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  1. Thanks for all the comments. Jim Bob makes bad decisions, with the profits from last winters snow plow jobs he spent it ALL on Air Ride, Big Wheels and Street tires. its called White Trash Wrecker not prudent business man wrecker
  2. Finished this one last week... The wheels are Baker Scale Replica 3D - The Tires are Pegasus The Jim Bob Decals are Speedway Decals The Snow Plow Decals I printed. The Ratchet Strap is from Highlight Model studio. I cut the molded in Engine out of this Kit and used the 396 from the 67 Chevelle Kit with a few slight modifications to the headers, intake and air cleaner.
  3. Finished this one last month. I hadn't had a chance to post up the finished pictures. z-Man Wheels, Wired Engine, Aluminum pulleys, Hairspray technique using vallejo paints. vallejo pigments and washes used to weather.
  4. I might to try to have something for theme. I look forward to seeing you again too.
  5. Thank you all and I say boy love that barnfind shirt
  6. Thanks DaveP Thanks Bill Thank you Chris That’s KK Thank you abelaxe
  7. I finished this one recently. Custom decals, Zman Wheels, MCG disc brake rotors, wired engine, weathered and wash with various Vallejo paints
  8. Here’s another 50 Chevy I finished. I used nascar chassis components on the stock frame. V8 engine from the 65 Chevy stepside kit. Custom aluminum drive shaft, custom tilt hood, aluminum steering column, aluminum air cleaner, BMF on bed rails, wired distributor. Hand painted door logos, Vallejo paints. Hope you like it.
  9. Looks awesome as usual. Well done my friend!
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