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  1. My user name was inspired by my favourite Hot Rod, Pete Chapouris´ California Kid which I also built in scale some years ago: And I live in Cologne, Germany Which is Köln in german. In our local idiom (Kölsch) we call our home town Kölle, so California + Kölle = Koellefornia. (the german ö is pronounced "ø" and is written "oe" for languages which do not have mutated vowels). And though I'm in my mid 40s now, I still feel like a kid, so I think Koellefornia Kid fits quiet nice...
  2. Nice wheels and great colour combo! Well done!
  3. Yeah man! That's the way a mid-60s Continental has to look like! Great work on the roof, nice paint job and killer stance! Dig the wheels, where are they from?
  4. Great work on a great car! My father-in-law has one of these, it's pure pleasure when the right foot goes down and its so comfy, you don't even notice you're doing 130 mph...🤫
  5. Beautiful! Cool wheels and a very nice paint job!
  6. I love ´em sitting in the weeds! The grill is a very nice feature!
  7. Very nice weathering and cool looking rolling stock! Love the stance!
  8. Super cool V-Dub! Love the decals!
  9. So sweet! I have a sweet spot for cool looking long roofs and this really looks cool!
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