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  1. Well alil update to post interior is done I got the wheels just gotta figure out how to mount the new ones gotta find a cab light as one disappeared on me
  2. Well I just discovered I'm missing cab light I'm looking for one to replace it
  3. Yea I looked him up before I posted shame he hung it up he did great work
  4. Its absolutely gonna stay light blue I'll check him out and it's all good I just got back into doing them and I'm trying to get better with em so any tips or help I get goes along way I appreciate it!
  5. Anyone make drop front axles,drop visors and drop bumpers for a 1/25 scale k100
  6. That thing looks awesome Pete 68! I wasnt gonna keep the blue tanks till I sat the cab back on the frame and realized it looked better than I thought
  7. Bought this one in junkyard sale on Ebay it was complete just not quite well done so I tore it apart and started fixing it up first time doing a more than stick detailed project I believe it's a 1/25 scale not sure tho looking for a way to lower it a drop visor bumper and rear light bar and make lights and some decals I'm new to doing this so not sure where to get everything.
  8. Does anyone still make the eleanor kit for gone in 60 seconds?
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