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  1. Indeed it is. Had a lot of fun building it some years ago and I still have two of these as donor kits for parts. I think you will enjoy this build. Though I customised it, I had no fitting issues...
  2. Sorry for the slow process, guys. Once again very few bench time the last days. At least I got a few more interior details done. Scratch built a custom center console with a TV under the dashboard: and started to recreate the T'nR patterns on the dash... ...and the backlit shelf... ...the door panels are up next.
  3. Nice job! Great and mean looking Mustang! Love the mesh grille!
  4. That's just awesome! Very well executed chop, great weathered paint and some cool engine details! And I really dig those 8-Ball decals! 😉
  5. Love it! Cool subject with a great stance and nice wheels! I admire your weathering job! Looks very realistic 👍
  6. Cool paint job, a nice stance and great engine details! Well done!
  7. Now that's what I'd call a wild paint job! Very nice looking Lowrider wagon!
  8. Beautiful! Great paint and nice wheels!
  9. Puh, after some dusty hours of sanding i can say the chop is done: Unfortunately I lost some of the window trim details so I made some new with very small diameter Evergreen rods. I also set the ride hight of my model: It's so easy to lower these old kits thanks to the stick-through metal axles. But the drawback is that the front axle goes right through the engine ☹️ that's why I replaced the metal axle with a styrene rod... ... filled the hole in the engine block and oil pan... ...and removed the part of the axle thing across the engine bay: Up next will be the interior: First I searched my parts box for a matching steering wheel... ...which came from amt's '62 Buick Electra (I think) and then I want to create a new center console with cup holders and a TV...
  10. Now that's definitely a different approach to this old kit! 👍 Really like what's going on under the hood!
  11. Great idea and very nice executed!
  12. Usually I'm not a Pro Street guy but this one looks super nice!
  13. Great paint on a beautiful looking Nova! Very nice work!
  14. Both look great! Really like the 4-door conversion!
  15. Very nice colour and wheel choice! The clear part in the hood is a cool idea!
  16. That is one cool looking truck! Really like the front and rear treatments and the superb airride detailing!
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