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  1. Love that bubble top! Great body work and paint! So smooooooth!
  2. A masterpiece! The chop flows so nice and the paint is stunning!
  3. Stunning build with great details and an awesome paint job!
  4. Great job! Nice rendition of the original!
  5. Very nice and clean build! Awesome paint and a great stance!
  6. Great paint job! the roof looks awesome! Will follow this one!
  7. Kool! And a nice start! The Foose wheels seem to be a good choice for it. Your project reminds me of Billy F. Gibbons´ Kopperhed which I built some years ago Since I first saw it I'm a great fan of the 3-window -Shoebox conversion and I wonder why Ford never produced it...
  8. Kool! Great use of the ´58 Chevy parts! Well done!
  9. Great work, Bryan! Very clean and it looks seriously fast!
  10. Two very nice shades of gold, a cool engine swap and a great stance with nice wheels! Very well done!
  11. Two very nice Deuces! The Hemi looks massive in front of the Monogram kit! 👍
  12. Nice build of this kit! I like the colours you applied!
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