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  1. Here's a picture with one of my models. I find the backdrop adds a nice perspective, realism to model. The best part is I plop my backdrop, outside on table and snap picture, use the sun for lighting. I don't need to clean tables or backgrounds, set up or nothing. Mind you I can do that with 3 pieces of white cardboard glued together, LOL.
  2. Like you said, "backgrounds add perspective". because other people disagree about backgrounds, shouldn't change your ways. I find the picture you posted to make the model look more realistic with the backdrop. I had made mine because I was tiered of make shift cardboard, cleaning the area to take a picture. I really think that some people have mastered the skill to make models, but lac the artistic touch to make backdrop and those people are the ones that shoot down the backdrops/ backgrounds. With or without anything behind it, that's a nice model.
  3. Same here, just cleaned out my bench for the summer. Might build small accessories for my cars, pick ups on rainy days. But no vehicles.
  4. gentlemen, what I see is that the only thing we all have in common is we bought a model kit in a box. As what we do to it is anything but common. This is what makes the hobby enjoyable. Everyone has there own expectations,skill. We all have something different we want from this hobby. Some people think its a wast of time and some don't, The thread was about the art form sitting in back of the set vehicle. Everyone's journey, are all different.
  5. I would love to see it in person. As for shows I like that too, (when life get back to normal) How would I find them? I never did the shows, as I never new how to find them.
  6. RRR, that's a great idea with display case. That way you can leave new builds inside without any dust. As for the others, saying about time taken away from building, I see it as part of the hobby to passing time building. Part of the fun is making stuff from scratch and figuring out how to do it. When I got better in the hobby I was able to build a car less then a week. For me it's about building, not about how many cars are in my display.
  7. Unfortunately, I live in a dense suburban area, so taking pictures of my neighbors houses or fences would be in the background. Truthfully getting away from high end paint jobs and more stressful modeling it's a nice break, working on something less stressful like backdrops. That's why I'm starting to get into weathered, used up, beaters you cant screw up the paint job! đŸ˜‰
  8. Going through the boards I notice some nice backdrops. We focus on the vehicle and never the background. Some of them are work of arts too. I had made mine because I wanted to take pictures to show my friends and was always looking for places to take pictures with make shift backdrops. After doing this I noticed that people not in the hobby were more impressed with my backdrop then the subject car. I think its do to, they don't understand the work that the vehicle has, as they see them in stores in box's already built, and they assumed I bought it and plopped it a backdrop. Those are the people that have no clue that there are plastic kits. So they look at the backdrop as the art as people have fascination on miniatures. Sorry, for my rambling on some times I get frustrated, lol. I don't know if backdrops are considered to be dioramas. How about showing a thread JUST on backdrops, as they deserve some recognition too!! Ill start with mine....
  9. WOW!! Your skill level is out of this world. Great job. I looked through all the pics with my mouth open, in AHH! Bonne job!
  10. Thanks to all, for the good vibes!
  11. Just finished this project. Was lots of fun, I really enjoy doing weathered up vehicles I find them relaxing. I like the fact they tell you a story just looking at weathered up cars. Model is a Tamiya bug first time I did a Tamiya model, very enjoyable kit, parts fitted nicely. Paints where Tamiya acrylics, and different types of washes and some pastels. This is my first post, My wife made me post it, its her favorite.
  12. One thing I see a lot is the air water separator that is threaded on the side of the compressor. This set up is not the best way. When compressor is working, it compresses water in the air, when it comes out it is a mist! The separator cant filter vapor. Best thing to do is remove filter from compressor and run a hose and then install filter. This gives the best chance for water vapor to condense (water cools off and turns into water) and turn into water droplets. The filter can get rid of it better. I have a filter with an air regulator combined on my table away from compressor.
  13. I tried this technique, on the link. But you need a lot of patients. I created my own technique and is much faster. What I did was I used my biggest socket from my tool box, 32mm, (or any metallic pipe, in equivalent size) I put a strip of 2-way tape 3/16" on one side, and started to wrap thread around several times to make each color keeping thread tight to each other. Alternate colors to your pattern. Now, for the best part! you only need to do have the blanket. I put white glue over threads, after its dry I cut it off. It will be too long, so cut in half and stick the 2 parts next to each other. I put a piece of masking tape upside and stuck the 2 parts side by side.
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