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  1. Cornpatch added a post in a topic Mack Manhatten   

                      Hey Jim
                           If the license plate is right.    Looks to be a 1922 model.
  2. Cornpatch added a post in a topic TV / Film Cops n Robbers or paired cars ?   

              Got the 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine that Banacek (George Peppard) drove in the show  Banacek.
                                                                            Than there's always
                                      The 1959 Peugeot 403 that Colombo (Peter Falk) drove in the Colombo Show
  3. Cornpatch added a post in a topic Far West Trucking decal question, hope ya can help   

                        Kerry,  This is something that my son and I have had some success at. If you have access to a laser printer you copy the old decals on to a fresh piece of decal paper. Than just use like a regular decal, there's no putting clear on them or anything like that. It works because it's not the decal that goes bad, it's the paper and adhesive, so once you get them on fresh paper there good to go. It has to be done with a laser printer, that way there already set on the paper when they come out of the machine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Hope this helps
  4. Cornpatch added a post in a topic Testor ModelMaster paint bottle lids   

    I took a piece of wood (1 x 4 ) cut it about 6 1/2 inches long, drilled a hole in it about 1 1/2 inches from the end, Squared the hole out so as a small square Testors bottle fit in it. Glued a piece of 1/4 inch plywood on the bottom.  Now when I get A bottle lid that fights me I just drop it in the hole and put the pliers to it. gives me all the leverage I need to get er open.
    Also works as a place to leave the bottle while I paint, haven't spilled a bottle since I made it.  Also makes a good holder for when you clean off the threads on the bottle.
  5. Cornpatch added a post in a topic Original AMT big rig issue dates   

                   Go to GOOGLE         Type in Amt Big Rig set   Combos
                          It will come up as  Big Rig Set Combos    How Many    On the work bench    Big Rigs
                           Click on that and that will bring you bact to the forum where you need to be
                           You will find several lists of the Big Rig Sets and there dates of issue      Should tell you just about everything you want to know
                                                         Hope this helps
  6. Cornpatch added a post in a topic Harry's current condition   

       Harry !!
            Good to hear from you, glad your doing better, and at home.
             I got my disability the first time around, as they said above have all of your documents in order, all your T's crossed and your I's dotted.
             Also watch the questions on their forms, a lot of the times the questions will be asked 2 or 3 times in a different way just to see if you give the same answer. Than they send you more forms with the same BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH questions asked in still a different way.
              My Mother in law (belive it or not) gave me a good piece of advice when I was doing mine. Any forms you fill out, be sure you make a copy for you self. That sure helped me when they kept sending all of there different forms.
               Hang in there Harry, the White Sox start spring training next month and in less than 3 months the season starts. No better to relax when your pretty homebound, than to sit back and watch a ballgame.
                                                   Take it easy Harry-------Prayers are with you
  7. Cornpatch added a post in a topic Today I pray for Harry to get better   

  8. Cornpatch added a post in a topic Phantom 309   

                                                   A few more older trucking songs not mentioned here.    There's
                                                               East Bound and Down  by  Jerry Reed
                                                               C. B. Savage by Ron Hart
                                            And several by Dave Dudley one of if not the best singer of truck songs.
                                                               Girl on the Billboard
                                                                  Me and Ol' C.B.
                                                                  Keep ON Truckin
                                                           There Ain't No Easy Load
                                          And one of his last songs, this came right after 9/11
                                                     Don't Mess With American Truckers.
                       This song is for everybody but anybody that has ever driven a truck will really understand it
  9. Cornpatch added a post in a topic MPC/AMT display case trailer glue   

    Heres a suggestion for you, go to a Home Depot and or a Lowes or even a Menards store or really any store that sells Plexi- glass. Go to the Plexi-Glass section and look at the glues there. There probley will be a couple three different glues there. Read the labels on all and decide which one would best suit your needs, or the easiest on for you to use.
    When I built my trailer, I used the tube glue that they offer, worked just great, dries crystal clear and it has all the stickum that you need. In fact I have built several different things using that pertickler glue. If you use it for anything thats not really clear, be sure to test it on a piece of scrap first.

    Hope this helps

  10. Cornpatch added a post in a topic Slag Pot Transporters ?   

    here guy try these 2 web-sites, not sure there what your looking for but they might help.



  11. Cornpatch added a post in a topic Favorite smells in the shop   

    My favorite smell comes into the shop from the kitchen.

    The smell of the wife baking fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies.

  12. Cornpatch added a post in a topic Can a dead garage door opener be fixed?   

    That new board probley didn't work and Harry just doesn't want to tell us that his garage door opener has gone to the garage door opener beyond.

    Hey Harry take a break and go on down to the Sox game tonight, and than tomorrow you can tell ua that your going to get a new opener.

    We'll all understard, I think.
  13. Cornpatch added a post in a topic General Concern About Kit Leaf Springs   

    That's seems appropriate the Cubs and dog poop in the same sentence. At least you can clean up the dog poop in the spring. But nobody has been able to do anything for the Cubs in years.

    As Harry would probley say GO WHITE SOX but they didn't look all that good last year either.
  14. Cornpatch added a post in a topic Anybody from Iowa   

    Yup I also live in the Cornpatch, Waterloo to be exact.

  15. Cornpatch added a post in a topic UPS FedEx USPS   

    Yea, I think it was called REA Express.