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  1. Nice work on the top chop and that blue blood red just pops!
  2. Awesome! A beautiful, period perfect kustom showboat! Great body work, paint and interior and the Caddy rear bumper is the whipped cream on top of it!
  3. very well done, Russel! The Smoothster parts and the Pegasus wheels were nice choices to update this kit! Your paint scheme and the mention of "military" colours reminds me of my black and army green ´37 I built a few years ago...
  4. Very nice Cuda! Really like the aggressive green paint and the beautiful wheels!
  5. Beautiful Impala with a nice paint job! Yummie!
  6. Two cool cars blended together into something even more cool! Really like that!
  7. Nice to see one of these C-1 kits done! Looking really good and a nice colour, too!
  8. Wow, hard to believe it's the same model! Yes you did it justice!
  9. Wheels fit perfectly, so does the paint! Nice work!
  10. That Plum Crazy suits the Chally very well!
  11. Wow, I have that same body in my stash but I never thought i could look that nice! Stunning build, the wood looks like real!
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