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  1. Are there any more updates? Saw this build on You Tube and I would sure love to see the finished car. Great build.
  2. I built this kit in the summer of 1970. I was 15 years old. I thought it was so cool. It was the most detailed kit I had built. When I joined the Army I gave it away along with all of my models. Then in 2017 I retired and started building models again. I said someday I will find this kit again. I wrote AMT and Revell and never got an answer. What I didn't know it was out there all along. I was using the wrong name during my search. One day recently it showed up on a hobby website I had never herd of and since I didn't know the site I ended up buying one off of EBay. I knew if I ever found it the kit would be very expensive. What I didn't know was it had been re-released in 2000. So it wasn't expensive at all. Now if I could just find an AMT American La France Hook and Ladder firetruck, first sold in the early 1970s, I will happier then a dog with a bone.
  3. Has anyone tried the new Testors Color Shift paint? They come in 3 oz spay cans in 4 colors. I have only tested their Galaxy Blue. It shifts between blue and green depending on the angle to the light. You need to spray it over gloss black in two light coats. Anything heavier and the effect goes away (still a nice green color). The item painted goes from a medium green to a dark blue. When I used a clear coat on it it did take some of the color shift and gloss away. But once buffed it looked good. I will be painting a 1956 Chevy with it and when finished I will post photos of the paint job. I found it at Hobby Lobby (not sure if I can mention them). Not on EBay.
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