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  1. awesome Build. all ties together effortlessly. all classy. just a great piece of art you created.
  2. very cool. I am currently doing the same build using the fireball parts. yours is truly inspiring. realistic weather... you done excellent job!
  3. This is a JUST WOW build with Details and cleanliness. A real inspiration to want to improve my skills. Nice Job! Excellent Truck
  4. I finished my 1964 Chevrolet C10 Pickup. I named this one Crissy Snow from Suzanne Somers character on the show "Three's Company" I hope you see the resemblance. My attempt at a mild weather original paint look that has been cleared over. yellow body Paint is Goldenwood yellow and the top of the cab is ermine White, & clear all from ScaleFinishes.com. LS Swap from the silverado kit. 3D printed Custom Frame, muffler exhaust, fuel cell, master cylinder and brake booster, plumbed brake lines and air lines. custom bed floor with a access to the suspension. Shadowcraft Customs 3d printed vintage air and PE face by Detail Junkees, scratch built custom center console with cup holders..Added side trim, cab emblem PE parts are from Highlight Model Studio, Steering column, gearshift and knob from detail master, inner front fenders scratchbuilt, small back window is from Rookie Resins, all rolling on a fine set of 19/23 Z-Man Wheels,
  5. very nice. Clean Build. I appreciate all the work it took to make the lightning chassis work on the 60 cab and bed. Great Job!!!!
  6. Thank you. No I didnt use white glue. It is just thread laid on the sticky side of clear packing tape.
  7. Steve My Canopy was warped. I tried Hot water but I really never was satisfied with the fit. The interior is Vallejo Flat Earth, with Createx Matte Clear over it.
  8. those are just reflections. I caught the two shifters as I was assembly and the photo taken from above shows the shifter on the column removed. Thanks for appreciating the details! Thanks Slusher, the figure was ordered on ebay from the seller: Iceman Collections. Joel Mendoza. Than you to everyone. on to the next one....
  9. so cool Nice Clean work. The camper the truck it all looks so good! nice job!
  10. very cool builds Tom. Iove all the interesting details. such great work!
  11. I finished this one in July 2020. 1940 Ford Sedan AMT 1:25 wired and plumbed fuel lines, Detail Master Carbs, Z-Man Wheels, seat cover made from Cross Stitch thread. Open the cowl vent and hinged the rear door. Trailer was scratch built using 40 ford truck fenders, inner fenders from a 30's Ford coupe, running boards are shorten from teh '37 ford kit. bed floor was made from two 50 Chevy pickups. Trailer Jack 3D printed. Wheels on trailer are Pegasus. Chopper was from the 1980 Monte Carlo Kit, Ratchet Strap from Highlight Model Studio. Kegs in rear were 3D printed, Helmet is from the 60 Chevy Pickup kit with the go cart. Bumper Stickers were printed by me. The Jeremiah Weed Logos were printed by 124stancebuilt on instagram. Miss Fortune figure is from IceMan Collections on eBay.
  12. I finished this one last month. The AMT Crew Chief blazer.
  13. Very impressive builds. Thanks for sharing these photos.
  14. Your Welcome Al. Thank you. Thank you Eric. Congrats to you as well.. Your builds were Great too. Well deserved. Your Welcome Bob!
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