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  1. Finished up my 2015 Dale Earnhardt Jr Baja Blast build this weekend. The was a Chase Elliott kit, added front and rear chassis clips, paint is a custom color and 2k clear from Splash Paints. The decals are from 3 Amigos. I used a lot of Detail Masters and protech photo etch parts, as well as fittings and oil lines. This was a really fun build, and the colors were spot on, I am really satisfied with how this build turned out.
  2. Thanks guys I appreciate the compliments!!
  3. Finally finished my 2015 Dale Jr Windows 10 build. This was a revell chase kit, decals are from 3 Amigos, they went down with ease. Paint is from splash paints, with splash 2k clear topping it all off. I added a lot of photo etch parts, also used pro tech parts, detail masters, scale Motorsports as well. Really enjoyed this build.
  4. I still have a lot more to do before I finish this one up, but I wanted mock it up a little. The engine is about 90 percent done, still have some plumbing to do. I’m still working on the fire extinguishers and getting them plumbed. I need to make the seat belts, and radio wires to finish up the seat. The dash also needs to be painted and decals need to be applied, as well as some photo etch parts. I got the body cleared this weekend, the decals are from 3 Amigo’s, and they went on very easily, I added a few decals from power slide. Also need to decal and finish painting the rims and tires. I used a lot of Protech and Detail Master’s parts on this build as well. I can almost see the finish line with this build.
  5. Started a new project, this is in the very early stages, but this will be my 2015 Dale Earnhardt Jr Windows 10 build. I am using a lot of parts from protech, detail masters, rb motion, dirt modeler, and small great details. I will be using splash paints and clear. Decals are from 3 Amigos and a few from power slide. Special thank you to Clay Kemp for a lot of tips and tricks. Here is where I stand so far with the build.
  6. Thanks everyone I appreciate the comments!!
  7. Finished up my 2006 Dale Earnhardt Jr Black Budweiser build from Talladega. I modified the nose with styrene and milliput, tried to get it as close as I possibly could to the super speedway package they raced that year. I used Powerslide decals for the majority of the car, really have to thank Mark at MPR decals for getting me the side skirt rivets decals. This car was primered with Mr. Hobby Primer, then I used splash paints black 2k clear, then applied decals, and sealed the decals with Splash Paints 2K clear. A lot of aftermarket parts are on the build, including Protech, Detail Masters, Off the Sprue, Arrowhead Aluminum Parts, Miller Custom Sports 3D printed parts, Scale Motorsports. This kit was a 2006 Revell Dale Jr kit.
  8. Looks awesome brother!!
  9. This is Dale Jr’s 2017 Grey Ghost from Martinsville, this was a Revell SS Kit. Paint was from Gravity Colors USA, first time using 2k clear, which was from Splash Paints, decals are from Powerslide, and Ace Decals. I lowered and tucked the wheels, engines was wired and plumbed with Pro Tech fittings and braided lines. I used the kit seat as a base and tried to get it as close as possible to Jr’s seat. This was a fun build and really learned a lot and think I have found my go to clear from here out, also the gravity colors paint went on really well.
  10. Made a bit of progress, the chassis still has some parts to install and paint up, the seat needs the rest of the carbon fiber decals, and rivets added, then on to seat belts, the dash still needs toggle switches added and some more carbon fiber decals. The body is primered and ready for paint soon. Hopefully in a few weeks this one will be completed along with the other builds I need to finish up.
  11. Yes sir it is, the 09 from Phoenix Racing built by Hendrick for Keselowski to race
  12. Thanks Mark, I’m doing a detailed 2009 Keselowski Talladega winner and Jr’s 2012 Daytona 500 car.
  13. Okay I’ve been in a slump lately and wanted to try to mess around with the COT Snap kits, I learned a lot with this first build and hopefully when I do another I will have some of the issues worked out. This is my Dale Jr 2012 Michigan winner, the Dark Knight Mountain Dew Scheme. The decals are Powerslide, paint is Tamiya Ts-14, with Tamiya Clear. I took a parts box and built an engine and detailed out the interior, scratch built the seat, and used rims and tires from a 2003 kit. Not my best work but will look nice on the shelf.
  14. Okay after not completing anything for a while, I finally finished my 2008 Dale Jr Bud Shootout winner. This was an AMT snapkit, I added some details mainly to the interior, the decals are from Powerslide, paint is Tamiya pure white, and Tamiya metallic blue. I have a few more of these COT cars to build.
  15. Okay after not completing anything for a while, I finally finished my 2008 Dale Jr Bud Shootout winner. This was an AMT snapkit, I added some details mainly to the interior, the decals are from Powerslide, paint is Tamiya pure white, and Tamiya metallic blue. I have a few more of these COT cars to build.
  16. I clear the body after painting, then I apply the decals and then I seal the decals with future.
  17. Thanks everyone, I honestly didn’t think I’d ever finish this one up. I’m starting on a Days of Thunder car this week, so stay tuned. Also if anyone is on Facebook go check out my page, Hadden’s Raceday Replicas.
  18. This is my version of Dale Earnhardt Jr’s 2008 Nicorette 300 entry for the Nationwide Series race in Atlanta. This is a Revell 2007 Monte Carlo SS Kit. I lowered the ride height and reworked the nose just a little, the engine was built with Pro Tech, VCG Resins, and alclad parts and paint. The body is Tamiya bright red, Tamiya pure white, and Tamiya matte black. The decals are from MPRMPRMPR, as well as a few from Powerslide and Slixx. This car has sat in a box for almost two years and I’m glad to finally finish it.
  19. Thanks everyone!! I appreciate the comments!!
  20. This is my version of the 2007 Dale Earnhardt Jr 57 chevy Budweiser scheme he ran at Michigan. This is a Revell 2007 Monte Carlo kit. I lowered the ride height, shaped the nose and added side skirts. I used parts from Pro Tech, VCG Resins, and Ron Coon Resins. The decals are a powerslide sheet, as well as decals from MPRMPRMPR. This was the very first 2007 Kit I’ve attempted. This scheme was awkward to say the least, but it’s a nice addition to my Jr collection.
  21. Thanks everyone!! If your on Facebook go like my page Hadden’s Raceday Replicas.
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