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  1. I'm like everyone else, I save glass bottles, have one big 50 drawer cabinet hung in the hobby room, also save and use empty plastic coffee cans,biggest one makes a great garbage can on the bench. Went to Hobby Lobby got me a pack of ten plastic paint pallets, great for mixing paint in. Nice if your using water based paint, just take it to the sink and wash it out. Also while at the drug store I picked up one of those things that people use to separate there pills for seven days, works great for really small items. Bought me a big plastic tackle box, open it up pulls out to 3 high this is great to keep bigger items in, such as the extra blade ,and other bigger parts. I also dispose of my used blades into an empty plastic coke bottle that keep on the shelf by the work bench All of this works just fine for my needs
  2. First off that a good looking rig. The way you have it finished I have to with the other guys and suggest something to go in the construction area. Such as a dump truck, you could weather it up to match the tractor.
  3. Hobby Lobby has there own brand of acrylic clears that work great with these hobby brand paints. There in the same ailse that the hobby paints are in just on the other end. They have the 3 kinds, Gloss, Matte and Semi Gloss. I use them all the time and they don't hurt the paint in the least. Also reasonable priced compared to the major brands.
  4. I use Mega Hobby always get great service from them and another one that is really great to deal with is Warrens Hobbies. I deal most always with these two because of the availability of models, paints and price. Plus both ship very fast.
  5. did the whole thing big dice high school tassel garter from friends wedding baby shoes all on my 66 Ford Galaxy 500 Convertible. That was then, This is now a 2008 Escape with a handicap sticker hanging from the mirror Jeff
  6. Got to agree with John the smell, well lets just say I would rather pickup the dog poop,which I do very other day I used the Organ Green Candy just once and it stunk up the whole house. John is right it sprays really great right out of the bottle. Wife's orders NEVER USE THAT BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH IN THE HOUSE AGAIN. My buddy gave me the green after he spent over a hundred and fifty bucks for the set. He got the same orders from his wife. That's after our wife's got together and talked about it. Now we are allowed to use that kind of paint in the garage only with the door open. Pretty hard to do in Iowa. guess we wait for summer. Jeff
  7. I also use Gorilla Super Glue but I use the Micro Precise type. The bottle comes with a anti clog cap. been using it for about 6 months and never had a clogged cap. It sure has saved me a bunch of glue and a lot of bunged models. You can put just 1 drop on what you are gluing or if you need more just squeeze the side of the bottle again. Comes out 1 drop at a time. very neat and precise. Jeff
  8. Mike: When I use Steel wool, if before I paint or between color coats, because steel wool will leave specks of it self on the raw plastic or the painted coats and I don't want them in my paint. Usually I just go to the kitchen sink and use the sprayer an give it a good spray down and set it aside to dry. Before doing anything to my model body, I steel wool it very good than take it to the kitchen sink and give it a good washing in warm water with soap to remove any mold release that might be left on the plastic. Set it a side to dry. When it's dry I rub it with a soft cloth an than go to do what I want with it. This is just the way I do it, seems like a lot of work, but if the paint (I ain't the best painter) comes out good I am happy. This is what works for me. Jeff
  9. Mike don't give up, just remember this is a hobby not a job. Just slow down and take your time and it will all come to you. Hell I have been at this for over 60 years and I still make mistakes like that. Paint is my biggest problem, Heck sometimes I have to strip the paint and start over. Foiling takes time to learn with a few disappointments. I don,t use much photo etch but when I do I have to stop and think about it. Glue on paint, hell anybody that makes models has probley had that happen. As somebody on here once said ( Quote : every model is practice for the next one : Unquot Just remember you are not alone,we all make mistakes on every model we make. Jeff
  10. 2X clear is acrylic as are the 2X paints..
  11. I use Createx and Auto Air Paints all the time for several reasons, one being the many different colors they have. Another being that I can spray them in the basement without stinking up the whole house. When they need thinning I use water and or windshield washer fluid and have never had any problem with them. I spray between 25 and 30 PSI with a #5 needle in a single action Paasche H Air brush. Which works just fine for me. Sometimes I use a brush where I have to or need to. As far as sanding I never do it, I use a #0000 steel wool which leaves a nice smooth finish for the next coat. It is a little messier and you have to wash and dry the car after steel wooling it. but by not sanding I leave no possible scratches in the paint and no possibity of sanding off the emblems. Since there is no time limit on applying the next coat I have time to do this. If in a hurry you can dry the car and then dry the paint with a hair dryer, wife gets PO but that's normal. For finishing I use either Createx Clear or Rust-Oleum 2X Clear and find that these 2 work pretty darn good for me. Jeff
  12. No it's not an electrical system. It runs purely on the city water. It's hooked to the water where it comes into the house, than they run a plastic pipe over to the sump pump hook it into to sump pump just like it was a sump pump and run it back out to the outside. I really can't explain it the right way, cause I ain't no plumber. But it works, and that's all I really care about.
  13. We had to have our sump pump brought up to code because the EPA told the city that all houses needed a sump pump instead of the water going into the sanitary sewer. Well ours only needed a couple of ground hoses re-directed and a couple of out of date drains cemented shut. While they were doing that I asked if there was any kind of back up system if the electric went out. They said that they had one that ran of regular old city water and explained how it worked. The wife and I decided to have it put in. It wasn't cheap (1000.00) installed, but since than it has paid for itself 100 times over. Twice during a heavy rainstorm with the power out for several hours it worked great keeping our finished basement dry. Found out that it was a great investment.
  14. got to go with Nicks way---works really good for me---except I shake the can before I put it in the warm water and again when I take it out of the water.
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