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  1. Thanks for the info.. The Volt car interior often looks like it's off white or greyish.
  2. Thanks for the pics JP. They will come in handy. Looks like some of the interiors are white and others are a very light grey. Kinda like the interior of a NASCAR. Or is it just the way the light hits them?
  3. Very Nice!! Reminds me of the day going to Five Mile Point speedway in Binghamton, NY
  4. Looks good. You might inspire me to do the Vega Mod I got. Got it out of the closet 3 times and then put it back in.
  5. Real nice. My favorite part of building is painting and decaling the bodies. I can see the work and patients you put into this one. Looks Good!!
  6. I would stay away from the U.S. one also. I can order from the Spain based Gravity and in 3 to 4 days (not months) receive my order. They use DHL for shipping.
  7. Looks Good!! I wish someone would reissue those kits. I have many after market decals but no kits.
  8. Great job. Real nice model. Perfect! The man has talent.
  9. Looks great. Very nice. I was looking for you to do one of these GT4 kits.
  10. Looks good Mike. Have you tried using a hair dryer on the decals. I put them on kinda wet, push them around with 1/2" soft artist's brush I got at Walmart. When in place I dab with a paper towel then with Q tip put some MicroSol on them. Follow that with some heat from the hair dryer set on low. Don't try to move them cause at that point they are soft but set real well. Just saying how I do it.
  11. I got the tires sanded and decaled last night. This morning I gave the body three coats of HOK USC01 clear. Now it must sit for 24 hrs. for clear to cure.
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