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  1. Outstanding paint job and a great engine bay!
  2. Very niceVery nice group of some very cool customs! I dig the Golden Indian replica, that's something I always wanted do along with the Golden Chariot my two favourite A-bros cars!
  3. Awesome build! Underhood and bed details are stunning, lovely stance and rolling stock! Great work!
  4. I love this car! Very nice build, Steve! I wish I would have had a PE grille when I built mine years ago...
  5. Nice Trio! Really like the look of the GTO!
  6. Love these Watson-style paint jobs! Very nice Olds!
  7. Very cool Pinto! Got to get me one those kits!
  8. I like what you did here, Ray! The colours work well and the speedwagon looks really cool without the roof!
  9. Very nice old school rod! Like the flames!
  10. Wow, that is one mean Fiat!
  11. Love it! A Model A can't look better!
  12. Two slices with salami, red peppers and onions, please... Awesome food truck with some amazing scratch building! Really like the Cord wheels!
  13. Very nicely done! Love the colour!
  14. A very good reason to build a car like that! Nice work!
  15. Nice build, looks beautiful!
  16. Very nice, Tim! It perfectly represents the style of a Hot Rod at the time my interest in such cars started. I kinda grew up with these early 90s Rods and I still love them!
  17. Very nice! Impressive how the Mod Top changes the look of the Duster, I really like that!
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