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  1. I remember speaking to the TKM owner also. Around 1984 - 1985 I think. Yes, very nice person to speak with and he had an extensive catalog, he even had a Greyhound/Trailways Scenic Cruiser in 1/25 scale! I ordered one of his 1946 Chevrolet Fleetlines. I still have the catalog, and the unbuilt Fleetline. As for "Mr T" and his Air-Trax offerings, I have his 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, and it's very nice. I have the earlier more challenging issue with the bonnet needing to be scribed and broken free, but I understand that he has added another body option by having the bonnet molded in place.
  2. I don't understand, but I will practice it to visualize the trick. Thank you
  3. Your replacement badges are then "chromed" and just need trimming and polishing, is that right?
  4. Looks great! Do you trim the BFM as close to the subject as possible, or spread it out a little larger?
  5. I might try that trick because I need the landau opera lights on the Revell Coupe de ville for my Jo-Han Coupe de ville build.
  6. Thanks Toner, Asking other builders on MCM, what they used, or where they acquired something, seems to be 50/50 when I've asked. Thanks again for your intervention. I looked and found some wheels and tires that are close enough for me, on one of the Jada Chevy COE's
  7. I would use those! You've made that snap fast look great. Do you mind telling us the sources for both the wheels and tires?
  8. Me too! Please don't forget about me.
  9. WUNERFUL! just WUNERFUL! I have one too, makes me want to add to the hundred others already on the workbench.
  10. I love that Citroen! I think I saw one of those in The French Connection II
  11. Hello, All the diecast models on here look great! I was looking to see if anyone had tried the 1:24 Rastar Range Rover Sport, and saw the welly. I got 4 from Ali Express, gave two to my nephews for Christmas, and kept two. It was cheaper to buy four than one, because of the slow boat shipping. I see that you can get them from Amazon too...still ships from China. I gave up watching the NFL five seasons ago because of all the on field disrespect to rival players, fans, officials etc. and the off field criminality (but that's another story) I began to watch more and more Rugby Union, after only catching a few matches over the last 40 years. But because of the internet, I have been able to see tons of matches, especially the annual international tournaments each season, including the last Rugby World Cup RWC2015. I decided to customize one of the RRs in tribute to the New Zealand All Blacks. I'm not too happy about the lighting today, and the air is full of static because of the rain (lint etc.) But here they are. The All Blacks emblems and "mokus" are waterslide from Max-Models in Italy, the Hawaii state flag is a sticker from B.E.C.C. in England, the Adidas emblems on the headrests and rugby ball are waterslide from Grand Prix models also in England, and the NEW Hawaii registration plate is a print out on heavy stock from our good friend Bill at Spencer1984
  12. This Brown California Hauler 359 was the first, of only two big rigs that I built. I built the first one because of C.W. McCall's song, Convoy and it's popularity during the school year in '75. I believe I bought it mail order from Auto World. Would love to build one again with that chrome sleeper.
  13. Alert! Alert! Grocery Getter fans: All four of the Matt Helm films, starring Dean Martin, will be aired on TCM Wed. 26/SEP/'018 My late older brother, and our cousin were huge Matt Helm fans, and both had built the model kit of the Barris custom Helm wagon. A 1965 Mercury station wagon. Please share the news with us when the '66 wagons will be ready for sale, of course that means I'll have the added burden of getting a horse trailer for mine.
  14. That's LAYED!!! MAN! that is really a work of art.
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