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  1. Hey keep your comments coming! I really get choked when you think of all the time, money and especially "Heart" that goes into your builds, collections, parts, kits and your hobby room,... oh man, .... "your hobby room" !!! Yes! the room that,... when you want to get away from it all or you've had a crappy day or "i cant wait to try an new idea/approach to the next project" - room, that keeps you grounded!! All the time in that room to define your art could go be just,..... a memory in a box. I have a few friends that might take my finished builds that took me forever to finish with all the awesome detail and is extremely fragile, just to have their friends kid get a hold of it to play "smash up derby" with it against the wall. Okay, hold it,....Im getting really bummed thinking about that one. But seriously folks, we really need to find "someone" out there that appreciates all the love that went into these works of art and understands our passion. I am really going to make the effort to find that person till the day I die!! Of course no pun intended there
  2. Hey thanks guys on the replies, keep them coming! I do have a goal before I am finished this wonderful hobby. I have always been a Hot Rodder or Big Rig guy. Love chrome, paint and a cool ride! So I changed things up and I purchase the 1/200 scale Battle Ship Bismarck by Trumpeter. I have never built a ship before so I thought "Go Big or Go Home" !!! Build something way out of my element and try my so called skills on that monster!! Then once its done,.... good luck to anyone finding a place to display it!! HA!!!
  3. Does everyone have a plan for when the inevitable happens? I still consider myself a spring chicken but what happens to all "your stuff" when you have met the ALL MIGHTY? I was thinking of donating to local hobby stores for their display case? Or, maybe a fellow modeller? I know my family has no interest. It's a shame all those works of art you created could go to your local land fill. sorry, kind of a terrible thought but it is reality!
  4. Geez! Truck looks like it could pull a house down! Mean looking 4 x 4! Love the time put into this, all the conversions and wiring! I also love where the truck is registered from, ..... not being from Alberta or anything? Great job Dennis
  5. Your Right NOBLNG! its only plastic! Each build you learn more and more! This hobby is awesome and there is a ton of idea's and people to help you out on this forum!! Don't give up on that truck bluestringer! Glad your back at the hobby!!
  6. Bluestringer, the tubs are from small spray paint lids from my daughter's hobbies. Darn near the perfect size for the monster prostreet tires (too cool). Can not remember what paint brands she used?? I am a prostreet nut and want more of those myself. Zippi, I just wing it when it comes to building a chassis from the thousands of photo's on internet. The main thing is the mock up of the stance your after. Inner fenders get tossed and slam it down. PRO STREET ROCKS!!
  7. Hey BlueStringer you could always scratch build a frame or partial frame? Easiest would be to scratch build back half of frame mate it to the kit chassis? I scratch built a whole frame so I could lower the front end also. Once you get going on it, it's can get crazy! Stance makes or breaks a prostreet, in my opinion. It will turn out great for ya! Good Luck!
  8. Cool Jim B I will go to the link you sent me and order 2 or 3 sheets of the printed gauges. Thanks again, your 55 dash looks great to me!!!
  9. thanks espo I wish all kits made it standard on their decal sheet - a few do for sure but,...
  10. Thank You You bet, cut and glue in, all good!!. Hope they are "Crisp" clean fonts/numbers/etc L
  11. Hey thanks Jim!! I will take a look!! L
  12. hello, anyone out there making super detailed dashboard gauges from their printers? Looking for crisp detailed gauges for my 55 Chevy in 1/25 scale thanks Lorne
  13. Love this ride! Taking photo's in sun light really brings out "EVERYTHING"! By far the best way to check out your stuff!!! Great job!
  14. Hello mister NNL thank you for the comment, time will tell if this project works out!!
  15. Thanks Zippi I am so busy I can barely visit the Forum or show any progress lately 😔 hopefully soon??? thanks for your interest
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