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  1. The engraving and the level of detail really does look great. Things that stand out for me are the front lower control arms, the door mirrors, and the rear brakes with their dust shields.
  2. For auto builds, I have a Testors "Those Fabulous Fords" issue of the IMC Lotus Indy car that I intend to build with Indycals decals for 2022 and there are a few Hasegawa kits I want to take a second stab at. Namely the Stratos Stradale, the Lancia O37, and I'd like to build a Miura. Aside from that, I'm also thinking I'll probably finally finish my AMT chopped 26 T coupe on Revell Buttera frame project just to finally have it off my bench.
  3. Not necessarily if the subject has excellent international appeal. Tamiya's McLaren Senna kit for instance.
  4. Taken from the Jo-Han Models Wikipedia to explain in as unbiased a fashion as possible. "In 2000, Jo-Han was purchased from the ailing Seville by Mr. Okey Spaulding, a resin parts producer from Covington, Kentucky. A new company, JoHan Models LLC (without the traditional hyphen) was formed. Through about 2005, Spaulding produced a few of the original models in limited quantities, including the 1956 Plymouth, 1959 Rambler station wagon, some 1950s Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs."
  5. Likely his usual table of odds and ends with a handful of promos and such. If Spaulding were actually capable of producing a full kit of any sort - even along the lines of the crude "X-EL" line of unassembled promos - then it would be significantly better promoted unless the man is truly and fully incompetent.
  6. Such a small improvement with those headlight buckets but they really pay dividends. Really keen to see how this project develops.
  7. Well, I'm never using Bare Metal Foil for window trim again. lol As I continue with my build of the C1 Models GT Transkit for the Aoshima 1/24 MGB, I decided to give a try to masking and airbrushing chrome window trim rather than using foil. One evening, a bunch of Tamiya and Vallejo tape, and a bit of AK Interactive Xtreme Metal Chrome and I absolutely love the results!
  8. Genuinely exciting especially considering the standard the R32 GTR and the A70 Supra were done to.
  9. The reissues of the Porsche 911S sold out so fast at my shop! I was so disappointed when my primary distributor had run out of them so I couldn't restock.
  10. I'm honestly hoping for another production run from Fujimi of their 365GTB/4 Daytona, both coupe and spyder. Positively lovely kits and I want to take another stab at building the coupe. I'd also add a reissue complete with PE and aluminum goodies for the Tamiya Morgan 4/4 along the same lines as the excellent Lotus Seven and Lotus Europa reissues.
  11. It's actually pretty good between 1/35th and 1/24th scale. Hasegawa, Heller, Revell, Miniart, Meng, ICM, and a few others all have stuff available.
  12. Probably the very best of the 1/24th scale Monogram muscle car tooling. I'll be quite happy to get those onto my shop shelves.
  13. Impressive to see and knowing Miniart they'll be exquisite. Miniart's 1/35th scale full-interior tank kits are truly cutting edge pieces, up there with Rye Field and Takom for some of the most detailed plastic model kits of ANYTHING you could currently purchase.
  14. This looks so fantastic! And you're right, the C1 transkit is an absolute gem.
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