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  1. Still, looks great! I like the color!
  2. Awesome Gasser build, Jim! Very nice work on the chop and flatbed.
  3. Cool little Wagon! Very nice build!
  4. Thanks everyone for the info. I will test the BMF over the paint on a piece of sprue. Just wondering - would a coat or two of Pledge Revive It make the paint surface smooth?
  5. This one is going to be built with no chassis detail and very little interior detail (kinda like a slammer build). It's the 2012 release AMT 1:25 scale Hardtop. The kit did have some flashing, but it has plenty of spare parts (mostly drag racing parts). I'm going to paint it a darker red with a black vinyl top, and swap the kit engine for a 300 from the new Moebius '66 Pickup. So far, I have the body, chassis, and interior bucket in primer.
  6. Another build that stalled for a bit, but I'm back at it again. I took all of the chrome parts off of the engine, then put it in the purple pond for a bit. It seems that I won't get the engine apart without breaking it, so I'm going to paint it as-is and detail it later. There was probably about half a tube of glue used for the interior assembly, so the interior tub, seats, and arm rests are now one piece. Same for the chassis assembly. Anyways, pretty much all of the sub-assemblies are primed and ready for paint now.
  7. It's been a while since I worked on this build, but now it's back on the workbench. The chassis assembly was actually pretty easy to get apart using the freezing technique. The paint was stripped off all of the parts, and the chassis plate is now in gray primer. It wasn't too bad to start, but I started cleaning the engine up a bit (re-detailing, re-painting, re-chroming, etc.). It's kinda hard to see in the pics, but the interior and dash are primed with white primer. I filled and sanded the blemishes behind the headlight bezels and got the body and hood in gray primer.
  8. Here's where I'm at so far. I decided to completely redo the interior (this time using decals for the woodgrain instead of painting it), so I stripped the paint off and got it back in primer. The engine is complete and sitting in the chassis. I'll be able to start applying decals to the hood and body once the gloss black paint on the hood cures. It's slowly but surely getting closer to being finished. I hope to have it done by Thanksgiving, which is the 28th of this month.
  9. It appears that I can only post one picture at a time right now, so here are the rest of the pics.
  10. This build's been going slowly, but surely. Since the last update I got the gloss black on the hood painted, the engine set on the chassis, and most of the other parts painted and detailed. I also decided that I want to redo the interior, this time using decals from the Boss 302 kit for the woodgrain, so I stripped the paint off and got it reprimed.
  11. Saw a black/gray 2-tone 2003 F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition, a new Pure White VW Beetle Dune Edition, and an early 90’s Ford Ranger with a stake bed.
  12. Welcome aboard, Brett! It’s neat to see another Pennsylvanian joining us here on the forum!
  13. I have a ‘69 Mustang grille that I painted flat black - can I use Bare Metal Foil for the chrome trim, or will the texure/finish of the paint make it look strange?
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