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  1. Great Eye Francis! Scale ,...and practical on your vision of what works for this project! Keep on Truckin!
  2. I tried a feeble attempt at a cowl hood wish I would have found what you found with the Lex's Scale Modeling Cowl Induction Hood!!! This will be a very cool panel truck. I will be watching thanks for the reply L
  3. not to steal away from your build but here is the potential
  4. Monograms 65 impala Skill Level 3 has a ton of great, crisp tooled parts. The brake boost is done very well.
  5. Lorne

    Glass Pack mufflers

    Thank you so much (exactly what i need) for the info Casey and the reply (love this forum)!! DARN!! they do not ship to Canada? Grrrrr!
  6. Hello! anyone out there want to part with a pair of the 1/25 scale Glass Pack mufflers? Im not sure if Model Car Garage or Detail Masters made them and I don't know the part #. They were the cigar shaped muffler with open ends thanks Lornre
  7. Hey Francis Your right, take your time, a good approach to a project always benefits!! If the glue on your thumb appears, ..... remember,... its only a hobby and there is ways to fix it. I try to always have a very clean and organized work space, it seems to help me relax more (not wondering where the heck that part went) and I treat the project more constructively. Same with the 1:1 scale. Also I always remember,..."A clean vehicle seems to run better" HA!
  8. Thanks for welcome back all. Hey TransAmMike! The wheels are Pegasus Hobby Big and Small. I had "Dancing Bear" make sleeves for me to fit the 5 spoke. He is available on FB. I sent the rear rims to him, he turned the rims on his lathe. Then I could insert them into the sleeves VERY COOL STUFF. I then cut the tires in half and added rubber washer the width of the rims. Super glued them together sanded them down. Not perfect but it works!
  9. Hey All !! Finally, back at the hobby table! (health issue got in the way) BUT,.... back at this project,... hoping to finish one day (never in a hurry, good things come if you wait) Anyways scratched built an interior/firewall tub for this truck so she will stayed slammed to the ground! I think they call it "channeling" (not sure) then opened the doors! The 'A' piller is brutally thin with the 55 so my 1st attempt went south!! Butchered the cab and found another one on eBay. This time instead of scribing the doors endlessly Grrrrrr! I took the smallest drill bit I had in my arsenal and drilled a million and one holes down the door seams. Then used a X-acto knife razor saw to cut the doors. Doors and door jam clean up,... it just might work!! Gotta to remember to leave enough gap for primer, paint, clear coat or like many other shoulda, coulda projects the doors will function like they should. So, .... small update but hopefully staying at the bench for awhile!!
  10. Francis, I am certain you will have 100 photo albums of all the work put into this truck!! At the shows you will have to have your own table to present this work of art!! Everyone MUST see all the endless details that went into this. CRAZY STUFF!! Lorne
  11. Love that body style!! Painting that much body will be a challenge!! Wish they would have lowered the fender well on the back like the 1955 Bel Air! Wait a minute,....? That's what's great about this hobby it can be done!!! Anyways, if your unsure of tire and wheel combo's? Take a look at "Dancing Bear" on FB!! They don't mess around!! Killer stuff!!! Gonna be a great project!
  12. VERY COOL!! and very well thought out!! Will be following this project!! Oh! I would go with the (middle paint can in photo) with a cream white. Now that's the 50's Great work!!
  13. Francis!! your right,....."Patience always wins in the end" Good things come if you wait. Taking the time to build a project and treating each piece as model within its self, pays off !! I find it also gives you more satisfaction doing it "right" not necessarily the first time, but you know what I mean! Your "work of art" is really coming together!
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