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  1. great job! I am in the process of doing the same kit. I have corrected my windshield height as well. Like you said once you see it you cant unsee it. I like how you added the lariat trim along the sides of the body. Very nice job on that. Paint combo is very cool.
  2. Thanks Steve- I printed the floorboards on regular paper and white glued them down. They arent water slide decals. The Haney's pub are water slide by the Decal Lady & son on instgram. She took my handdrawn design and created them. Yes born in '71.....My first time building front fender exit exhaust, Glad you dig em! Thanks TarheelRick- safety first! pull the pin and let'r rip! Thanks Steve - I appreciate the compliments on the frame. The custom frames are a lot of work, but I think very worth it in the end.
  3. Thanks Larry floor boards were shot and so was the bank account after adding the coyote so he had to improvise~! Thank you David I appreciate it! Thank you Sir Thank you Majel, Safire6, Slusher, ChrisR and anyone I might've missed! Its nice to hear all the comments after you finally finish a build, like the hard work paid off, people like what youve been spending all this time on.! Thanks Everyone!
  4. thanks Al....I take inspiration from all over...mainly 1:1 cars I see at shows or online. Thanks Zippi thats to the goal! Can Crushin Low - I like that! Thanks! yes frame is 3D printed and air tank. The Coyote Engine came from Iceman Collections on ebay thank you Koellefornia Kid Thank you kilrathry10. A Lot of time and Effort yes the carrier bearing and u-joints would be shot! Thanks Thank you Jonathan Thank you Cobraman
  5. My latest build. slammed stance, patina finish. engine swap, front fender exhaust exits, some detail and as usual a truck!
  6. what great realism!! The bed wood is just unbeatable. I definitely want to try the seam weld technique you describe, Yours turned out outstanding!! Great Work Mark!!
  7. great weathering and work as always Mark! Nice Job! You are the wrecker King!
  8. I built this truck in October 2020. Around the time Eddie Van Halen passed away hence the VH license plate. Wheels are Z Force Modelworx
  9. looks like you have built another truck i see all the time. Great job of capturing that real life lived in look I see all the time on the roads in Kentucky! Great Job Al, keep building! 🙂
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