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  1. Too bad that the builds above are not included in the voting poll. Some of them really had 1st-place-potential! But after all, congratulations everyone who finished a build, you all are winners!
  2. Looks great! I'd bet it rips the asphalt when the light goes green! Love the smooth finish!
  3. Cool looking old school rod with a nice paint job! 👍
  4. Very nice little wagon! Love the concept!
  5. Thanks for all your kind words, guys! Alwas appreciated! I found a resin body of a ´58 Oldsmobile a few years ago, so The Egyptian might be my next D'Agostino build (somewhere down road)...
  6. Awesome build! Very nice paint job and I just love Steve Z's wheels! Imo it looks way better without the side pipes ! Very well done!
  7. Nice and clean! Great details and a sweet paint job!
  8. Looks great! Love the colour!
  9. Very impressive build, especially the paint job!
  10. Recently finished: My 1/25 scale version of John D'Agostino's '68 Buick Riviera custom called Pantheon: The original car looks like this: I used amt's '69 Riviera kit to rebuild it in scale. I shaved the body, chopped the top, lowered the suspension, scratch built the wheels and a custom tube grille and wired the engine . Further i tried to replicate some interior details like the tuck'n'roll on the dash, package shelf and door panels, built a center console with cup holders and a TV. Used a parts box steering wheel and amt Parts Pack tires. All what was done to hold kit can be viewed here: Not my best build I must confess. Had a lot of problems with shrinking putty and leaking glue, stance seems not to be low enough and the BMF work could be cleaner... But well, it's done now and I'm happy with my scratch built wheels and glad that I managed the tricky chop. Now, the Pantheon sits in my show case next to John's '61 Oldsmobile The Golden Starfire: Thanks for watching, comments are always welcome! Greetings from Cologne, Germany
  11. Great looking roadster! Very nice paint job and I really like the stripe going from front to rear! Well done!
  12. Turned out great! Very nice colour and stance! Nice work on the twin turbos!
  13. It'low,it's green and it looks mean! I like it!
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