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  1. Love this ride! Taking photo's in sun light really brings out "EVERYTHING"! By far the best way to check out your stuff!!! Great job!
  2. Hello mister NNL thank you for the comment, time will tell if this project works out!!
  3. Thanks Zippi I am so busy I can barely visit the Forum or show any progress lately 😔 hopefully soon??? thanks for your interest
  4. Thanks Dragonhawk1066!! This was a first attempt at a scratch built frame and open doors etc. Learned alot with this build !! Thanks for your interest!! Lorne
  5. Francis!! Dude! this is so cool, Im not sure if GSL model show is coming soon (lost touch) But, when completed it will be right up there with the best!! I am sure you have seen Clay Kemp, John Teresi and Dave Thibideau (spelling correct, not sure) work? Between you and Tim,... we have 2 new members of the top builders!! If your going to the GSL with this ProStreet, the crowd will be in awww! To cool Lorne
  6. Hello can you tell me how you do a mirror image of the frame? I would have a pile of styrene trying to duplicate the right side with the left side to look exact and to make sure the wheel base and stance is correct. Graph paper and drawing is a great start. Let me know please thanks L
  7. Sorry horsepower wont post pics here this is Dragonhawks thread Look up 1964 chev fleetside in completed trucks if interested
  8. Great Eye Francis! Scale ,...and practical on your vision of what works for this project! Keep on Truckin!
  9. I tried a feeble attempt at a cowl hood wish I would have found what you found with the Lex's Scale Modeling Cowl Induction Hood!!! This will be a very cool panel truck. I will be watching thanks for the reply L
  10. not to steal away from your build but here is the potential
  11. Monograms 65 impala Skill Level 3 has a ton of great, crisp tooled parts. The brake boost is done very well.
  12. Thank you so much (exactly what i need) for the info Casey and the reply (love this forum)!! DARN!! they do not ship to Canada? Grrrrr!
  13. Hello! anyone out there want to part with a pair of the 1/25 scale Glass Pack mufflers? Im not sure if Model Car Garage or Detail Masters made them and I don't know the part #. They were the cigar shaped muffler with open ends thanks Lornre
  14. Hey Francis Your right, take your time, a good approach to a project always benefits!! If the glue on your thumb appears, ..... remember,... its only a hobby and there is ways to fix it. I try to always have a very clean and organized work space, it seems to help me relax more (not wondering where the heck that part went) and I treat the project more constructively. Same with the 1:1 scale. Also I always remember,..."A clean vehicle seems to run better" HA!
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