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  1. To just pass time every now and then, I watch videos on varying subjects that interest me. What my biggest complaint is, with all the technological advances that have been made, why can't the volume be controlled at a predetermined level? After setting the volume for a video, the next video may either be not audible at all or, it will rattle the windows. It really eliminates the use of auto-play IMO. Since I'm not a technophile, I don't know that this is even possible but, it sure seems as though it should be.
  2. Molotow "Liquid Chrome" ink markers are NOT good with what my doctor claims is "essential tremors". They require very steady application which, I discovered very quickly, that I can't do! But, the chrome-like appearance is fantastic IMO.
  3. How much have you shrunk?

    In comparison to me weight,,,,I'm 7'11". In actuality, 5'11".
  4. Happy Thanksgiveing

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
  5. here's an article on my car

    LOVE IT !!!
  6. ScottRods AA Gassers Burnout Compilation Video

    Thanks for sharing. As a somewhat new member I see you are from Otie's Automotive and Arlen Vanke area ! I had the privilege of knowing both of them waaayyyy back in the 60's.
  7. I've been looking at airbrush choices that are affordable, and ,at least, somewhat capable. Expense is a big factor for me although practicality is also important. It would be used sparingly in an apartment and I would not necessarily look for professional results, just good results. The reviews for this seem good in a lot of aspects but the usage is so varied that I'm not sure if I can trust them. What does everyone here think? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002P646DE/?coliid=I1C4VT61MZEGAL&colid=7M3V0V5PZ2JC&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it&th=1
  8. Depressing pic of E Town.

    Sad,,, I actually raced there, '68 Springnationals. Good times.

    Thank you for the offer. But, Revell Germany has offered to send the part to me.. I was impressed to say the least. As I understand it, they were not actually the same company but, they stood up when needed.
  10. Senior citizen

    Thanks for all the welcomes from all you "old guys". I'm looking forward to being a fairly steady contributor here while learning from all the pros already here.
  11. WANTED

    I'm in need of the R.H. spindle, part 62 in Revell kit #4325 '58 Corvette roadster. The first kit I've bought in about 55 years for a retirement project and that part was missing. Then I discovered that Revell was no longer in business.
  12. Senior citizen

    I found this forum after checking out what was available on the website. I am a retired, 70 y/o retail sales manager. Ex drag racer, ('60's), and model-maker although the last one was about 55 years ago. My original plan was to build pre-war cars such as the Toyoda AA. I love that style vehicle. While researching though, I realized that most all the cars I ever owned were classics and research would not be needed. They were my cars! Since I grew up at the start of the muscle car era, and starting my 1st job to pay for a '69 Nova, a 396ci / 375hp, I think I'm ready. Altough, technically, I had a '59 Corvette 283ci / 270hp before that so, my plan is to start there. I hoping to learn a lot about detailing and painting here since the last model car I built was in the 50's. Hope is the wrong term. I know I will learn.
  13. Some really creative street art

    Those are great!! Thanks for sharing.
  14. 48 Years and Life To Go

    Congrats!!! We just had our 46th on July 21st.