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  1. It was a replica of I believe a GM color, it was a Blue Aqua Mettalic paint color. But yes it is a Perfect Match line color.
  2. sorry for the lack of updates everybody, but I’ve been busy building the AMT 1968 GT500KR for a buddy and it’s been a hassle.
  3. Sorry, I checked but I had gotten rid of the can after it empty.
  4. It’s a Duplicolor product, I will send you the official paint name when I get home, but I think it was an Blue Aqua Mettalic, not sure, so don’t take that as the exact name, I’ll get it to you hopefully soon.
  5. Got some work done, figured I’d do an update, Got the spare tire assembly built, not not put on frame yet and I need to start that, started work on the interior, and put together one of the wheels to see how it would look.
  6. Never mind, it’s a 327CI. Will work on it some more when I get home.
  7. That sounds awesome! So far I’m building the Stock engine for it, I just got done with a very frustrating AMT 78 F100 4X4 Kit, so I’m looking for a semi easy fun kit to build and I thought this would be it, Might put a 454 Chevy in it though out of a monogram 70 Chevelle in it, anybody know what the stock engine’s CI is?
  8. I will, I might do some work on the Shelby on and off
  9. So guys, before I build the GT350, I’m building the Revell 66 suburban, here’s the link to it If you want to watch.
  10. Hey guys! This is the 66 Suburban kit from revell, here it is so far.
  11. That means a lot! I might start a forum on here for my AMT 78 F100 even though it’s like 70% done. Would you guys want to see that?
  12. What? I’m sorry I’ve been buisy.
  13. No, sorry! Been buisy, possibly will work on it after school.
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