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  1. Jeff Mitchell added a post in a topic Dyno Don Cougar   

    Found another pic at www.lakelandraceway.com/images named dyno_don_vs_sox_martin.jpg...
  2. Jeff Mitchell added a post in a topic How Old Were You When You Built Your First Model   

    It was 1972, my brother and I both got 5 bucks a week for doing chores and the family would hop in the 1969 Ford Country Squire wagon and go to the local Venture store. This was when you could still buy TWO kits and have pocket change left over from that fiver. I remember the first kit was a MPC 1972 Impala. Molded in metallic blue and I can't remember if it was built as a custom(raised), stock or lowrider! I do know my buddy that I have known all my life that was one year younger than me bought the same kit last year and it wasn't nearly as cheap as mine....

    Wow..some of youse guys are young....!
  3. Jeff Mitchell added a post in a topic Dyno Don Cougar   

    You have got a picture of one of the Ford "holy grail" cars--a Kar Kraft built one of two Boss 429 Cougars! I believe the other one is the blue and yellow pro-stock that Fast Eddie Shartman raced that was in the Motor Wheel Company advertisements back around 1970. Both were 1969's and Eddie's car got updated to 1970 trim. I think Boss 429 guru Ed Meyer has one of the two cars that last I checked still needed to be restored. It was in a Rare Finds column by author Jerry Heasley in an older Mustang and Fords magazine. The Boss 9's were not too successful at this time with not enough development and 427 Cammers were the preferred engine still by many Ford racers. Good luck on your picture quest. I have seen a limited number but both cars were sold after the 1970 season due to their lack of wins and probably being too heavy. I always try to follow up leads on 69-70 Cougars just for fun...
  4. Jeff Mitchell added a post in a topic Revell '70 Mustang Mach I   

    What is the latest scoop on the Mach? Tooling done yet since it is a modified re-issue?
  5. Jeff Mitchell added a post in a topic 1/16 Upc Ford Gt40   

    The reason the body is narrow is because it is modeled after one of the early GT's without the large "Gulf" style flares of your buddies blue car....
    Yes, the rest requires much work...
    I too am a Ford GT nut and can't wait to see yours done.
    I have one mint in the box just begging to be built.
  6. Jeff Mitchell added a post in a topic Revell '70 Mustang Mach I   

    I agree on both counts!
    If the Mach is the base 351, the standard rear valance would be correct, any other optional engine would get the cut-out valance with chrome oval exhaust tips. A complete new part would be the best solution with the honeycomb panel and pop open gas cap. Lets see..wheel covers, grille, standard scoop, shaker, engine parts,door panels, seats, possibly the exhaust system, quickly adds up to quite a few parts! Don't forget about the Mustang emblems above the Mach trim on the front fenders! I guess this and the trunk Mach 1 letters will give the photoetch guys something to sell! Wouldn't a photoetch grille be something excellent for this car??
    I really miss my 1:1 2003 Mach! Azure Blue, automatic ran 13.47 bone stock with just over 10k on the odometer...
    If I start converting a 99 Cobra kit to a Mach, the probability of getting a 2003-2004 Mach kit goes up greatly!
  7. Jeff Mitchell added a post in a topic Revell '70 Mustang Mach I   

    Amen to that...I probably have the world's largest collection of the original issue 1/32 scale Monogram 70 Mach 1's(molded in blue with stock stripes and shaker..!). Just let me know when I can fill up that car hauler semi I have!
    Hwy 61 1/18th 1970 Mach 1 diecast should be out soon also...
  8. Jeff Mitchell added a post in a topic Ok, Time For The Report Out On The Ihobby Expo   

    Where was it announced? Are there any details about how it will be molded? Lots of exterior differences between the Boss cars and a Mach. I miss the well informed good old corner hobby shop. It's getting too hard to get info and new kits without spending alot of time on the net(I am on a computer all day at work, don't really want to spend all night too...).
    Thanks for the info!
  9. Jeff Mitchell added a post in a topic '70 Ford Torino 'Twister'   

    Probably a Fred Cady sheet...I think it has both...
  10. Jeff Mitchell added a post in a topic Ok, Time For The Report Out On The Ihobby Expo   

    Thanks for the excellent report. You easily missed a welcome addition to the Revell line near the Nova....a 1970 Mustang Mach 1 kit...! Hiding next to that Grabber Blue Boss 302 reissue was a Grabber Orange Mach with 351 hood stripes, correct grille lights, etc.
    I was partially responsible for the Hwy. 61 diecast 1970 Sportsroof Mustangs in 1/18th scale and I am always on the lookout for 69-70 Mustang stuff.
    I have been emailing R-M in hopes of getting a modified reissue of the Boss 302/429 tooling. We can only hope it is a Shaker car as the one in the 69 kit would be a little small for 1/24th. Also someone needs to do the 1970 and up Ford "corporate" hubcap and trim ring like is seen on so many 1970 Boss 302's and Torinos in full size.
    The 1970 Mach 1 was never reissued beyond 1970 as a stock version by AMT and that was a nice kit with molded in rocker trim.
    I can't wait to see the new one--it is probably one of my top ten favorite cars!