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  1. You are more than welcome Sir, as I said in my email, if you can attach to an email you can attach here.
  2. Here are the OP's original photos and the description he sent with them. The first shows the inspiration image along with the frame under construction along with the AMT '25 model T Ford coupe I used for general size and shape of the pieces. I used a digital caliper to try to keep pieces the same size and in the right position. I made a foam buck to support the roof and side pieces straight and as square as possible. Total of 50 parts scratch made including some small brackets made from aluminum printer's plate
  3. Love that paint job what brand paints did you use?
  4. I will be following with interest as I have 1931 Model A Woodie that I want to build with a wooden body, I found a detailed article on how to make one as a slot car that looks very useful.
  5. What donor kit are you mating this to? I need to start looking for the base kit soon
  6. I have one of these on order, I have never built a resin so I will be watching yours with interest.
  7. I love it, great colour, great finish, beautiful wheels... I love it, I don't understand those cars but this one I like....
  8. Very beautiful, I have one to build too, what paints did you use?
  9. Well having lost my modelling space for a few months this is good news I will get it done once I get a desk back...
  10. Kiwi_Bloke

    '58 Impala

    A thing of beauty, what paints did you use? I am trying to find those (or similar) colours.
  11. I am aware of them and will be ordering some accessories from them once I finish my design thought processes... have most of the list ready to order, and the work bench nearly cleared.
  12. now see I thought the mud flaps just hang down at the rear of the wheels? (That's what we would call a mud flap down here in Godzone)
  13. I had another look at the "trunk" space on the Opel there is probably enough room for a box of tissues but that's about it :-) so I will stick to cramming a roof rack and behind the seats...
  14. Are trunk racks allowed on any car? I thought they are limited to "Trunk racks - only for cars that came with them as a factory option. 1st Gen Camaros, C3 Vettes, etc.". I really need one on the Opel, storage is non existent in this baby.
  15. I am looking at the same seat set but buying from BNA in Australia, I will buy a few things from them I think (seats, fire extinguisher, maybe external air filter) I will be interested in your opinion of the Spot Models tyres (correct English spelling :-) ) as i am looking at 13" wheels & tyres from them but very expensive in NZ Dollars + freight. I think most model builds these days are "United Nations" mine is a German car (Opel GT) from a U.S. kit (AMT) manufactured in China, with Chinese seats (most likely) and an Australian fire extinguisher and thats just the start.
  16. Thanks for that, I am looking at BNA in Australia, they stock the Parts Box stuff (or some of it anyway) and have a good reputation over here. The Parts Box Web site is a little frustrating with some details around wheels and Tyres lacking but still worth a try.
  17. Who are you sourcing you seats through? I am right at the start with this and have a list of things to source or build and I am new to this world of cars so its a big learning curve, and its hard (and expensive) to find aftermarket products down here.
  18. I only got the kit for Christmas so have just started planning and assembling the motor etc, once i get better organised i will post a description of my entry.
  19. Is it too late to sign up for this Rally? If not can I enter with this? And can I have number 58 please? (my age AND it comes with the Opel!!!)
  20. Sorry to hear about the face, but as already noted good work (war) story potential. I once dislocated a toe in a very stupid fashion, wound up going debt collecting on crutches in one of the worst neighbourhoods in the city, told customers who commented "the last person tried to shut the door in my face, but he paid in the end" Really interested in the paint work on this, I am just starting to experiment with Nail Polish painting at the moment.
  21. I will be watching with interest, I have this kit in the stash to tackle when I get a little more practice with Cars, this scale and my airbrush.
  22. DO you mind if I ask what you thinned the Nail Polish with? Thanks in advance.
  23. How do I join next years run? is there a link?
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