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  1. I think it turned out great! very realistic weathering.
  2. Nice Clean Build. I like the color combination. Good Job.
  3. looking good Al. I couldn't see it on my phone over the weekend. Seeing for the first time on my work computer. Good Job!
  4. I found the plaid image using google and then I saved to my computer, inserted the image into a blank document, reduced it the size i needed to make it fit the scale, printed the image onto regular paper then cut out the image and used thinned white glue to apply the image to the seat.
  5. 1976 Chevy Van - "The Tickler" built in a 70's boogie van style with Weathered appearance and a Slammed stance, ZForcemodelworx wheels and tires, custom decals, 3D printed Keg tap handle for column Shifter, Kens Fuzzy Fur interior, self printed seat pattern inserts. Zig Zag front plate, Norml bumper sticker, larry flynt for president bumper sticker
  6. excellent weathering. You can almost feel the texture of the paint on your hand as you imagine wiping your hand across the fenders.
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