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  1. Quick video I made of the show. Over 460 entries in this years gathering.
  2. Still hunting for one.... bought one that was supposed to be “complete” but is missing wheels ....
  3. It’s smooth , but has an engraved heel pad . The major differences I noticed so far are a lack of emblems ,door locks, cowl , front bumper mesh ,air cleaner , the side mirror mount is different vs production kit , and the entire body except the tailgate is very rough and not final polished. I believe the brake and clutch pedals are engraved on production kit but haven’t seen enough pics of one to know 100% perhaps you can spot other differences??
  4. Looks like ribbing in the cowling as well.. 😀
  5. I have one of the test shots for that kit.. was the production kit made with ribbing on the air filter? I always like comparing and building a matching kit to my test shots, but this one has been eluding me...
  6. Need a pair of hoods and a convertible boot for these two here . Lots in hand to swap for the needed parts to rescue these kits....
  7. Never built one, here to hoping!
  8. Want a new one . Watching one on the auction site , but would rather trade to get one ... new kits only , sealed not required .
  9. Has anyone ever successfully assembled an old AMT semi chassis ??? I don’t think I’ve ever gotten one of the half dozen or so attempts right Over the years ...
  10. What a waste .... the fake Ferrari kit was pure garbage ...
  11. Check out my trade listing and let me know if there’s anything there , within reason....
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