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  1. I don't about doing any of that stuff on the computer, I'm not computer smart) I make the copies on regular copy paper and when and if I need another copy of the decal, i take the copy I have made and run it thru a Lazer Jet copier, copying it onto decal paper. I don't see any difference in the color. That's what works for me, because that's what I have always done. Jeff
  2. I have used them for several years now, in quite a few different brands, and think that they come in very useful for a lot of different things. You can buy them in almost any size tip. Also very useful for fixing things around the house. Usually find them on the wife's hobby table. She uses them on jigsaw puzzel's, when some thing is to light for her. Also on paint by numbers when she can't find a color she likes. Oh well to each there own. Also I make wooden Gnomes, garden helpers and quite a few other items, and the black comes in great for out lining the different colors. I wouldn't be without them. Jeff
  3. I store mine in a folder, like High octane,which works out real good. I don't put mine in any kind of order put I do have a separator between the cars pickups and big trucks. I do go a little i make a copy of the decal sheet and mark on it whats it's from and keep it in another folder. That way if the decal turns to dust, i can make a new sheet from the copy. Just kind of a backup I use than I don't have to worry about trying to find a matching sheet. Jeff
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