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  1. Safaris and Astros where on frames
  2. Safaris and Astros where on frames
  3. I just built one of these. Finished in Coral pink. Fun kit to build
  4. Nice work. Love your Cougar too. Good color choice! Same here, mines a lil rusty though.
  5. great stuff! the Van gogh one killed me lol
  6. Neil Diamond. Cobo Hall, Detroit '86. First on my own, AC/DC Razors Edge tour, Palace, Detroit '91 I think? Best.. Black Sabbath reunion tour, Pantera opened..Dime Bag melted my face!. Palace, 2000 I think? tied with Weird Al in 2015 Casino Windsor (absolutely loved that show. I'm a massive Weird Al Nut)
  7. I found it to be a great build. the only issue was the body and floor meeting up tightly under the doors. A careful application of CA glue cures that tho
  8. Dentz

    71 HEMI Cuda

    Cool, Built one of these about 25 years ago. Found it in an open box a few years back, amazingly undamaged albeit covered in dust. My lil barn find. Left it covered in BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH and shelved it in my garage. Those decals where applied offsite not on the line. They do it the same way today. Chargers and Challengers built in Brampton Ontario are shipped here to Windsor, just a few blocks from me, to a shop called Ground Effects where the decals are applied before being sent off to their destinations. They do GM trucks too and used to do the Daytona and Rumble bee rams
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Xz8URoB3-o Quick tour starts at around 7:30 mark Incredible detail....Incredible prices! These things cost as much as a decent real car!
  10. This is fantastic, great details on both vehicles. LOL, my wife said it looks awesome but ...gross, like a crime seen waiting to happen (pic through the window). Well done!
  11. AMT kit. This was a fun one to weather. Weak on details but a fun quickie kit to make. It's not a curbside but the under hood area isn't complete yet. It needs waaay more than the kit provides.
  12. Wow Sophie's choice here. Gonna feel bad for the ones I don't post...but a few are there already. That 32 Packard makes me drool. These Eagle speedsters are just what the eye and ear doctor ordered
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