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  1. This is Dale Earnhardt Sr’s 2000 Daytona 500 Taz Goodwrench build, to quote Earnhardt after the race “NASCAR just killed the race at Daytona” he was so pissed off after the race he wouldn’t t speak to anyone. This is a Revell Monte Carlo, Tamiya Pure Red, and black. Decals are from JWTBM and Powerslide. I am glad to finally finish this car, I learned a lot with this kit and hope to greatly improve on my next few builds with this car.
  2. I finished up my 2014 Dale Jr Pocono winner, I used tamiya pure white, tamiya flat black, and tamiya clear. This is a mix of Winscal decals and powerslide. I lowered the ride height, tucked the wheels, added my own seat, steering column, and shifter. I wired the engine, added the hendrick valve cover decals. I added the rubber buildup as well, wanted the build to be like it was in victory lane.
  3. I’m calling this build done, the kit was a revell slab side, I used rustoleum pure orange, and tamiya pure white, and tamiya pure red for the chassis. I lowered the ride height, fixed the side skirts, I scratch built the seat and belts, I used Arrowhead Aluminum products for the engine pulleys, and spring mounts, top studio for the elbow joints, Teds Model’s for the braided lines, and soft lines. I used Ron Coon for the MSD boxes, and carburetor. Powerslide decals, with a mix of slixx decals. I hope I did the car justice.
  4. Finally finished my 1999 Dale Earnhardt Bristol winner, it’s a revell kit, decals from Slixx, Powerslide, and a few other random sheets. I used tamiya gloss black, future for clear. I tucked the tires, and added details to the engine, plus some goodies from Ron Coon. This is actually my first Dale Sr build.
  5. This is my Dale Jr 2001 Pepsi 400 car, it’s a Revell Kit, and decals from Wet Works, Tamiya paints. I modified the nose, added the roof wicker, and updated the spoiler, thanks to Waylon Hethroth for the info, also thanks to John VanRiper for the windows as well.
  6. This is my 2010 Jeff Gordon Coke 600 build. It was an AMT Snap Kit, I lowered the ride height, tucked the wheels. I didn’t do a lot of detail work other than adding a new roof camera and window net. The paint is Tamiya TS-44, Decals are powerslide.
  7. I drilled new holes in the front and shaved the rear springs down and that’s it buddy.
  8. Thanks everyone!!! I posted the car on twitter, and Jeff actually liked it!!!
  9. This is my 2017 Clint Bowyer throwback car. The decals are from Stoney, Tamiya paints, I made my own seat, window net, I added fuel lines, wiring, a radio as well.
  10. This is my Dale Jr 2009 All Star car, I lowered the ride height tucked the tires, the decals are Mprmprmpr, Tamiya white, I made a new seat, wired the dash, and added wiring.
  11. This is my 2014 Jeff Gordon Brickyard winner. Powerslide decals, Tamiya paints. This build really tested my patience.
  12. This is my seat I built send me a message and I will photo how I make them.
  13. Thanks everyone I appreciate the comments.
  14. This is my 2007 Dale Jr Elvis build. The decals are an awesome set from Mark (mprmprmpr). Paint is Tamiya white. I lowered and tucked the wheels, detailed the interior a little, added a roof camera, and fire extinguishers.
  15. I make it myself with styrene rod and strips.
  16. I do use Solvaset these decals were extremely thin and I didn’t have another set to double them up, the maker of this sheet is no longer selling decals so it was kinda difficult to not have any of the bleed thru. I appreciate the comments!!
  17. Thanks everyone I appreciate the feedback!!
  18. Thanks buddy I appreciate the feedback!!
  19. This is my 2014 Dale Jr Coke Zero 400 car, I used tamiya black and red, the decals are from stoney’s, powerslide, and bedlam creations. I used parts from Brandon Miller’s shapeways store, also used stuff from Ted’s Modeling.
  20. This is my 2008 Dale Jr Amp Michigan winner. Powerslide decals, model masters emerald metallic green, Tamiya white.
  21. This is my Kyle Larson 2015 throwback build. Lowered the ride height, Tamiya black, and MTN Fluorescent green. Powerslide decals.
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