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  1. Brent added a post in a topic 66 NOVA Pro Touring   

    Love the machining , really need to start playing with my lathe and mill some more.
    Hey another Chevy II pickup. cool.
    Here is mine.

  2. Brent added a post in a topic Show us your Engines - Post Dedicated to the Engine   

    A few I have done.








  3. Brent added a post in a topic Tee Vee Dune Buggy   

    Awesome to see this build. I found this kit last week and snapped it up right away (one I actually didn't have).
     I love seeing these buggies built. You have done it justice capturing the era perfectly, well done!
     I am a self-proclaimed expert in the field LOL. I have a 1:1 1966 fiberglass dune buggy that will one day replicate in 1:25th.
    My 1:1 
  4. Brent added a post in a topic Monster Energy Trophy Truck   

    I started one of these about 7 years ago, the build thread is on here somewhere. One day it might make it back on the bench.... looking forward to seeing your project take shape.

  5. Brent added a post in a topic IH Scout Pro Touring   

    Thanks again.
    LOL The way I'm throwing money away on mud it might be cheaper to fly you up LOL. Seems like I put it all on then end up sanding it all off again....;-)
  6. Brent added a post in a topic IH Scout Pro Touring   

    Wow super cool!
    Thx for the comments guys. I had to put this on hold for a bit. Wife has me renovating the main bathroom. Installing new sheetrock at the moment and mudding the joints. Figured how hard could it be to get a wall smooth when I can get a kit to look like glass...... Apparently not the same thing LMAO.
    Anyways I will hopefully get back at this in the near future. In the meantime I finished the frame.

  7. Brent added a post in a topic If you could only choose ONE photo of any of your builds, wich would it be?   

    So many talented builders on this site. It's a honor to be amongst you.

  8. Brent added a post in a topic IH Scout Pro Touring   

    WOW guys thanks for all the comments and feedback. A bit more done, not a huge update...
    I tried to mock up the front end using the front bumper, isn't happening so I messed around making a front spoiler.
    I also did the hood vents the C10R has.
    Rear has been rolled, again didn't like the bumper look.

  9. Brent added a post in a topic 1950 chevy step van   

    Love it already, cant wait to see more.
  10. Brent added a post in a topic IH Scout Pro Touring   

    I haven't been building seriously for a long while. I'll sneak one in here and there but nothing like I once was.Thank you for the comments guys! They are keeping me motivated and keeping me going on this. 
    Dino that Pro Street looks great!! I absolutely LOVE the Pro Street scene. 
    A bit of an update...

    Hit the frame with some paint. This color will not be the body color....

    Got some other parts painted as well.

    And some frame assembly.

    Then back to the interior tub. Made a new firewall dog house and cleaned up the rest of it. I may have to clean up a bit more once I hit it with primer.

    I'm now working on a roll bar for the interior and a front air dam. I don't really like the front bumper on it so seeing if I can come up with something else. I rolled the back of the body so wont be using a rear bumper either.
    I'll keep at it.......
  11. Brent added a post in a topic IH Scout Pro Touring   

    Frame was easy but now things are getting interesting.
    The ride height was close but front has to be dropped. I was going to alter the frame but the more I did that the higher the motor would be.I figured no problem as I have a pile of room until I figured out the motor is so set back that it is going into the fire wall.
    So I looked at the interior tub and since the side walls are pretty much vertical I thought I could get away with taking some out of it to drop the body on the frame.

    Once that was done I had a gap on the sides.

    I thinned the door panel (so it would not look so wide) and added a filler strip.

    Next I made room for the engine.

    Then I sat and pondered how I was gong to deal with this mess.. The transmission hump was massively oversized since a big 4X4 transmission wasn't going to be used. I thought about trimming around it and re making the floor.... Then into the box of goodies to see if I could find another option.
    I long time ago I bought a bunch of Nascar kits. about 10 or them. All the kits were missing bodies. I think the guy was using them for slot cars or something. Anyways the width was a perfect fit and would really clean up the underside of the truck.

    I cut the floor completely out.

    Not sure if i have any less of a mess to deal with LOL.

    Sneak peek of ride height as of this moment....

  12. Brent added a post in a topic IH Scout Pro Touring   

    Got the rear tubs done.

    Tackled the frame length next.

  13. Brent added a post in a topic IH Scout Pro Touring   

    Thx for the replies guys. I'll try not to disappoint. 
    Kruleworld, Its the AMT Ertl Kit
  14. Brent added a post in a topic Stallone's Mercury Cobra   

    Yep, you rocked this build!! Nice job!