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  1. Some very cool theme suggestions for next years CBP! Cars from songs: „If there’s a god in heaven he’s got a silver Thunderbird“ (Marc Cohn) though that wouldn’t be my favourite theme. 4-doors? Well, I Built a 4-door for 2020… …so I feel comfortable with that. I also like the Wagon, Pickup or Hot Wheels suggestions. I’d bet we´ll see some phantom builds here, which leads me to my own theme suggestion: How about phantom (or what-if) cars. Imagine a pre-67 4-door T-Bird or ´47 Chevy Nomad…
  2. I love these wheels and they fit perfectly under these fenders!
  3. Awesome build! Oh, wait a minute, I have to change my shirt beccause it's soaked with drool... Stance and wheels work great wiht the the body as does the paint. I usually shave the bodies I do in this style but I have to agree that all the chrome just looks right on this one!
  4. Oh 😳 ! Who would've thought that a Taurus can look that cool? Great wheel and colour choices and I just love that stance!
  5. Two awesome builds from one of my favourite movies! Very nice!
  6. Great truck! The root beer paint and the Zman Wheels sets it apart!
  7. Nice one! That kit is still on my wish list...
  8. Beautiful Vicky! Great wheels!
  9. Nice shoebox! I like the cut down steering wheel!
  10. I like how the Gremlin parts flows into the Ferrari body! Nice work!
  11. Cool build! Really like the lace paint job!
  12. The wheels look very good on this lil´wagon!
  13. Nice custom cruiser! Love the mild chop!
  14. Very nice! Colour and wheels really suits the car!
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