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  1. These coupled with the stock bench is a home run . I ordered my decals last night .
  2. Those are the stories that make the hobby interesting..... I’d love to hear it .....
  3. You are correct . And all had those god awful die cast wheels included . I have a couple of them on the shelf still.
  4. Those a were all produced at the same time for testors , so one would assume they are out there and useable .
  5. I seen the eBay offerings , those look rough in pics , I’d hate to see one in my hand . They look only marginally better than TKM offerings ....
  6. I know it’s a long shot , but someone has to have one they don’t feel like building .....
  7. I’m going through and sorting more of my collection, unless noted otherwise these kits are all new and unbuilt.. meng 1/35 hilux , only the modern truck (pictured on the right side of drawing on box ) is in the box , new and unbuilt . 1/43 cobra , no p/e , otherwise complete 34 rolls 1/24 porsche 959 Mercedes 500SL Nissan Silvia im still sorting my unbuilt kits and there’s more to come in the following days , I want to swap for things I will build !!! Want list is above but always open to hear what you have on your shelf’s to swap!
  8. Pics of camaro for those who asked . It’s sealed inside
  9. That’s a very extreme example by far . I’ve seen that between 25-50 bucks normally ....
  10. I bought an original last year just for the motorcycle ..... I feel cheated
  11. It’s Available for trade , but you would have to bring some more to the table for sure
  12. I had a batch of decals made years ago . This is a scaled down decal of a real mural that I’ve always loved , as I’m a car painter by trade . It’s been on that trunk lid for at least 10 years now .
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