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  1. Amazing! Everything fits together so well and the finishes are so smooth.
  2. Turned out great. Nice detail paint and decal work on the dashboard.
  3. Bodywork looks great. Its going to look even better with the chrome.
  4. Looks great. I agree the 200GT looks awesome as a convertible. Nice work converting the hardtop kit.
  5. Looks great. I've got one of those in my stash. You really made a snap kit look awesome.
  6. Looks great. I love old Cadillacs.
  7. Looks great as a ragtop. Well done.
  8. Looks great. Nice bright paint.
  9. Looks great as a convertible. Well executed. The boot looks just right.
  10. Well done. Love the color.
  11. Trim looks great. Watching this closely as I have one in my pile of unbuilt kits.
  12. Very nice looking Corvette. Always liked the 68-72 model.
  13. Turned out great. Cool idea and very well executed.
  14. Those look great. Its a nice contrast to see the blue and white ones sitting next to each other.
  15. Looks amazing. Well done.
  16. Wow, just wow! Looks great.
  17. I'm learning some new techniques watching this. Thanks for sharing your build.
  18. Great idea. Executed perfectly. Weathering, especially the windshield is awesome.
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