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  1. Very cool rod with a well thought combination of parts!
  2. Awesome paint, great wheels! Definitely better than the box art!
  3. Wow! Sweet paint, nice engine, cool wheels! I like it!
  4. Nice build! The Shueys does look good on it!
  5. Agreed! I really like what you are doing here! I also liked the Astro Supremes you showed at the beginning of this thread but I'm curious about what kind of rolling stock you will choose in the end!
  6. Wheels, stance and colors work great together! Really like your exhaust idea!
  7. Mission accomplished! Nice build!
  8. Wow! I just love everything about this build! Body work and details are amazing, the paint looks smooth and the chassis is just awesome! Not to mention the wheels and stance...
  9. Nice build! Never really liked the movie, but the Ford looks great!
  10. Great build, nice body work and I really like the engine compartment!
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