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  1. NICE, Marty! I often thought about a pro touring Turbine Car... You nailed it!
  2. Nice conversion work! I really like the gun metal roof and bed!
  3. I like it a lot! Great paint scheme and cool rolling stock! Let's say the stance looks wrong because the the engine is currently out of the body for some performance enhancing...?)
  4. The wheels look really cool under this Bird! Also like the chopped windshield and the roll bar!
  5. I already spotted that Pick Up on photos of some of your earlier posts and I couldn't wait to see it finished... Expectations exceeded! Very Nice set!
  6. I really like what you are doing here, Tim! Built a few AMCs myself (a Pacer and a Gremlin) and I still got a sealed AMX kit. The Nascar chassis is a nice trick, I need to get me some of these kits for some resin projects... 👍
  7. #40 Black Beauty With the glue still wet, I´d like to call it done:
  8. Nice! That screaming green colour works great withe red line tires!
  9. Beautiful and clean looking Rod, Sir! Love the engine swap! Can't go wrong with black and flames on a ´34 Ford! P.S.: Though its a 5-window it reminds me of a certain car...
  10. Great looking duos, Tim! Love the Firebird and the ´55 Pick Up!
  11. Very nice build! 1933 and 1934 are my favourite years for pre-war Fords and though I'm a hot rodder I must admit it looks nice stock, too!
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