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  1. Hey Roncla Thanks for posting the photo's on the die cast VW and the wheel set!!! Wow their shelf life didn't last either? That has proven to me that the "stability" of materials is a hit and miss?! I finished my second resin body with full detail and unlimited after market parts ( Im a detail freak) So I will cross my fingers that it survives!!
  2. Thanks Spex84! your right it is a bummer!! The 55 was my first contest table "contestant" !! It did well back then,...now its time the 55 retires. Good from far, but far from good,... that's time.
  3. Update on the big block. Cylinder 7 and 8 need to fire. Ordered the Hurst shifter
  4. I am really appreciating the response to the "dying resin" ,..... guess it comes down to quality or not! I think its trial and error on the castors part? But the "formula" will keep you in business? but how do you know as time ticks away that the product you produce is solid? thanks for everyones sympathy and response
  5. 3D print!! Yes very good question? I am curious if other resin or 3D printed piece(s) may perhaps dry out or react in time to certain paints? (my 55 sedan delivery sure did) or,... am I/we getting paranoid about certain materials used? The resin from the 55 delivery might not have been the exact "formula" when casted and may be the only resin cast that went down the,.....!!! So buyer beware?!! I have since built another resin cast from a different supplier so,..... we will see in time? 3D is very cool stuff and I hope it out lasts all the above!!
  6. Model Car Magazine thanks for posting this! I did mention the "other" mag and thanks to Yahshu for reminding me
  7. Hey Motor City The 55 has sat in the cabinet forever, no temp change, again no sunlight. Waynerd is right probably very unstable through the years. I'm thinking its may be just "drying out" like an old piece of drift wood?? I'm choked☹️
  8. When I first purchased this resin body (1st one) I had no idea the quality, the material, the stability. It was one of those "have to have it" to help create the illusion. Now I know! Never been exposed to sunlight or in a sealed case so,... Guess live and learn, still a shame
  9. I built this 55 delivery in 2002. I was so honoured to have it featured in Scale Auto (Oct 2003 issue). A friend of mine helped me paint it at his body shop in the down draft booth. It did very well at the shows! A ton of great comments !!! But,......!!!! as the years go by,.... it is dying!! The body is warping away from the chassis, the hood no longer fits, its sagging in the front right corner, roof sagged and the rear window pop't out!!!! What is up with that???!!! Is it "gassing out" ? Did the paint shrink the body? I have had it displayed in my cabinet, not air tight ... like I said since 2002. I guess the resin body gets as old as me! So what ever it is, your "prize" build could go for BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH over time!!! BEWARE!!! Sad, all that effort! Has someone else experienced this? Please let me know! Mind you, to little, too late😥
  10. Hey! Great to hear about GT Kustom Krome!!!! I also understand where peteski is coming from! Some parts you want to mount yourself! You don't need that crucial part missing!! Perhaps if packaged well, GT will accept your "Chrome Tree" to perform their magic? I have had ZERO luck with Alclads! Not shiny enough for me!! Thanks impcon for the intel !!! I will look them up! Hopefully ship to the Great White North??
  11. Muncie tranny linkage done. throw-out bearing install will happen once the clutch linkage is lined up
  12. Curious to know how the rear glass fit?? I purchased vacuum formed glass from eBay (2 sets, in case a thumb print full of glue got on one) and didn't fit the resin body all that great. I used clear packaging from an item I purchased!! It was the right "gauge" and very pliable. Getting the shape and bend was a challenge. Not great but,.... Anyways your build is very cool, wheels rock that truck!!
  13. Hey Belugawrx ignition wires came from Detail Masters! But,...... I can not seem to find that same wire?? Detail Master DM-1024 DM-1104 small gauge .0075 dia not same wire to small Model Car Garage MSC-3003 larger gauge ?????dia not same wire to large That ignition wire was the perfect scale, very pliable and colour was bang on to simulate ACCELL ignition wires Maybe someone can help what gauge Detail Master has or use to have?? Not sure if stocked anymore?? please reply Thanks Belugawrx for your interest and the kind words
  14. I wasnt even sure if offset printing still existed? I was in the printing business 20 years ago. I got out when the color copier took my job. I guess if a print shop will "sell" the plates then it really is great for our hobby!!
  15. Hey All, I have posted this ride before but found some more photo's from way back when. One day this will be 1:1 scale in the garage!!! Thanks!!
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