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  1. #40 Black Beauty After finishing the work of the custom front... ...I started to convert the coupe into a four door. First I sanded off the vinyl pattern from the roof and scratch built a frame for a larger back lite opening... ...opened it, got rid of the door handles, engraved new door lines and installed new window posts:
  2. Nice! When I first saw this color combo on the Goon Car´s box art, I thought urgh - never ever! But it works great on this Fury!
  3. Beautiful! One of the nicest Wildcats ever!
  4. Well done, sir! Apart from the great conversion work I really like the color and the wheels! It looks like 1/64 Hot Wheels model, only better!
  5. Great project! Can't wait to see it in that Boyd Red!
  6. Love these Continentals from the ´60s! Especially when they're low down! Great paint and a nice and clean foil job!
  7. Gary, you owe me a new keyboard - mine is soaked with drool!
  8. Sir, you are an artist! By the way, I´d never thought that the custom front of this kit would look good but it really works with the Bellflower-treatment!
  9. again.. AMAZING! And where can I get a set of those wheels?
  10. The paint looks like a mile deep... one the Rally wheels add a nice classic touch!
  11. 😍 Awesome build! The paint, the wheels the chop... everything works very well together! Really like the front and rear end treatment!
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