in the holiday spirit?
  5. I made some Steampunk-themed jewelry this morning. 3 pairs of earrings and a bracelet. It's going to be a Christmas gift for my Momma (her and I both like the Steampunk culture). First time I ever attempted any kind of jewelry making. Turns out, I find it kinda fun.
  6. For us it's: The Muppet Christmas Carol The Santa Clause movies Rise of the Guardians (if you consider that a Christmas movie) And the good ol' classic, The Polar Express 😉
  7. I greatly appreciate this info, Scott. The truck engine is EFI, and research (the internet) claims that it has forged pistons (for what it’s worth - I haven’t had the engine apart to prove that yet). I was planning on running a 50-shot dry system on a mostly stock engine, higher octane fuel (91?), no tune, and 1-2 step colder plugs. Solid plan, or am I asking for trouble? Also, when is a good time to “hold the button”? I’ve seen some people saying at WO, some saying at 3-4th gear, and others saying as soon as you leave the line. Figured I’d ask someone who actually runs nitrous instead of just asking the internet. As for gathering info at the local track, sadly very few cars run nitrous. So, not a whole lot of people to talk to. Thanks again.
  8. Thank you very much for the info and links, guys. After some traveling and a buncha phone calls, I found someone fairly local who refills nitrous bottles. Apparently, they’re the only nitrous refiller in my area.
  9. Oh yeah, I’ll be doing plenty of research and reading before settling on nitrous. I have an idea of what not to do, now to find out what to do 🙃 Thanks for the comment!
  10. Alright, this is kind of a strange question, so feel free to move this post if needed. I’m looking to run a Nitrous system on my truck for next race season. However, I know very little about said power-adder. So, I have a very important question for y’all: anyone know where would I get my Nitrous bottle refilled? A welding/gas shop? Local speed shop? Somewhere else? Not sure how much response I’m gonna get, but thanks in advance.
  11. Yeah, what they said! 😁 I use a used dryer sheet (one from the load of dry laundry) to “scoop” up the lint from the trap (metal lint trap). Hope my $.02 helps.
  12. Yessir. My Grandpa built model trucks, big rigs, and O-scale train dioramas back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, my dad built a little bit of everything back in the ‘90s, and now I’m following in their footsteps. Which is kinda nice, because now they can see their old projects completed.
  13. Found this in my Grandparents' attic. It's open and started, but still in good condition. They had no use for it anymore, so they gave it to me.
  14. This was actually last weekend, but I figured I'd still post it. There is a no-prep drag strip down in Berkeley Springs, WV that we go to often. Well, we were there last Saturday, and saw this cool thing. An old Ford Fairlane with a Paxton-supercharged 427 under the hood. (Not my photos, credit to Kregg Reynolds Photography)
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