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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Xz8URoB3-o Quick tour starts at around 7:30 mark Incredible detail....Incredible prices! These things cost as much as a decent real car!
  2. This is easy for me. sorry, giant pic
  3. This is fantastic, great details on both vehicles. LOL, my wife said it looks awesome but ...gross, like a crime seen waiting to happen (pic through the window). Well done!
  4. AMT kit. This was a fun one to weather. Weak on details but a fun quickie kit to make. It's not a curbside but the under hood area isn't complete yet. It needs waaay more than the kit provides.
  5. Wow Sophie's choice here. Gonna feel bad for the ones I don't post...but a few are there already. That 32 Packard makes me drool. These Eagle speedsters are just what the eye and ear doctor ordered
  6. A true genius has passed today. Father of the pony car and with Chrysler he pretty much saved Windsor Ontario in my opinion (home of the magic wagon!) Thank you for all your revolutionary visions. You are already missed. My Dad had the pleasure of spending some time with him in the mid eighties (supervisor at minivan plant for 39 years) and still has the cigar Mr Iacocca gave him. If you've never read his book do so.
  7. Dentz

    Made me cry

    I feel your pain. My wife was throwing her coat on last year and caught my big, beautiful 1/24 Airfix Spitfire with the arm... smashies!. still not done fixing it but hey, sometimes you wreck right?
  8. I always forget about those little British Escorts. Plucky lil buggers. Must be an absolute riot to whip one around.
  9. The liveries, the competetivness (sp) of the different styles of car in their own rights....the ideas! Ah Goodwood, a car fans paradise. Enjoy
  10. Dentz

    40 ford

    very cool, looks like it was pulled from the bottom of a lake lol
  11. That Mirada and Cordoba....Sweeet! Are those completely scratch built?
  12. Finished this one a couple months ago. I think I will do some light weathering to it soon.
  13. A lil Mustard, Ketchup and Relish for ya!
  14. 1/16 scale Ferrari 512 BB. The box is a little worse for wear but the kit is gorgeous. Some of the nicest body molding I've seen. Anyone know if there is a good photo etch kit for these?
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