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  1. Fujimi Dino 246GT

    Already had to remove the rear header and re-jig it because the luggage area plate wouldn't fit properly around it. Honestly between the overflow tank and the airbox it's likely going to end up in "what you can see" territory.
  2. Fujimi Dino 246GT

    Another update on my Fujimi 1/24th scale Dino 246GT. Two color coats are down and I think looking quite good on this particular sports car. More chassis work has been done too with the full rear suspension in place and the exhaust starting to come together.
  3. 1958 Plymouth Custom Suburban wagon

    Really an astonishing and original piece. Something to be proud of, Paul!
  4. Audi DTM A4

    That really does look like an eye-catching piece for any shelf. Great looking work.
  5. Calsonic R91CP , Whats In The Box ( Photos)

    That's a very attractive kit. I'd need one for the shop shelf and one for my shelf.
  6. 1956 Citroen DS

    Absolutely a lovely build of one of the more fascinating cars in motoring history.
  7. BMW 507

    Now that is pretty well turned out. The color is really striking and appropriately 50's too.
  8. Fujimi Dino 246GT

    The first tip I can definitely pass along is to keep your micro drill bits and pin vise handy because none of the holes for the locator pins are either wide or deep enough especially if you have any paint on anything. It's very easy to misalign parts because of this.
  9. 1968 Baldwin Motion Chevelle

    Really liking the engine and interior detail so far.
  10. Fujimi Dino 246GT

    Well, first update on the Dino and it's progressing nicely. I sanded down the handbrushed enamel flat black on the chassis and laid down a fresh coat of Vallejo Black Primer to tidy it up. The bulkhead and rear frame work is in place and the engine is now safely in its home for the model. The interior floor was painted with Vallejo Model Air Elfenbein Ivory. Finally I attended to trying to dress some of the less than perfect body joints in the kit to prepare for paint.
  11. Iso Grifo kits.

    Maserati is pretty far from gone. They're a part of FCA and have been having a successful run as Fiat's answer to BMW between the Quattroporte, the new Ghibli sedan, and the Kubang crossover plus the lovely Gran Turismo 4 seat coupe and its GT4 racing counterpart. It is a bit odd, though, that Maserati's model kit history effectively goes "Aurora 3500GT, MPC Indy, a few Boras, and done" given the company's rich trove of classics. A modern 3500GT or Birdcage or 450S would be something else.
  12. A couple of Mustang GTOs

    Lyn St James decals are incredibly tempting... It's always awesome to see this series of kits, both the Mustangs and the later Camaros, being built.
  13. If I Ran Revell....

    Well, let's view it this way. I haven't actually answered the question of "If I ran Revell"... First - An active multi-media approach to brand promotion. Revell is, for lack of a better word, junk at informing the public about Revell. Actively supporting name Youtube reviewers with "before you can get it" test shots, a dedicated and active Revell channel for new release, brand news, and promotional information, closer ties to dedicated scale modeling magazines, developing a relationship/tie-in with one of the prevalent eSports racing franchises such as iRacing, Assetto Corse, or Project Cars, and evaluating sponsorship of either events or teams in motorsport all lead to improved sales. Second - Narrow the product line to identifiable "series" of kits which will always have incoming product, either reissue, modified-reissue, or all new tooling. Ideally, these would reflect not only the interest of the core customer base (American Classics, Street Rods & Customs, Drag Racing, Pick-Ups) but also portions of the market that are notably strong where Revell has been traditionally weak (Vintage & Modern Road Racing, Classic Sports Cars, Tuners). An expected product development cycle with regular communication with the customer base will make "The Next Revell" kit a less mysterious but a more talked about item. Third - Cull badly aged tooling or clearly dated kit design from the core catalog, placing desirable kits with strong customer demand into STRICTLY a dedicated SSP program with accompanying history department to maintain and restore tooling to as close to its original form as possible. Fourth - Create tiered releases of existing kits wherein the core plastic sprues remain essentially the same, but expanded decal sheets, photo-etch, tampo-printed tires, and more fully detailed resin or 3D printed parts are included in upper tier editions similar to Eduard's Weekend Edition and Profi-Pack line of aircraft kits. These additional parts would also be available separately in a dedicated line underneath a nice classy name, one that indicates that we as a company have put our signature on it. Our "Monogram", if you will...
  14. Iso Grifo kits.

    The only problem is that we'd see the kit once and then it would get stuck in the same vault as the 250GT SWB and 250 California tooling. Ah well, we can dream of the day when Italeri does this and maybe a companion Maserati Ghibli or Mistral...
  15. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Many military kits have taken to a very simple "add a step" method of including Swastikas such as this example from Special Hobby in a recent Blohm und Voss kit.