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  1. Ah yes, a fine example from Salvador Dali's "hot rod design" period.
  2. Excellent job and great color!
  3. The "spraying through a screen" method might be acceptable but it would not be able to represent the canework at a 45 degree angle to the squared pattern. Your best bet might be to find an original kit decal sheet or have someone scan and print a canework pattern onto clear decal sheet. And no, Nora Desmond's car was an Isotta- Fraschini.
  4. I am pretty sure the original title of the video in the second post of this thread was "How to scratchbuild a yellow Tarantula in 1/8th scale"
  5. Looks like he used the Burago diecast model as a reference. Thank God it wasn't the Aurora/Monogram 1/25 plastic kit!
  6. Try dropping the gray tubing into some hot water and see if it softens. If so, then position it and shape it to suit. If you are lucky, it may hold its' shape when it cools.
  7. jokar124

    AMT 60-62 Valiant

    You might also want to look for the 1/25 Revell '62 Valiant 4dr sedan kit. It came with an opening hood and Slant-six engine, unlike the AMT kits.
  8. I agree with Gramps46. Very impressive!
  9. Congratulations on a job well done and a perfect tribute to your Dad on Father's Day.
  10. Thanks for the additional pictures, Peter. The LS brand slot car is rarely seen in North America. It's nice to see one up close like this. Have you thought about restoring it or would you prefer to keep it as is for sentimental reasons?
  11. Any chance you could show us some chassis pictures, Peter?
  12. Anyone needing 61-63 TBird windshields might also want to check how the windshield from an AMT 61-63 Lincoln fits since these cars shared cowl structure in real life. Not sure they would be any easier to find, however. There is a possibility the easy to find AMT 65 Lincoln windshield might fit with modification, but it's a little wider at the top since later Lincolns used flat side window glass rather than curved.
  13. Greetings gents! I too agree with all the comments above, but I also think we need to see those Cox slot cars ! How about it, Dave? Some of us here are also racers!
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