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  1. I’m pretty sure I just heard a mouse in the house. I was just sitting in my recliner watching TV, minding my own business, when I heard this strange squeaking from the other room. Did some research, and yep, it was a mouse. Oh well, that’s what cats are for, right? 🙂
  2. Dang! That’s one cool project you got there. Looks like you’re off to a great start. Keep up the good work!
  3. Hah! I wish. I already have enough of a headache project with my F-150 😁 Anyone have a time machine that I could borrow for a bit? You could come with me if you wanted to...🙃
  4. Duhhh 🤦‍♂️ I really should’ve known that...😁 Thanks for setting me straight! Yep, exactly. I was after some parts for my truck, and decided to take a look around. At least they let me walk the yard. Some junkyards around here won’t even let you do that.
  5. I was part of a local car show this weekend. Part of the show, and the staff! The event organizers were looking for volunteers, so of course I had to lend a helping hand. I was a traffic director, so I got to see every show car roll in 🙂 Here are some highlights of the show:
  6. Ok, so this may or may not be a long shot. I went to a local junkyard a few days ago, and I saw this. I really wanna know what it is. It feels like I should, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Feel free to embarrass me if this thing was easy to identify 😁
  7. Saw this in the Hobby Lobby parking lot. A shiny new Alfa Romeo Stelvio.
  8. Thank you all for the replies and information. Much appreciated. I have just a couple more questions... I took all the built models out of the plastic bags and wrapped them in paper towels. Would it hurt/warp them if I just stacked them back in the container/bin that I had them in, about 5 cars deep/high? Should I take the decals out of the unopened kits too, or just the opened ones? Would keeping the loose parts of the opened kits in a clear plastic bag be ok? Could I store the decals in a clear paper protector without any problems? Not trying to ask a lot of questions, just want to store them properly that way I don’t run into any issues in the future.
  9. Since I am currently taking a break from building, I want to store my built models and kits. Right now I have my built models in clear plastic bags in a big container (I put them in bags that way no parts would get lost), and my kits in a box (I also bagged up all the loose parts in the opened kits). I’m not looking to keep the built models in perfect condition as they’re going to get restored one day. All the models are currently in a finished basement with a dehumidifier. So, with all that being said, how would I store the built models and opened kits without them deteriorating? Should I take the decals out of the kits? Should I keep the loose parts in containers instead of bags? Should I take the built models out of the bags and just store them in the container? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Not really on the road, but at a cookout. A good friend of mine got this beauty out today. He's had it apart for a few months for some fixes. Good to see it back on the road.
  11. Thank you all very much for the replies and information. I greatly appreciate it. And thanks for the education on radiators. Now I know what we actually need, and what would just be for looks. Bill, what’s your thoughts on a reversible 2,500 CFM S-blade fan for a 4-row OEM radiator? That’s the one that I was looking at before asking the questions in the first post.
  12. I’m (finally) looking to build my full-scale weekend toy. One of the things I want to do is get an aluminum radiator with an electric fan. However, I read somewhere that a 2-row aluminum radiator is equivalent to a 4-row OEM radiator, and that a 4-row OEM radiator is too much for an electric fan. Are these things true, or was it one of “those” articles? I admit, I know precious little about cooling systems. Thanks in advance.
  13. I’ve lived the lefty lifestyle for as long as I’ve been around. I do pretty much everything left handed. Hold a rifle, swing a golf club, even play board games left handed 😁 However, I am an ambidextrous guitar player. I have a right handed bass, cigar box, and electric, and a left handed acoustic. I have more right handed guitars, but I have a lot more experience with the left one.
  14. Went to Hobby Lobby for the first time in ages yesterday. They had a lotta new stuff that I didn't know about (I haven't been keeping up-to-date on kit releases). Picked up a Willys gasser and a '64 Belvedere.
  15. Went to the Chambersburg, Pennsylvania HL yesterday. All model kits 40% off, no coupon needed. They had one ‘60 Fleetside left, and a couple ‘64 Belvederes.
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