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  1. Brent added a post in a topic AMT Super Boss 2016   

    Bought 2 from a local hobby shop. approx $50.00 each. Wasn't going to open both of them but I guess I should.... Or just use the old cab that is in pieces in the parts bin.
  2. Brent added a post in a topic kits for trade   

    After my offer??? Hmmmm
  3. Brent added a post in a topic kits for trade   

    PM sent, interested in  356
  4. Brent added a post in a topic Looking for Polar Light Funny car kits to trade for Polar Lite Nascar kits (open to the USA)   

    So are we aloud to bump threads over again after kits have been traded or three total for a thread?
    Any Nascar guys out there that want these? Might consider other racing kit trades as well.....
  5. Brent added a post in a topic 1955 Nomad INCOMPLETE   

    Paypal "IS" Ebay...... all the same...
  6. Brent added a post in a topic Brents Bench   

    Thanks all for the kind words. Will keep chipping away at them and keep posting.
  7. Brent added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Brents Bench
    Trying to get back in the swing of things here. Out of high school I worked in a metal fab shop, worked there for 12 years. 95% of our parts we made were for Western Star Trucks. I thought it's about time I did one, sort of like a down memory lane build. My brother worked at Western Star when it was located in Kelowna BC. Both these builds are nothing over the top. Just trying to get get back into the hobby again. I've done a few builds. Really enjoying it again. It's been a long time since I've done a truck kit. I stretched the frame on the Star, this is a Heller kit and the wheels were plastic.  Just couldn't do it so I went and bought an aftermarket set for it. Made a mesh screen frame to stiffen where the frame was stretched. Other than that box stock.
    I started the International kit (short frame) to use as the CF truck and trailer set (Pulling tandem 54' vans)  I am going to building. CF uses Volvos mostly but have a few IH as well. I wandered into a local hobby store one day snooping around and there sits right in front of my nose a Volvo kit with trailer... AND ITS MARKED DOWN TO 85 BUCKS!! I had it in my hands so fast it wasn't funny! Pretty rare kit to be marking down I thought....Anyways now I will have to start yet another truck for the CF truck build. ALL good I'm enjoying these big trucks. Here is where I'm at so far.

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  8. Brent added a post in a topic Need some decals made up.   

  9. Brent added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Need some decals made up.
    I will be building a tractor trailer combo unit with a converter and dual 53 footer cargo trailers for Canadian Freightways. (My brother manages one of their freight offices). I have the art work for the lettering and and hoping to find someone that could do the lettering for truck and trailers and also the truck blue and red stripes that go across the truck. Worst case synario I can paint the stripes on.  I will also be building an RCMP car that escorted the unit from Vancouver to Kelowna on it's maiden voyage (I have those decals). It was a big deal at the time as tandems of this length had never been pulled across the mountains in BC before. I am recreating the moment in 1/24th scale. 
    As I am trying to get back into the swing of things building wise. I am out of touch with what is available or who might be able to help me out. I thought I might have someone but they didn't get back to me so I'm guessing he isn't interested. I'm not looking for a freebie, I will pay for the services.

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  10. Brent added a post in a topic Frustrations!   

    I'm in the same position you are Jim. I would love to be at the bench more but it's been hard to get back into the groove. I got excited and inspired (Which is exactly what I needed) and build a International Scout Pro Touring build. I spent piles of time massaging a new frame under it, lots of chassis mods to make everything work only to botch the paint job. That set me off big time. Just wanted to pack it in and say the heck with it. I did finish it but am not happy with it. So I looked for something else to plug away at but this time I did the paint first. No way was I going to put a second of time into anything unless I knew the paint was good. 
    I'm chillin now, puttering away. I'm just doing a box stock (Paint and Glue) to get back into the swing of things. No high detail, just taking it easy. I need to get some things off the bench for some quick satisfaction and get myself back up to speed.

  11. Brent added a topic in Trading Post   

    Metal/Plastic MG-TC ( Kit is from 1977)
    I've got a survivor kit here form 1977. Some parts off tree. Engine block has been glued together. I had a quick look at it, it looks all here. Steering wheel unfortunately is broken and missing parts of it. Nothing is painted. Glass and chrome in great shape. Screws to mount body is here. Body is untouched, never sanded.
    Lots of pictures here http://public.fotki.com/BrentH/metal-and-plastic-mg-tc/  need more just ask.
    What I'd love to find for this is a parted out 356 Porsche Fujimi enthusiast kit. Only need the engine, tires and wheels. Could be a built kit if not a glue bomb.
    Other interests are VW's, Porshce, pro streets, prostock, racing in general.

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  12. Brent added a post in a topic Old kits to trade   

    Unfortunately the V12 is far from complete.
    Thx Ricky!
  13. Brent added a post in a topic Items for trade   

    pm SENT
  14. Brent added a post in a topic Some Models for Trade   

    Where are you from? I have a PL Torino #27