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  1. Got some stuff for my full-scale arts-&-crafts project. A wire wheel to scrape foam off of the headliner board, and some new fabric for said headliner.
  2. Got some High Density Foam blocks and spray adhesive. My Dad and I are replacing the foam on my "new" seats for the F-150. Since everything else on the truck was a DIY project, we decided to try to replace it ourselves...we'll see how that goes 🙂
  3. Finally got around to taking the interior of my truck apart today. We’re working on getting the Dakota seats to fit and replacing the sagging headliner. I think I know what “project car” means now 😁
  4. Very sad to hear this. He built many amazing models. Thoughts and prayers for his family.
  5. I just thought that this was kinda interesting. The “Last Shelby Cobra”, a 2004 concept car, crossed the auction block at Mecum’s Monterey Car Week sale last week. Here’s the link to an article on MotorAuthority: https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1132571_ford-shelby-cobra-concept-fetches-2-64m-at-monterey-auction
  6. Man, that is one impressive truck! Love the weathering and powertrain. I bet it turns all the heads at the local cruise-ins 😁
  7. Nice job turning a “disaster” into something “delightful”. Looks great!
  8. Nice paint work and nice weathering! Looks great for a first-time completed build.
  9. Very nice build! Amazing detail and paint work - shiny, but not too showcar-y. What’s the 1/4 mile time? 🙂
  10. Cool lookin Pro Street! Nice color combo.
  11. Looks great! I like the “personality” that it has. Nice color choice!
  12. Nice build! I might have to add one of these to my kit stash someday.
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