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  1. You can count me in for a 250GT SWB, a Morgan Plus Four, and an XK-SS as well. Italeri's 275GTB/4 would be more than acceptable, too.
  2. Aside from the 2000GT which has a phenomenal resin engine and engine bay. We had the road car version in at my shop and it is genuinely jaw dropping stuff. Was almost a little hurt to see it go home with a customer. lol It's going to be fantastic to have a new MR2 to put on the shelf and the Daytona version of the RX-7 will be an easy sell alongside the road version. Hasegawa just keeps going with the good stuff.
  3. Not at all a bad idea, but if we're starting from fresh tooling but are also interested in cutting cost why does it have to be a 1960's style promo chassis? Why not actually break new ground and give us a modern curbside kit with reasonable suspension detail and wheels held on with polycaps? Something along the line of Aoshima's Mad Max Interceptor and KITT?
  4. AK's concept of a diorama book focused on darker events in human history may have been promoted a bit wrong-headed, but it was certainly a solid concept. There are also coffee table books of photography plates covering the Khmer Rouge and fine art paintings hung in galleries depicting the acts of Robespierre. Modeling is just as adept an artistic medium for capturing these moments in time as the others. I actually appreciate AK's attempt - however misguided - to elevate the medium.
  5. Without a doubt. Round 2 had an opportunity to do a proper product rollout here but all they managed to do was restate product news that was already out among the public. Couple that with a lack of any sort of production or presentation (their camera couldn't even focus ON fine details to demonstrate the quality of engraved detail on the Razor Crest test shot) and it's absurd. Compare it to AK Interactive's channel for their products and you'll see just how miserably behind the times Round 2 really is.
  6. Not an easy kit to wring good results out of. You ought to be proud!
  7. My build of the Revell 3-window kit
  8. While they're all fun kits, I hope I'm not the only one for whom the most desired reissue of the Gunze Sangyo 1/24th scale sports car kits is their Lotus Elan. We have a much better 250GTO now in the Fujimi and their SWB is questionable in its proportions, but that Lotus Elan is such a little gem.
  9. Not unprecedented, but not especially lucrative in their primary markets either. Given that they have the McLaren license, that the Senna was a big success, and that F1 superstar and Honda golden-boy Jenson Button races one, a McLaren 720GT3 makes a whole lot more sense.
  10. I'm actually most curious to see what Aoshima, Ebbro, and Hasegawa announce for this year. The follow up to the Pagani Zonda ought to be something exciting to see, more news on the Ebbro Lotus 33 will be great, and Hasegawa continuing their series of touring/street car kits replacing old Tamiya tooling (R32 GTR, MkIII Supra) will be exciting and hopefully include a Z32 or Z31 Nissan 300ZX.
  11. I'm fairly certain Tamiya's big news will either be 1/48th prop air or 1/35th armor. Their all-new F-4B Phantom II has been a huge success this year and last year's P-38 Lightning equally so. Likewise on the armor side their latest Panzer IV's have been flying off shelves. If they do anything auto, I'm willing to bet it will be some form of safe GT3 companion for the highly successful AMG GT. I would probably lean to the NSX GT3 for that since Aoshima has the Lamborghini license buttoned up and there's very little likelihood of a new Ferrari 488 GT3 kit.
  12. That really is just exactly how that car is supposed to look. This is a truly stunning build.
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