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  1. I have a couple of the sprint car drivers, not sure if they would work for what you want, they also seem quite abit smaller than the nascar drivers. but let me know if you would be interested.
  2. Here is a link to ebay where I picked mine up. Golf Cart I turned mine into a mule for my sprint car.
  3. oh #4 I just stumbled on his Brian Brown sprint car build I wish I had the knowledge and skill and patience to do something that detailed! I have another one with the body off I'll take a couple pictures when I get a chance.
  4. Have you posted anything of the hauler? Would love to see it!
  5. Very nice! I love seeing these old race cars!
  6. Thanks guys! I've always loved the haulers almost as much as the race cars. I wish I had the space to build one for ever sprint car I have! I live in Florence now, I grew up in Cottage Grove. That started life as a golfcart I found on ebay, I ended up cutting it in half and building the box on the back.
  7. Great job! I just finished the Rat Trap Vega, fun little build without a ton of parts that you can do quick.
  8. Thanks everyone! I definitely want to get some more of these! I know right! Thankfully there are a lot of people out there doing resin parts theres Roon Coon Resins he has a lot of nice parts and theres SWS Chassis for sprint car stuff, though I don't think he's doing any orders atm. Thanks, I'll check it out!
  9. Hey guys, so this was my most ambitious project since I started really getting into building models a little over a year ago. I started with the Peterbilt 377 kit and scratch built the trailer, this was my second attempt at a trailer, the first one was really bad but I think this one turned out ok, I learned a ton building this and have plans in the future to build a couple more. I want to get a few more shots of the insides of both to share but I ran out of time to take pictures. This is a fantasy build of a car I designed in a game.
  10. Here are a couple with the hood off.
  11. Thanks everyone! The truck is just a diecast that I've had for awhile but the trailer had Ford hubcaps so I figured it would be perfect for towing the midget.
  12. I got one of these off ebay that was beat up a little so I decided to strip the paint and redo it as a Kasey Kahne Quaker State car. The things are pretty awesome, they have some pretty good detail in the suspension and just look awesome!
  13. This was one of the models I was most excited to build when I found out they made it, I remember as a kid (not actually that long ago) they used to have a bunch of the vintage cars follow the NST series through Oregon/Washington as a support class to the Sprints, it was really neat to get to see these cars racing in person. This is my second attempt with this car, the first attempt didn't turn out so well, so into a paint stripping bath it went. I made most of the decals for this one, I used my dad as an inspiration for the hood, it's his initials and the name of the railroad company he worked for. I have another one of these I can't wait to get out and get together! Hope you guys enjoy the pictures.
  14. That would be great! I primarily need to know the width inside, especially between the wheel arches. I'm trying to see if a sprint car will fit inside and the rear tires have been just barely too wide to fit on most of my trailers.
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