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  1. Yea I was kinda thinking that myself with the skirts. If I do decide to do skirts I may just make them way smaller where it be covering just top of tires.
  2. UPDATE 2/21/20 So im kinda messing around with the body, SEE PICS to see where im going with this idea, right now its just a rough draft so to speak. Haven't decided on skirt covering rear wheel partially. Im kinda going for a pro stock truck look but street legal.
  3. UPDATE 2/19/20 So scratch built front suspension is almost done (see pics). Not the best work but used what I had. Still need to do some more sanding and file here and there to clean it up. Hopefully when I start painting it will be more detailed and stand out.
  4. UPDATE 2/17/20 As seen in an earlier update showing scratch built chassis I did a little bit of a modification to it and it works better then just straight chassis.(see pic). Also have my scratch built leaf springs and rear end attached. Need to find some shocks my supply is zero.
  5. UPDATE 2/14/20 Did a little modification on inner cab cut out old center console and put in a different console so transmission would fit. In the pic it looks dirty but actually removed old paint. Also firewall made.
  6. UPDATE 2/10/20 So have the basic chassis made its not done yet and dont have any leaf springs so decided to make some for first time. (See pic of chassis and before and after construction of leaf spring.)
  7. UPDATE: 2/3/20 Been working on engine compartment a little. This is the idea im moving towards (see pic). Nothing glued in just taped to see how it looks and if i want to change it up a little.
  8. UPDATE: Dremelled out engine compartment. Think im gonna replace with more of a squarish, slightly angled look where old wheel wells were and firewall, still working out details on it. Bought some bare metal foil, may use it in engine compartment but not sure, never used the stuff before.
  9. Hi guys, Going to start working on this partial kit (see pics). Gonna do suicide doors and use one of the 283 engine kits that I bought. Havent decided on tires yet whether be regular or white walled tires but we'll see and custom built chassis. Using bottom picture body top pic couldnt delete. ( NOTE: Doing another build at same time can see under truck section.)
  10. Hi guys, So I pulled out this old,beat up kit which at one time was the USA monster truck. I managed to carefully get it apart without to much damage. As you can see in pics its dirty and dingy. Im thinking a race truck of sorts with maybe a dragster engine in it if I can find on ebay if not I have an engine in a new dragster kit that i have but havent decided. So first will be to work on cab and chassis. This is gonna be a time consuming one. (NOTE: Doing another build at same time inbetween this one see under cars section.)
  11. Thanks for the link. Thought that how the instructions was showing on how to put together. Not really liking that kinda setup i personaly like blower on top of engine. So probably just build the engine with the carbs.
  12. By chance does anyone know where i can find any pics of the revell 283 cid engine built? Been googling n cant seem to find any pics of this particular kit built with and without blower for reference. Thanks
  13. Thanks for comments. I would scratchbuild frame for tandem but im still going through spare parts to see what i have n running ideas in my head but appreciate all the comments, thanks.
  14. Yea im thinking getting the carb and engine attachments to start with.
  15. Hi everyone, So i saw a pic on FB of a duel engine postal truck (see pic) that is killer. I have '29 ford rat rod partial kit and 3 Revell chevy 283 engines that i got on ebay (3 kits for $19.95) great deal. (Pics) Thinking bout doing a duel engine rat rod, maybe suicide doors. Anyone have any opinions on that idea?
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