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  1. Try an automatic, spring-loaded center punch to make your hail divot first. Enlarge with a drill bit after if desired.
  2. That's an MPC '66 Mustang you've got there, Vamach1, based on the custom taillights, teardrop hood, front tires and off-white plastic color
  3. I know this decal has already been identified for you on the Randy Ayers Nascar board, so I will post this slightly different version of the product here from a posting on ebay:
  4. Beautiful artwork Mark, and welcome to the forum! Now how about showing us some of those original JoHan kit illustrations you once posted on Slotblog?
  5. How about some pics? Is it as detailed as Tamiya's 1/12 version?
  6. I think you've earned yourself a new nickname with this build, Gareth: the "Artful Bodger" !! LOL (and I hope you know I mean that as a compliment!)
  7. Don't forget to check out this thread about the '63 TBird Italien coupe for another roof possibility:
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