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  1. Are the triple whitewalls made by you or come from somewhere?
  2. I just got my 99 ford 4door cab from Trailer. Pretty rough, but workable. I wanted one bad enough in resin to work on as I have a 99 supercab and wanted to make one look like mine so I'll be cutting it up a lot anyway. I'll try to show pictures if I get a chance. For now, think of a diecast being dunked in resin as the chassis looks like a bottom plate with molded in bottom engine, exhaust, etc. Basically if you are expecting something in the line of quality like Fireball, Missing Link or such I wouldn't bother.
  3. After seeing your fire truck/Scout ll model with Burnsville decals where I grew up and now Mpls/St Paul decals here. Just coincidence? By the way-the models look great!
  4. Anybody ever do an auto body shop-more of a modern type with a spray booth, rack with towers, and such?
  5. SMP decals sells the three colors: green, yellow, and blue in sheets and Slixx sells the yellow.
  6. I see the congrats and all, but what positive needs do you need from us that love to read the magazine? What can the general buying public patrons do to help other than just being a paid subscriber as I've have been doing since the Roy Sorensen, Plastic Fanatic years?
  7. As a retired employee of a large regional newspaper and in the executive end of the circulation part of it, I just wanted to say it's interesting listening to all the discussions surrounding the folding of SAE into FSM. We were family owned for decades, then bought out by a publicly held company in '98 when profit margins were still large and by early 2006 I saw the writing on the wall after being in some very high profile meetings and decided to retire after 38 years with them. After a sale to an "investment firm" that same year, they (the newspaper) went through bankruptcy in 2009. All I can say here is there is usually a lot of behind the scenes discussions that nobody will ever know if my past is of any use. Like most of you, I've been hard at it building models since I think 5 when my parents gave me a snap tite funny car. I've also always liked magazines, newspapers, and any reading material I could put in my hands since I had a paper route; remember those! Yes, I read my beloved newspaper each day, in print mind you, but obviously love the effects of the internet age and all it brings to helpfulness in building my beloved car models. I always thought of ponying up the dollars to create another automotive-type model magazine, but thought: why would I when you have great stuff like Model Cars Mag. I will cut all this boring talk short as I get pretty passionate about print vs. digital, but do enjoy the banter.
  8. Anybody make decals for the Yenko Corvair? I can probably do the stripe painting, but am really looking for the Stinger motif.
  9. Hi Greg, All this sounds great! What would be the best to stay in communication about paying you for those mentioned items? I'm somewhat old-school that I'd send you an amount via money order before you started to make me anything, if your up for that. By the way, I also had a 72 GS with the 455 that we put in a m-22 rock crusher 4 speed. Had a 69 Charger auto with a 383 and just had to get that GS from my bowling buddy. My girlfriend (now my wife of 34 years) still says I should have kept the Charger. She never could push in that clutch in the GS. But hey-when your 18, you don't think about those things. Then to make things worse I sold it for a Merkur XR4TI! If I only knew now what I did then is all I can say. Nice talking with you!
  10. Does anybody make upgrade grille/taillight changes from Monogram 70 GSx to 71/ and 72 GS/GSx -also the opt exhaust cutout bumper opt that was avail on the real car in 71-2?
  11. Got my copy in the mail this past Saturday in Ogilvie, Mn
  12. My Dad had a 65 Shelby, but had to sell because I was born and we can't have a kid without a back seat, can we? Interesting to hear stories from him about this now like when he told me about cracking the block in a drag race and the dealer wanted to put in a Ford stock 289. He said "no", and with my sister and I being born he bought a regular mustang. His Shelby was a demo and had Webers on it and he had bought dual quads/intake from the parts dept but never used them. He kept the never used intake set-up, the valve covers, and oil pan too. Still have the parts in original boxes. Talk about prices through the roof-I think he says the Shelby was priced around $4200 (a lot then!)-We've been offered $7000 for the intake set-up, but Dad won't sell ever. They just sit in boxes out in the garage. I keep telling him he should have kept the Webers!
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