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  1. Hey butter Yes, I would really like to get a few more of the RD Unique front ends!! Would also like to see 3D printing of that same front clip!! I think "any" part will be available one day (3D printing). Or,.... you could have the talent like Francis or Tim! Just machine your own!! WOW! I still shake my head on their stuff?!!
  2. Hey landman, don't throw anything away! This is a great hobby!! Mated the Muncie to the big block awhile back. Sure glad the internet has reference pics! Thanks for following along!
  3. Thanks misterNNL! tough to get to the bench for sometime now, but will happen once the dust settles thanks for your interest!!
  4. The frame is scratch built for the 4 link. A ton of test fitting!! Good Luck and thanks for your interest!!
  5. Francis, I'm shaking my head on this build!!!!! and in total denial that you scratch build this stuff!! Of course I told you I'm a detail freak!! So,.... i wait for parts, look high and low, inquire all over the web looking for parts, thinking how much $$$$ do I spend, changing my build ideas a million times cause "i can't find the parts" - "do you know what Im getting at"???? IF EVER , IF EVER you decide to machine and "offer" a product line of parts?? MAN LET ME KNOW!! In the mean time your killing me with this build WOW!!! Western Canuck
  6. Hey Fancis!! I'm still trying to get back to the bench, waaaay behind on my project 😔 Just getting caught up on your build!! KILLER STUFF!! Hey, are those the AMT 70 Super Bee rear Mickey Thompsons?? I have about 6 Super Bee kits just for those tires!!! They ROCK under your truck! The squared off edge of the tire (tread to side wall) really make that tire sit nice ! I rough up the tread a little with sand paper, really brings out the realism!!! Well, ..... you just keep us on the edge of our seats,... your doing a great job at doing that!! photo - 70 Super Bee Mickey's for the 64 short box Western Canuck
  7. Thanks Steve!! 1st for your interest in the truck!! And then to put me on the same work bench as Tim, Francis and Claude,...thats motivation!!
  8. Your right to each there own. I like the idea that there is a wide variety and combinations to choose from to create "your" own vision/version of a dream ride! the possibilities are endless!!
  9. Oh man! between you and tim,...this is crazy cool stuff! You boys are in your own league and light years ahead in this hobby! Good on ya to inspire us all with pure craftsmanship and dedication. Truly inspiring! Thanks guys!! Western Canuck
  10. Depends on the ride!! LowRider wheels (and killing a classic car by making it bounce) not for me! GIANT wheels,.... what??? get me a step ladder!! But,.... a classic pro touring or pro street car,.... OH YA!! 18" and 20/22" on the back,... that is sexy! Don't get me wrong original hubcaps with spinners and white walls ROCK! Wheels/colour/stance - all day long make the car/truck!! (1959 IMPALA FOR ME PLEASE)
  11. Rear axle complete! Had to do the 4 link frame over again, the upper shock mounts went south after test fitting again,.... oh well
  12. Small update - will hard plumb the brake lines on the rear axle. Future Attraction brake callipers, Model Car Garage rotors and RB Motion nut/bolt
  13. Thanks CabDriver treating each part as a model in itself then hopefully the plan comes together!!
  14. Thanks for the recognition! The next project on the bench has me scratching the "last" hair on my head! Using this build for reference?? "How did I do that again"???? OHHH man?? Thanks again,....ALL!! L
  15. Been a long time getting back to the bench! not much to yak about other than gotta pre-paint stuff before some assembly happens. Constant "test fitting" to get that stance just right, but I think this will work?? Small update, but thanks!
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