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  1. Completed this 64 short box a long time ago. First time opening doors and scratch building the frame. There are many detail parts thanks to MCG, RB motion and Detail Masters. The color is Panther Pink
  2. Thanks everyone for the kind words on the truck!! The bug is coming back to build again!! Finally found a project that is starting to "talk" to me. Gotta clear the bench for this one!!
  3. Had the pleasure to meet you at the GSL one year! Your stuff has inspired me to keep this hobby alive!! This truck proves YOU are keeping this hobby alive!!! Over the top!!!
  4. I didn't worry about latex breaking down to the elements. Average piece of latex is 1/2" square for a 1/25 scale project. Wouldn't really notice it (not sure?). Photo is 4 years old
  5. Hey All Came up with a killer boot for floor shifters. Go to the local automotive or hardware store, purchase black latex gloves (thin). Cut a hole in the floor or console on your project. Cut the latex glove larger than the hole created. In the middle of the latex piece, cut a slight hole in the middle and gently push the shifter through the hole of latex piece. Pull the shifter and boot through the hole or console let the extra slack from the latex form a "boot", glue down the extra material underneath . Finish it with photo etch bracket around the shifter boot. Very cool !!!!
  6. Thanks Mr. Metallic I have every issue of the other magazine will have to check it out
  7. Lorne

    Engine Pulley's

    Hello Would anyone part with a set of Detail Master Stock Drive Set 4 Pulley Part # DM 3275?
  8. Gotta say thanks again to DrKelly for the purchase on the Orange Blossom Special, provided me great stuff!! Still looking for another one (spare). When I cut this one up, I need another 37 truck for the "oops" factor. Was hoping someone was casting in resin!!?? Thanks L
  9. I found AMT's 1937 "Orange Blossom Special" truck. Is that the only 1937 chevy truck out there in 1/25 scale?? Trying to duplicate a killer pro street truck!!
  10. Lorne

    R & D unique

    Anyone have R&D unique parts out there?? Looking for the front suspension #RDA-2447!! It is the front suspension with coil over shocks Will pay top $$$!! Its one of those "gotta have it"!! Thanks Lorne
  11. Lorne

    Sleeve the Big T

    Would anyone be willing and able on their lathe spin me a couple of "wide sleeves" for the Pegasus Big T's? Just the rears would be perfect. Then I could polish the heck out of them to match. If so, I would really like to make the purchase!!! Please reply Thanks
  12. Hello, AMT made the Orange Blossom Special. It was the 1937 chev Puller truck. Would anyone be willing to part with the kit or just the cab, fenders and truck box? Interested in doing a Super Pro Street Thanks Lorne
  13. Lorne

    Rims and Tires

    Thanks Steve sent Elm City a request for the Big Little T's Your right SOLD OUT right now. Hopefully Scott reply's with and order soon! Thanks again for the info!! Lorne
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