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  1. Small update - will hard plumb the brake lines on the rear axle. Future Attraction brake callipers, Model Car Garage rotors and RB Motion nut/bolt
  2. Thanks CabDriver treating each part as a model in itself then hopefully the plan comes together!!
  3. Thanks for the recognition! The next project on the bench has me scratching the "last" hair on my head! Using this build for reference?? "How did I do that again"???? OHHH man?? Thanks again,....ALL!! L
  4. Been a long time getting back to the bench! not much to yak about other than gotta pre-paint stuff before some assembly happens. Constant "test fitting" to get that stance just right, but I think this will work?? Small update, but thanks!
  5. Thanks Plowboy I think the 59 dash is the one of the coolest gauge clusters back in "the day", also it fit nice around the bottom window area of the cab! thanks for "check marks"!!
  6. Thank you guys! I have always been a Pro Street nut. Tub it ! Slam it ! Add some serious ponies and paint,..... LOOK OUT!
  7. Francis! Got back to the table (sorta) busy, busy, busy! checking out updates,... DUDE? all you need is resin bodies and interior tubs and the rest is history!! You know what you want, you know what you need to make the "illusion" I'am truly grateful you see a vision of what is cool.!!! Francis, you are setting a trend of hobby history! You are of the,.....shall I say,... the 5%r's of what direction the hobby is heading into,... so far??? Francis you are showing us that the HOBBY IS ALIVE AND WELL!! and the potential is endless. THANK YOU
  8. Well if that doesn't give me the motivation coming from you guys!! Thank you Boys!!! Trying to catch up to you both well,..... I will wait for your next post. Thanks for the comments!! L
  9. Hi, the color is RC2735 Candy Purple from Pactra The clear sorry don't rememberšŸ˜• but was hit with about coats!! this was built in 2003 and was very fortunate to have it published in the "other" model magazine as a centre spread Thanks for the kind words
  10. Hey Francis Gulp!! time to "re-adjust" make it fit!!! it'll work out I feel like a back yard mechanic!! HA! Yo keep us going DOG! Western Canuck
  11. Thanks Ace-Garageguy! Ford 9" inch 4 link next. Another test fit photo. showing the contrast between black and Hot Pink. I do have to modify the oil pan, Big Block needs to tuck in a little lower. Thanks for your comments
  12. 55 sedan delivery! Built in July 2003
  13. Hey Greg the calipers and rotors are from Future Attraction Yes! rotors are photo etched cool stuff!!
  14. Well, I found a way to install a sway bar for the lower 'A' arms, but if it has the slightest chance of wrecking this,...then maybe not?? Getting a little crazy but I do like the challenge. Estimated 40+hours into this. double posted photo's, one to many "clicks" Thanks for the kind words L
  15. Francis, keep on machining your stuff, your right I bet that is half the fun on this build!!! That's a challenge all in its self!! GREAT STUFF!!
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