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  1. I remember that smell ! Only Monogram kits had it, and I suspect it came from the different kind of vinyl they used for their tires then.
  2. Some more ideas: Johan Heavenly Hearse Mpc Jolly Roger hot rod Revell Gravedigger monster truck Amt KISS van
  3. I think those might be AMT 62 or 63 Corvair wheelcovers, not Mustang
  4. On the virtually identical Lindberg '64 Ramchargers Dodge kit, that would be part #68, wheel retainer
  5. Anticipation was Carly Simon's first big chart-topping single, followed soon after by that song she wrote about me, You're So Vain.
  6. Inhabitants of other planets are often portrayed as "little green men" in film
  7. Bill! I am surprised at you! Don't you know your "T"s from your "A"s ? Lol!
  8. Forever was one of the few Beach Boys songs both written and sung by drummer Dennis Wilson
  9. 73-4 Dodge Dart grilles would be really handy to convert the recent reissues of the MPC 75 and 76 Dart Sport kits. They would be used for replica stock, pro stock drag racers, and Chrysler KitCar oval track and road course race builds.
  10. The Monogram kit was released originally as a '58 and later on as a '59, then modified into a '62 and sold as a Revell kit.
  11. Yes it was easy, Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface
  12. There is an international convention in place in most racing rules that 1/24 scale slot cars should be no wider than 3.25 inches, or ~83mm, if you prefer. This is done to make sure slot cars can pass each other without interference on commercial tracks which have traditionally been built with 4 inches between lanes. Based on the specs posted on the ScaleAuto website, it looks like all of their existing 1/24 models max out to 84mm in width (technically illegal, but irrelevant for your purpose). I found that a real Huracan GT3 is 2221 mm wide, which converts to 92 mm in 1/24 scale, so it seems that the ScaleAuto body is narrow by 8 mm, or about 5/16". Now a real Audi R8 GT3 is supposed to be 1940 mm wide, or 81 mm in 1/24. It looks like the Nunu chassis might fit under the ScaleAuto body based on width, but I don't have any wheelbase specs. And who can say if the Audi kit donor is exactly to scale as well? I think their are too many variables in play for anyone to tell you without actually having tried it themselves, and even then you would have to accept that the Huracan will be a little narrower than it should be. (The ScaleAuto body length is close, 185 mm versus 189 mm for Huracan and 185 mm for Audi in scale).
  13. Bored is what I am since nobody has posted in the "Once upon a time" game in over a week!
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