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  1. I did not ever think that I would ever get the cab and hood painted as the wind would not let up for a week. I had no other option as my landlord would flip if I painted these pieces in the house. Anyway the painting is done. The cab is metallic red while the hood is also metallic red with a metallic black insert. Most all of the detail parts are in place.The lettering on the doors was made from individual decal letters. You'll excuse me if things don't look exactly straight but my hands and eyes don't work too go Currently I am working on fitting the exhaust pipes and the cab and hood. I hope to have more photos soon. Bob
  2. Gator,Thanks for the reply and comment. What you see amounts to almost 6 packs of wood. It took a couple of hours to do the deck. The wood is cut into two different lengths so I could alternate the rows. You should try doing this in 1\87 scale, doing trucks was fun. Bob
  3. Thanks Dan, One question-I have read many threads about printing your own decals and everyone agreed that you got better results with a laser printer. I'll figure it out. Bob
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys and please call me Bob. I like the informal touch.
  5. Thanks for the comment. My father's trucks were all red so I guess that's where I'll start. Not sure if I'll apply any decals if I can find a source for them or perhaps some stripping. One thing I'll need to do is either find out how to make my own decals or find someone that would make then for me. I need custom decals for the doors. Thanks again Bob
  6. Hi, my name is Bob and I'm 71. I live in Phillipsburg which is in Western Warren county just across the Delaware River from Easton Pa. I am currently working on my first truck since the 70's. From the mid 70's to some time in the 80's I bought a R model Mack and went trucking. At first local loads and then later loads into into NY and into other states from here to the Mississippi. I later got interested in model railroading. That's about all
  7. I finally got to my LHS but they didn't have the kit I was looking for. Prices online were too high and shipping charge was outrageous so I settled on a Mack DM600.My father never owned one but it's the thought and idea that counts. The photos show a progression of the build. Starting with frame and rear axle construction to truck bed and frame with bed installed. Bob
  8. Thanks for the replies. As far as photo hosting goes there are many lists to choose from, I'll just have to see which one fits my needs and is easy to use. For the painting, I think I'll probably paint it outside. Bob
  9. Thanks for the replies. Gotniitro?If you can upload images from your phone could it be done from a PC? Foxer- the problem I have is my landlord wouldn't allow it. Thanks anyway. Bob
  10. 1. I dumped Flickr. Whatever other hosting sites do many of you use ? 2. Are there any people on this forum who are really good painters? The reason I ask is because I have some nasty breathing issues and it may not be a good idea to be around rattle cans trying to paint. I am almost at that stage in my build. It is only the cab and hood and just one color. Any interested parties can email me at weyrleader@netzero.net Thanks Bob
  11. My photos are private but I don't think that should make a difference. When I was on a different hosting site my album was also private and I never has any issues sending photos to another site
  12. Thanks for the replies. After I click on one of the photos that I uploaded I don't see any arrow in the bottom right corner. Now what ?
  13. I recently signed up with Flickr as the site to store my truck photos. However I am less than enthused with it because I uploaded two photos into am album but can't seem to find out how to send them here. What do most of you use to host your photos?
  14. As I mentioned in a prior post I am planning on making a reasonable version of a boom truck that my father used in his sign shop. He had a few different brands,none of which are available in kit form so I decided to use a Diamond Reo. I was watching a video on building one and noticed that the rear end assemblies have Hendrickson suspension with walking beams connecting the two assemblies. To the best of my knowledge the trucks that my father had were all single rear axles. My question is this, can the walking beams and one axle assembly be removed and still have an assembly that looks like it has workable suspension or should I just leave it as duel rears which would make it somewhat newer that i would want. Any suggestions are welcome. Bob
  15. Thanks to all those that replied to my post. I really appreciate it. The info you guys provided will be of a great help. What had me confused was I watched some videos about stretching frames only these guys just stretched the frame 4"-5" without doing any scale conversion. The resulting model ended up looking way too long. Bob
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