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  1. That sunrise pearl looks beautiful!
  2. x2! Engine and wheels really suits this pony! 👍
  3. Nice take on this kit! Looks wicked!
  4. I really enjoyed the wip and the outcome looks fantastic! Great work, Tom!
  5. One very nice looking T-Bird! Really dig those wheels and the super smooth paint job!
  6. The Willys makes a very nice taildragger! Great job!
  7. I think I found my way to build a custom front for my Monaco. Just a little bit fine tuning and we will be there: thanks for all the tips and suggestions, guys!
  8. Can't go wrong with flames on black paint! Nice one!
  9. Awesome! Besides the great body work I really dig the bumper and taillight treatment! Very well done!
  10. I love this kit! With some good ideas and the right parts there's so much you can do with it and you did a great job! Looks beautiful!
  11. Very nicely done! gGreat underwood details, stance and colours are spot on! Beautiful!
  12. Looking great! Will keep watching that build! 👍
  13. That’s why I love this forum! Thanks for all the tips, guys! I will definitely keep them in mind for probable future builds! For this one I found a different solution. I remembered that I bought a second hand Viper engine from a die cast model some time ago and it fits into the Monaco´s engine bay. I will have to modify the headers a bit and maybe scratch build a radiator but for now, I’m happy with it and at least the hood closes properly: Further I had the idea to modify the front of the Dodge since I made custom taillight lenses. Instead of the stock grilles an rectangular headlights I plan to use a round single lens and mesh grilles. a quick mock up: Not quite sure about it. Maybe I cut the surrounds from the stock items to frame my mesh parts?
  14. That is probably the best what you can do with this kit! Great idea, I really like it!
  15. #20 1978 Dodge very few process yet... Tried to modify a Revell Viper chassis to fit under the Monaco and use the the Viper engine as well but that plan failed totally 🙄. The engine didn't fit under the hood and the chassis is no in pieces and tossed away. Guess it was not the best plan to mix 1/24 and 1/25 kits. Now I have to figure out something else... at least I have a quick mock up of the modified interior: Still needs some refining... Integrated the Viper seats into the rear seat bench and the resin casted ones in the front, speakers and amp for the rear window shelf and a touch screen for the co-driver. The Viper kit also donated the center console and steering column.
  16. It may be simple but it looks kool for sure! Very nice traditional rod!
  17. Wicked! I doubt that the driver can see anything with that big blower in front of the windshield... But who cares, it looks cool!
  18. Looks great! Love the color!
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