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  1. Great job. Waiting to see it completed
  2. I spray the primer outside from a rattle can. Then airbrush my colors inside. I have a spray booth vented outside. I tried not using primer but when masking two tone paint schemes often times the paint would pull off when removing the tape. The primer sticks to the plastic and paint sticks to the primer better. You only have to apply a light coat. That's just how I do it.
  3. i use lacquer thinner, rag and Q-tips. Do you plan on taking them apart to clean? Then lacquer thinner. Soaking them in a solvent could ruin any o-rings internal.
  4. With Createx I use any automotive primer. Or Createx has their own primer. It's called Autoborne Sealer. Good stuff.
  5. I haven't used Humbrol but have used Createx which is water based with good results. They must be airbrushed. On youtube there is several videos on how to spray them. I use their Wicked Colors line since it is more suited for plastics.
  6. Welcome Rich. From Northeast Pa myself.
  7. Penguins87


    Hi Kyle, I use .015 sheet styrene you can get at a hobby store. Then go on www.youtube.com. Search Pheeden's Garage. Jonathan from pheeden's has a good video on making them. I would tell you how but it's easier to watch the video. Hope this helps.
  8. I recently bought a House of Kolor's USC01 Show Clear Kit, ( clear, reducer and cat ). Never used 2K clear before but wanted to spray over the decals, I love it. Just did two bodies with it and will continue. I was using PPG High Performance Lacquer Clear before.
  9. They all look great. I really like the #88 with the foil numbers.
  10. I'm not a pro painter but maybe I can help. First, Zero paints I believe are lacquer based so you must use an automotive quick drying primer. Looking at your pictures it looks to me the paint attacked the primer. When I use a different name brand paint I take a plastic spoon, sand, prime and paint it as a test. Secondly, did you wash the parts before priming to rid the plastic of the mold release agent the manufacture uses. I use Dawn dish liquid flor this. Same thing after striping the paint you must wash and rinse throughly. Hope to help
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