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  1. If they would just correct the taillights , this would be a stellar kit ...
  2. I need a set for the 1/8 z28 but in not kit colors as I’m doing a custom build ... anybody have some ideas ?
  3. I want the custom parts , finally I can build a proper 60’s Wild show car ...
  4. You say it like 1/24 and 1/25 are such a huge difference . It’s not like comparing 1/43 to 1/8 ....
  5. I don’t think anyone is trying to “bring him down” as you put it, so why you would say that mystifies me . Maybe just bring him down to earth and realize he IS in fact missing sales from people who won’t play bidding wars ....and spare me the whole “he will sell every one he lists on eBay” as there is still missed opportunity ... it’s a great cast , and I’d love to buy one or two, IF it had a set in stone price ...
  6. You’re wrong . I sell tons on eBay , but I don’t purchase anything unless it’s a buy it now . I don’t play the “what’s the price gonna be in 2 days” game . And as much as you say you can set a max price and walk away , always tossing that extra 5$ on “because maybe” happens more than anyone wants to admit . I just refuse to play that game . I have kits in my collection I have parted with hundreds of dollars for , so I don’t mind spending . But I just flat out don’t gamble .... in the casino or on eBay
  7. That doesn’t change the fact all of these thunderbird castings in question are auction only without a buy it now option .... 🙄
  8. Now if they will release the decal sheet by itself ....
  9. All my listings are BIN , no offers, saves hassle and headache on both ends ....
  10. Well , sure he will , those of us who would gladly pay the premium price , but won’t play eBay games ..... we won’t buy , that’s missed sales ..... and again, it’s not cause I’m cheap , far from that ....
  11. Aah bs ...Saying that I don’t wish to get into a bidding war does not equate that I want it cheap. As I said before, I’m willing to pay a premium price for a premium product. But I will not play bidding games with people. That’s setting yourself up for all kinds of nonsense that I don’t wish to get into .l . People bidding just for the sake of driving up the price with no intentions of purchasing, which plays with your emotions to make you bid even higher on the item. Screw that. I didn’t realize I was going to start a little debate with this comment, but apparently I’m not the only one that feels this way. And it looks like you’re going to miss out on a fair amount of sales for people such as myself who feel the exact same way
  12. Hard pass ..... I don’t mind paying a premium , but I refuse to get into bidding wars .... guess it isn’t meant to be ... sucks , cause it sure looks nice ...
  13. Well if someone would be so kind as to send me the info I’d like to get one
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